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Mothercare Baby Wipes: Product Review

Washing the baby’s bottom isn’t adequate every time. So, you will also require a lot of wipes for your cute newborn. Are you confused why the baby wipes are better than cotton clothes? Or, you are confused among the numerous products to choose from?

Well, this post covers everything you want to know about the baby wipes. Also, we found that mothers want to know that which product will be good for their child and why. With my own experience and after a long market research, I can say that Mothercare Fragrance-Free baby wipes for your newborn are perfect. The detailed review, after initial discussion will tell you the cause of choosing this product.

Why Cotton Clothes Are Not as good as Wipes?

The new baby’s skin is so delicate that a cotton wet cloth makes it red instantly. Also, it’s a big pain to maintain tons of clothes for a baby if you are going for cotton nappy in day time (Which is highly recommended for Indian Babies)

Wipes are soft and easy to use. Now, do you thing that the fragrance of wipes makes a difference? Check it out in the next section.

Why NOT use Fragrant Wipes for Newborns?

A newborn baby is sensitive to smells. Many babies puke out if they smell anything strong. Even the cream, soap and wash must be very lightly fragrant. So if you use a wipe with fragrance, and as you use them several times a day, it will keep the room smells it all times.

Tip not to forget: Always use a dry cotton cloth to lightly touch the skin of baby to make it dry after use of wipes. This is important to avoid any rashes

How Many Packs of Wipes do you Need for a Newborn Baby?

Usually, one pack will last for only a few days literally 4 days during the first few weeks. After that, go for around 8-10 days in the second month. Finally, when you increase the use of cotton cloth, one pack can be used for 2 weeks.

Let’s come to the review now, as we promised in the beginning of the post.

Mothercare fragrance-free baby wipes Complete Review

Features which made us review this product

• It is designed to have a gentle impact upon the rough rashes of your baby.
• Mothercare is a fragrance free baby wipe, when you use it on your baby’s skin it prevents bad smells.
• This baby wipe is made from natural chamomile and aloe vera extract to protect your baby from harsh rashes.
• It is hypoallergenic.
• It is tested dermatologically.
• These wipes can be again re-sealed after using one by one, preventing it from drying out.

Mothercare All We Know fragrance-free baby wipes saver pack is an ideal pack of baby wipes which instantly soothes the sore in the skin of your baby. It is effective for sensitive skins as it comprises of aloe vera and chamomile extract. These baby wipes are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. It is also tested dermatologically which keeps your baby safe and healthy.

What are the things that I like about this Mothercare baby wipes?

• The most magnificent thing about Mothercare baby wipes is that it consists of a soft material.
• The wipes are very thin and give a gentle feeling while applied on the skin.
• These baby wipes are quite larger as compared to other wipers.
• They are also highly durable in nature.
• These wipes need not always have to be risen in hot water. You may apply them as it is, taking them out directly from the pack. It doesn’t have any adverse effect upon your child’s skin.
• I used Mothercare baby wipes for my second kid and it was one of the reasons he never suffered from rashes.
• Due to its subtle scent and as it does not have any adverse effect on delicate skin, I sometimes use these wipes to remove my makeup too!
• Mothercare baby wipes have a plastic flap to take out the tissues which prevent the moisture in the wipes from drying out.

How Do You Choose The Correct Wipes for Your Newborn Baby?

● You should always be careful about some chemicals that may cause irritation in your newborn’s delicate and tender skin.
● If your baby’s skin gets red or is affected by rashes other than diaper rash then you should always find the brand which suits your child the most. Find a brand of baby wipes which does not react with the skin of your baby and prevents it from having adverse effects.
● Always consult a pediatrician whenever your child is having irritation due to the use of baby wipes upon their skin. Sometimes the pediatrician can suggest you the best option of wipes for your baby.

All We Know Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes is made up of aloe vera and chamomile extract for a soft finish that gives a gentle experience. They are perfect for soothing your baby’s sore skin and it also helps in cleaning up sticky fingers. In fact, if you purchase this product in a large amount then it would be both economical and affordable.

Have you used Mothercare Fragrance-Free baby wipes for your newborn? Please let us know your experience.


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    Mother Sparsh Water wipes are the best prevented the redness caused due to diaper rash..liked the fact that these are water based wipes..

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