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Newborn Baby Bags Online: Backpack and Shoulder Designer Bags

One of the trickiest positions for a new mother is to hold her crying baby in one arm and look for a napkin/diaper in the bag with a single free hand. Only a new mom understands the skills needed to go through this situation successfully. To ease this (by probably hardly 20-30%) a smart diaper bag is a must.
The diaper bags are different from your usual handbags and, you should know that not all the diaper bags look like “Mom” type handbags. There are some stylish and very smartly designed new mom bags which you will use with a big smile on your face.
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Best Designer Diaper Bags in India for 2019

1. Fashionable BackPack Type Mommy Bag

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The multifunctional spacious and stylish mommy bag is all a mommy needs during a day out. The bag is easy-to-carry with tote handle and comfortable shoulder straps. It is one of the coolest designer baby diaper bags online.

Top 3 Features to Look For

Spacious: You can fit a wide selection of things in the bag ranging from your personal accessories to your baby’s nappy, bottle, clothes, diaper etc.
Greatly organized with multiple pockets: The multi-pocket facility keeps your stuff organized in the bag so that you can access them as quick as a wink.
Water-proof: The handbag cum nursing bag is made of elite class Oxford material that saves it from water and makes it an all-season handbag for mommies.

2. Inexpensive and Simple Useful Diaper Bag

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The multipurpose designer bag is a simple yet durable product that you can count on at a bargain-basement price. It contains a primary spacious compartment and small pockets or compartments at front and back. The bag has bottle carriers as well that add to its worth.

Top 3 Features to Look For

Affordable: The product is comparatively cheaper in the range of designer multifunctional nursing handbags for mommy.
Durable: The product can be counted on due to its substantial quality material and shoulder straps.
Multipurpose: The multiple compartments in the bag help you keep your personal things along with your baby’s accessories and essentials organized.

3. Motherly Stylish Premium Bag

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When the tag ‘premium’ accompanies multi-functionality, a super value product strikes the mind. Made of oxford water-proof material, the stylish and multipurpose bag offers a selection of amenities like bottle carriers, key ring hooks, attachments for strollers, tissue pockets and more. It can be a bit heavier to carry but the comfortable shoulder straps make it worth buy.

Top 3 Features to Look For

Multipurpose: Lets you carry multiple stuff at a time with the help of multiple compartments
Large bottle compartments: You can two carry a baby or a usual water bottle in the bag.
Waterproof: The Oxford fabric makes the handbag easy-to-carry during rainy days.

4. Smart Stripped Shoulder Bag

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If you are looking for a cool designer handbag for moms to keep up with the summer fashion quotient, this one can do the trick.

Top 3 Features to Look For

Versatile and Multipurpose: Multiple pockets and compartments to keep your personal things and your baby’s essentials like a milk bottle, water bottle, tissues, clothes etc. organized and easily accessible.
Stylish and Trendy: Trendy is the word that is best suitable to describe this multipurpose nursing bags for moms.
Smart Design: No matter to where you plan your day out, the countable and comfortable shoulder straps and tote handle of the travel organizer handbag will back you in your journey making it smooth.

5. Compact and Small Diaper Bag

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It’s a great product for a great price. The nursing handbag is on point and suitable for modern mom’s day out with baby’s essentials and personal stuff. It has multiple pockets for hassle-free accessibility and bottle warmer feature for carrying baby’s milk bottles.

Top 3 Features to Look For

Bottle warmer and changing mat: Keeps baby’s milk bottles warm during a journey. You can also change the baby’s diaper easily with the diaper changing mat amenity in the handbag.
Durable and smart design: The handbag is made of a durable material. It offers a strong shoulder strap that aids in comfortable walking or sitting during a journey.
Multifunctional: It has a primary compartment which is spacious enough to keep important stuff and multiple pockets to store baby or personal accessories.

6. Colorful and Stylish New Mom Bag

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The diaper bag is strong, durable, trendy and multipurpose.

Top 3 Features to Look For

• Stylish
• High-quality fabric and smart design
• Multipurpose with spacious compartment, front and side pockets

7. Travel-Friendly Diaper Bag

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The elegant moms nursing bag makes it to the list due to its on point style, durability, and multifunctionality.

Top 3 Features to Look For

Insulated Pockets: The bag cuts down on the worry about keeping hot or cold food items at the right temperature in a bag. The insulated pockets let you store hot or cold food items of your baby maintaining the right temperature during a journey.
Changing Mats: The handbag allows to change your baby’s diaper at times without any hassle with the help of changing mats.
Multipurpose and Smart Design: It’s super spacious with 9 pockets to keep multiple essentials and accessories in a single bag. You can also carry a laptop in the bag. If it’s a rainy season, the water-proof fabric is all set to back you up.
The stylish nursing handbags for moms is a revolutionary concept for modern moms who often have to carry the baby’s belongings and essentials in a separate bag to avoid the mess. These multipurpose designer baby diaper bags online offer a sense of relief and saves from the unnecessary effort, time and stress in accessing the things kept inside.


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