Best Breast Pump in India: Manual and Electric


Which is The Best Breast Pump in India?

Wondering whether you should use a breast pump to feed your baby or not?
Or Do You want to resume working and still wish to breastfeed?
Looking for the Comfortable and Efficient Breast Pump?
You may need to use breast pump at one point, when there is no natural way possible to feed a baby. Especially, when in this era most of the mothers are working.
Mother’s milk is best for the baby and essential too. There is nothing like natural method of feeding the baby and nothing can be a substitute of the breast feeding.
There are two types of breast pumps available in India – manual and electrical. Both have some pros and cons.
Among so many brands, we have selected two brands which are really good, on the basis of features, ease of use, functionality and reviews of real mommies who have used these products.

Why Philips Avent Manual Breast Pumps is Best Manual Breast Pump in India?


There are many brands available for manual breast pumps in India. Let us see what Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump offers as features:
● The most important feature of this breast pump is its unique design. For most of the breast pumps, mother has to lean in the front to pump out the milk properly. But with Philip Avent Manual Breast Pump, mother can sit straight and comfortably and still pump out the milk because of the angled neck of the pump.
● There is a scientifically designed velvet like massage cushion on the suction pump and five petal like shapes. It works just like your baby’s sucking pattern. The leaf like petals increases flow of milk by increasing evenly spread pressure on the breast. The massage cushion is to fit comfortably for most women. But, if needed, other sizes are also available.
● The Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump is very lightweight and made up of very high quality material. It is very easy to carry anywhere. As this product is very compatible with other Philips Avent products like feeding bottles, you can always pump out breast milk and store it for future use.
● The feature which is quite different from other is, Philips Avent Manual breast Pump can be used is different ways such as to express, store and feed breast milk to your baby.
● There are six visually matching parts which are very easy to assemble the breast pump in hurry. This is the reason it is very easy to clean.
● You can easily put this bottle into dishwasher or sterilizer as all the parts are dishwasher safe.
● Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump is BPA free. BPA stands for bisphenol A which is used in mostly polycarbonate products like baby bottles, breast pumps etc. According to a research which happened in USA, it was stated that long-term exposure to BPA may result in physical and mental developmental issues and health risks.

What Do Experienced Mothers Say About It?

According to mothers who used this product found that the Philips Avent Manual Pump very easy to assemble & use. It has a silicone pad which is very comfortable. It has got VIA (5 containers with lid) which can also be assembled in the pump directly so no need to change the containers after expressing the milk.

Brand Value and Trust:

Philips is a very popular and trusted brand for many years. Among many products, Philips Avent also has proven to be the best in this criteria.

What Else You Are Getting With The Product?

– Standard Size cushion
– Breast pump body with handle
– Milk storage cups
– Milk Storage cup Adaptor
– Extra Soft Newborn Flow nipple
– Travel cover
– Breast Pad Samples
– BPA Free Breast Pump


You can use this along with the Philips Avent baby feeding bottles, which is one of the best for baby.

Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump: Why it is The Most Popular Electric Breast Pump in India?

Among electronic breast pumps, Medela has been proven to be the best. Let us take a look on the benefits it provides:


● Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump is very portable and lightweight. Also, it is handheld, so you can use it using one hand too.
● This electric breast pump is unique because it can be operated using batteries as well as power adapter. The battery is durable and can work up to 3 hours once it is charged. It is quite convenient for short outing or travelling to carry with.
● Easy to carry anywhere as the design is compact.
● The amazing feature of Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump is, there is an option for direct feeding your baby.
● This product is fully automatic and designed in a way to protect overflow.
● You can adjust the speed according to your need and milk flow.
● Easy to assemble

What Do You Get With This Product?

– Valve Head
– Valve Membrane
– Breast shield
– Lid
– Disc
– Cap
– Bottle Stand
– Motor Unit with Battery compartment
– Adapter

It needs two wall clock batteries which are not included with the package.

Positive Feedbacks from Mothers:

Breastfeeding and working mothers who have used Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump, found the electric pump best for use daily as it saves time and energy as it takes also less time to fill up bottle.

What Type of Pump is Better? Manual Pump or Electric Pumps?

● Manual pumps are used when you need to pump out your breast milk occasionally or once a day may be. But if you are a working mother and you need to pump out your breast milk regularly to feed your baby, you should opt for an electric pump.
● Manual pumps are cheaper in price compared to the electrical one. So, if you are trying out breast pumping for the first time, you should buy a manual one first.
● Manual Pumps take more time to pump up milk from one breast and on the other hand electric pumps take lesser time. With double collection electric pumps you can empty two breasts at a same time and in a balanced out manner.
● You have to use both of your hands to operate manual pumps, but most of the electric pumps can be operated by one hand only.
● If you do not have good flow of milk, it may be troublesome to use manual pumps in comparison to electrical ones.
● Manual pumps come with a cushion attached to it which feels very comfortable to a mother’s breast. But electric pumps do not have such feature generally.

Is Breast Pump Better Than Natural Method of Breastfeeding?

NO. You should opt for Expressing using Brest Pump method only if it is necessary. Natural method of feeding baby is no doubt the best. But there are certain cases where natural breast feeding is not possible, like if the baby is premature and not able to suck milk from the breast, the mother wants to go to work, or there is some health issue of the mother or baby where doctor has suggested breast pump etc.

In case of cracked nipples or breast milk lumps etc., natural sucking is actually effective in healing the problem. The milk sucked by baby is also applied on nipple, helps healing in a natural way. It is also great to remove if there is any breast milk lump.
Mother’s milk is too good for new born babies and it helps building strength and immunity in a baby when it grows. So, if the mother wants to go back to work after certain time and still wish to feed baby with breastmilk only, she should use breast pumps. Thus, the baby will not have to depend upon formulas and will continue getting breast milk regularly even if the mother is not around.

When to Use a Breast Pump?

Breast pumps are not used much in India, but for women who want to work after having a baby and still continue to breastfeeding, it is very important to use breastfeeding pump. Babies need to be fed in every 2-3 hours and in order to feed them breast milk. You must express your milk and store it using breast pumps. According to WebMD, if you stop breast feeding gradually at the day time, your body slowly reduces the milk supply. So, if you continue express your milk during day time even if you are not feeding your baby, it works as a full time breastfeeding and keep your milk flow intact.

Some Important Tips for New Mothers

Breast pumps are used to express milk and store it for your baby for longer time. So, here are some tips to handle the expressed milk in a correct way:
● You should store the expressed milk in clean and BPA free bottles for later use.
● Milk should be stored at the back side of the fridge where the temperature is constant. (Source: CDC Government Site)
● Containers should be covered.
● Do not microwave the milk as microwave ovens do not heat the milk evenly. It may harm your baby or destroy the milk.
● Do not boil the milk as excess heat can destroy the nutrients and quality of the milk.
● According to some sources, in India temperature is high, so life of expressed milk may be just 50% than that in Western countries. So, precautions should be taken properly to store milk.
● To feed the baby with breast milk in bottle for the first time, offer the bottle when the baby is not hungry but happy and relaxed. (Source: NCT UK).
● It is recommended to give your expressed milk in a bottle when only the breast feeding is well established, as some babies tend to take bottles naturally and it does not affect the breastfeeding of the baby; but other babies easily put off the bottles.

Breast pump is a great tool to pump out breast milk and store it in a bottle, so that you can feed the baby breast milk even when you are not around. It is only used when there is no way you can breastfeed your baby. Causes might be like, if you are on some medication, or ill or your baby is too weak to suck out the breast milk directly. Also, if you are having excess milk, you can use breast pumps to express milk for future storage.


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An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


  1. Avatar

    I want to resume work from next month and my baby is 6 months old. I am exclusively breastfeeding her and soon will start the solids. how long does it take to learn it to use properly??? I will be working full day after a month.

    • Sapana

      Hi Vaishali,

      If you want to use breast pump efficiently during working days then you should practice for 2-3 weeks before that. It needs a bit trials before you can actually use it regularly to replace normal breastfeeding sessions with bottle feeding. For working women, electric breast pumps are recommended.

  2. Avatar

    Hi, i dont think i will use a pump for feeding my baby everyday but I want to buy one just in case i need because of outing or health issue. can you suggest me the best option?

    • Sapana

      Hi Hema,
      Using the breastpump for expressing milk regularly needs practice. Even if you don’t want to use it regularly but want to be prepared for emergency then you must practice. Specially in case of manual, you need to try is a several times to use it efficiently. And for just keeping it, go for manual as its cheaper.

  3. Avatar

    Hi Sapana, Are these breastpump a must-to-buy for a lactating mothers? I am not sure if I will need any. I am 9 months pregnant, preparing for my baby delivery.

    • Sapana

      Hi Swetha,
      They are not Essential. But surely it is good to have breast pump and practice to use it, just to be prepared for emergency. If you are not planning to work before 8-9 months, then its not essential item.

  4. Avatar

    Great Review Sapana. I used the Manual Avent pump quite a few times when I was breastfeeding and I had to leave baby with my husband for over night or long time during day. ITs comfortable. But its true, you need practice to use it before you can actually use it to replace the breastfeeding sessions.

  5. Avatar
    nishitha agarwal on

    My baby is 3 months old I am planning to join office next month…..
    Do you recommend a electric breast pump?
    Should I try the manual breast pump first?
    Which baby feeding bottles are best If I buy any of these 2 pumps?

    • Sapana

      You should use electric breast pump and practice using it for about 2-3 weeks before using it regularly.

  6. Avatar

    Hi Sapna, I heard about your blog from my friend who is also a mom of a newborn baby like me. I loved the information you have here. As its specially for Indian mothers, it really helps, as our needs are different. I wanted to know is using breastpump better for baby than direct feeding? As my child is very slim. I wanted to try but not sure if my thinking is right..

    • Sapana

      Hi there,
      Thanks a lot. I am glad to know you and your friend found the blog useful. Breast pump should be used when you can not breastfeed by natural method. Direct feeding is always encouraged. It’s good for baby and for you too. Use breast pumps only if you have to get back to work or because of any health condition. For helping baby put on weight please read these tips: Click here

  7. Avatar

    My friend suggested me the same. Medela electric pump, just wanted to confirm online… Thanks for this review.
    Please let me know which are the best breast pads for leaking protection. Should I buy the disposable or the reusable? Are the reusable pads comfortable? Which brand is best? I am currently using disposable medela pads, but looking for a cheaper option. Thanks in advance.

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      • Avatar

        My friend has a very tiny breast pump its a small box and has tiny parts the pump is just 2 thumbs size, is it good? It can be carried in purse anywhere. It fits in the tiny pocket of baby bag. Idont know the brand name and my friend lost its original packing.
        Where can I buy it? I think I can practice on it before buying these actual breast pumps.

        • Sapana

          I had that kind of small portable pocket size pump but they are really not good to start with. The suction is very poor and it hurts your breasts. The manual breast pumps are easier and comfortable.(I have not seen those pocket size pumps in India)

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  10. Avatar

    I am suffering from low milk supply.could it be increased by using bresst pumps? If yes,then which one is better manual or electric

    • Sapana

      Hi Shipra,

      If you are thinking of using the pump to improve breastfeeding then its not the right way. The natural feeding is better for breast-milk production.
      When your baby latches on the breasts, it signals your body to create more milk, which doesn’t happen effectively in artificial pumping.
      Use pump only if you need to stay away from baby for work etc. Frequent breastfeeding will help you improve milk production. Also keep your mind stress-free and dont think negatively about milk production. The hormones play vital role in breastfeeding.
      Please check this post on how to improve breastfeeding and other posts on this topic

      • Avatar

        I do understand mam..i am taking lactonic granules with milk,shatavari tablets ,oats both in morning and evening, and roasted cumin powder three times with milk even after that i am able to produce 2-3 ounces only and my 3 month old daughter gets irritated when she does not gets milk..i have read from few sites that frequently pumping can increase milk supply..please help i am very much depressed as i dont want to give formula milk to my baby but i have to give to fill her empty stomach…

        • Sapana

          Hi Shipra,
          Please consider getting consultation from Lactation consultant. Send me email at [email protected] about your location. I will share the contact details of certified lactation expert in your area. I am in touch with the network of lactation experts in India. These experts visit you at home.

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