Best First Foods for Your 6 months old Baby


Starting Solid Foods for the Baby? Here are 8 Best First Foods!

Your baby needs only breast milk for the first six months as it’s a complete diet for her during that time. As she is growing fast, the breastfeeding will not be enough. Here arrives the need for extra nutrients and vitamins once that 6-month mark is crossed.
6 month is just an approximation and variable according to the health of baby and mother. So, you may ask that – From when I should start feeding solid food to my baby.
baby eating solid food
Usually, solid food starts from 5 and 6 months because your baby’s digestive system is weak to digest solid food too early. Remember, you are starting on the solids but it does not mean stopping breastfeeding at all. The food and milk should complement each other. You should start at a slower pace in beginning however it depends on what solid you are giving to your baby. Let us tell you how to begin.

What kind of food should I give to my baby?

Your baby can’t start munching the food immediately. So, always grind or mash the food for your baby. Go for simple food like breast milk formula, pureed vegetables (potatoes, beans), fruit (apple, peaches, and banana) and iron-fortified cereal. Before knowing about the first foods, best for your baby, you can check out the categories which are a great fit for the growing baby –

Fruit Smoothies

In one cup of breast milk, add mashed bananas. Or you can use apple as smoothies. These are rich in fibers and help in digestion. Also, they are full of all essential elements which are needed for your baby.

Vegetable Soup

Grind vegetables or use mixed vegetables (broccoli, beans, and sweet potatoes). Boil these veggies in a glass of water for 10 minutes. Avoid sodium-rich foods. It is good for your baby’s health as these green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin A and iron.

Iron-fortified cereal

Iron helps in the production of blood in the body. It also helps in building immunity. They are rich in carbohydrate and protein. In a bowl, pour hot milk and cereal for 5 minutes before giving it to your baby.

Important Notes

Please don’t add Salt or Sugar to your baby’s food before he turns 1 year old. Read these Tips for Feeding Solids to your baby
Do not use the blender to puree the baby food. It will encourage baby to develop habit of galloping the food without chewing and it is not good for healthy digestion. It also makes baby led weaning difficult.

The First Food for Your Baby – Perfect Solid Foods

You often get confused by foods, what to give or not to your baby. When you are planning to feed your baby the solid foods, start with easily digestive food which is also rich in iron and least allergenic. Try choosing those foods which are non-allergic to your baby. Here are some foods, which are recommended for baby as first food

1. Rice Cereal or Rice Water

Iron-fortified Rice is good for baby. Rice is easily digestible. Being easy to eat, they are least allergenic also. Try to use whole brown rice which has high fiber content that digested easily by babies. The organic food is great to serve for solid-eaters in the beginning.
To prepare rice water, boil 2 spoons of rice in a cup of water. Pressure Cook it. Finally, filter out the rice.

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato
Sweet potato is rich in beta-carotene pro-vitamin A and having micro content of nutrients. It is also rich in complex carbohydrate. To make it eatable, Mash it with fork until it turns smooth and pure. This naturally sweet food is most of times loved by kids because of its thick creamy texture.

Ripe Mashed Banana

one half peeled banana


The easiest First Food for Baby.
Mashed and ripe banana is super nutritious for your baby. It is easily digestible and has the filling property which depresses the feeling of other food cravings. It is sweet in taste which is liked by babies so they will enjoy eating it. No cooking required. This smooth textured fruit is easy for kids to eat.


avocado for baby


Avocado is one of the nutrients-rich foods. It is believed that it is rich in unsaturated fat also, which is good for baby’s health. It helps in the development of the brain. Just take out the green meat of ripe avocado and mash it with fork. Remove the lumps to make it easy to eat. And just feed it with small baby spoon.

Apple Smoothies or Puree

Apples are one of top 5 best foods for babies. They are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which are good for baby’s skin and cures inflammation. To make it easier and delicious food for your baby, cook, manually strain it and feed it without adding sugar. Your baby will love apple smoothie. For making Apple puree, follow these detailed instructions.
You may add some breast milk if your baby makes faces.

Carrot Puree

Carrots are delicious and rich in carotene which is absolutely a perfect addition to baby’s diet. To prepare Carrot Puree – Place carrots (peeled and diced) in a saucepan and fill the pan with water. Boil them for around 20 minutes before straining.
Apples and Carrots are better choice if your baby doesn’t like the sticky texture of other first foods.


finger millet
Especially the Finger Millet is easy to digest, tasty and very nutritious. It contains low Phytic acid and this millet is rich in fiber, iron, calcium, and vitamin which are good for overall development of your baby. To prepare millet porridge, you can refer this easy and healthy recipe.


Yogurt is a rich source of fatty acid. During your baby’s growth stages, your baby needs foods like yogurt because they are same as milk. Which means it is rich in nutrients while as digestive as milk. Avoid artificial sweeteners or sugar added yogurt.

Giving tough-to-digest foods will cause constipation and other such problem in babies. So, selectively pick the first foods for your baby when they start consuming solid food. Hope that the above list will help you in this. Have queries about the same? Drop below in the comment box.


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