Best Foods to Relieve Loose Motion in Babies & Toddlers


Foods to Serve and Foods to Avoid During Loose Motion in Kids

Loose motion i.e. frequent passing of loose and watery stools is a tough-to-handle situation for the babies. It may cause dehydration as a lot of water and salt is lost during the problem. Though it flushes out the toxic elements out of body but the weakness and pale faces are saddening. So, you should know about the best and worst food to get your toddler or child’s life back on track. Here we go!
Note: If your baby is aged below one year. Please check the section ‘Remedies for babies below one year’.

Foods Good During Loose Motion


one half peeled banana


The Organic or Ripen is an amazing food to cure the loose motions in kids or toddlers. Preferably, Elaichi Banana works very well. You can use the cooked banana as it provides the instant energy for faster recovery.

Yogurt and Buttermilk

Kids love yogurt and buttermilk both. Adding a pinch of salt will make it tastier. Roasted Cumin powder and salt can be added to the yogurt as well. Otherwise, curd-Rice can serve as a good dish.


Beads or juice of Pomegranate is another taste but healthy food you can feed to the baby. It can be given once in a day for regulating back to normal stools.


Honey is the best remedy for many diseases. It works well for the loose motions too. You can add mint to the Honey for better flavor.

Apple Sauce

The presence of pectin can help cure the disturbed bowel movements. You can chop the peeled apple and cook it well. Make its sauce by mashing it before finally serving it.

Boiled Potatoes

boiled potatoes
Potatoes form the most common form, available in the kitchen. You can feed this starch-rich food for a couple of days to your child. It helps in easy digestion

Cooked Carrots

Carrots also contain starch in an adequate amount. It makes them an awesome medium of instant energy. Boiled carrots – chopped well, can be given to the kid once a day.


Freshly well-cooked rice is one of the best foods which can be given to toddler or kids during loose motions. Cooked rice water works well too for stopping the frequent stools.

How to Keep Baby Hydrated?

For Hydration, these remedies are best to follow
• ORS ion
• Coconut water
• Rice water
• Boiled warm water to keep baby/child hydrated.

Home Remedies for Babies below One Year

The above list is well applicable for the babies over one-year old but same is not true for really little tummies.
For babies below one year, consider these tips –
• Keep breastfeeding. Increase the frequency as the body needs hydration faster than usual times.
• Avoid cow’s milk, green veggie or fruit juices.
• Give Smashed Banana, cooked smashed carrots and Rice Stew.
• Strictly no Honey for below 1 year babies.
• Cooked smashed carrots and rice stews are the first foods too. So, feed these foods if and only if your baby is older than 6 months old.

What Causes Loose Motions in Children

There are many reasons which may cause loose motions in toddlers and children. Below is the list-
• Intake of strong antibiotics
• Bacteria-injected objects which little toddler mouth sometimes.
• Introduction to the new foods
• High temperature and hot weather
• Bad hygiene or improper digestion

Foods to Avoid

The exclusion of some foods from the diet will ensure the quick recovery. Additionally, the loose motion condition will not turn worse if you avoid these foods –
• Apple Juice
• Greens (Basically Fiber-rich foods)
• Milk and Milkshakes
• Nuts (Almonds, walnuts, Raisins,)
• Cabbage
Hope these home remedies for loose motion in infants pick list of beneficial and harmful foods for loose motion will help your babies, toddlers or children to recover faster. Have I left any food? You can tell me by commenting!


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    Yogurt is an everyday accessible nutritious food at every home. But, can it be given during the cold winter months considering yogurt is considered a ‘cold’ food in itself.

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