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Toys for Babies: Best Toys to Buy Online in India

Expecting a 6 months old baby to stay quiet and not drive you up the wall is impossible. They are kids and it’s natural for them to make noise and stay active all day long. Toys for 6 month old baby are a great solution to keep them busy and boost their hand, eye and brain movements. The colorful toys with sound stimulate the senses of the kids. Here are few great fund and learning purpose colorful toys that can help your kid grow smartly.


Rattles are innovatively designed toys for kids, based on the traditional baby amusement concept, that help in the stimulation of a kid’s senses and improve their hand movements. Rattles also improve the understanding of size, color and shape of a kid.

Creative and Colorful Huile Rattle Stick with Sound

The Huile toys are popular among the kids. The gripping design of the rattle stick engages a baby for hours and the rhythmic sound coming from it adds to his delights. The product is made of sturdy material and it’s a total value for money.

Multicolor Organic Rattle Toys

Organic rattle toys are safe and a great amusement solution for kids. They are lightweight and gripping. A great gift for 0-2 years old kids.

Organic Multicolor Bell Toy Set

The fauna themed toys always attract the kids. The colorful and organic bell toy set has engaging designs signifying a giraffe and cartoon shapes. The non-toxic material product is a great treat to the eyes.

Multicolor Rattle Set with Cool Music

The product acts as a complete fantasy world for a kid with various animal shapes and cool natural creatures. The multicolor organic rattle set is a fun and learning solution of 3-12 months-old kids.

Wrist Rattle

Wrist Rattle is a type of rattle that can be tied on the wrist of a kid to keep the cool and creative designs within their reach. Such rattles help in the hand-eye coordination of a kid. They are a great amusement solution and can be kept near your kid all day long.

Enticing Foot and Wrist Rattle for Kids with Cool Designs

The vibrant colors and the cool and trendy designs on the foot and wrist rattles keep your baby happy for a long time. The rattle can be your baby’s best friend for years as it grows with your baby.


Teething is natural in kids and it can’t be avoided. Kids have the tendency to put anything and everything around them in their mouth but it’s the responsibility of the parents to keep the safe and soft thing around their little ones. The teethers are soft and safe rattles that can be chewed without risking the teeth or gums.

Colorful Soft Teether with Hand Bell Sensor

The continuous soft tubes have been innovatively designed for small babies keeping their dental health and amusement needs in mind. They are safe, cool and soft.

Colorful Toy-key for Little Kids

Let you kid open the door to happiness. The toy-key are made of colorful and soft material. They can be hanged anywhere in the room.


Babies feel safe, comfortable and happy in their own world and toys embellish their fantasy world. Toys not just provide fun to the kids and ginger up their mood but they are a great learning solution as well.

Fun and Learning Colorful Bead Ball

Bead balls are great toys helpful in your kid’s sensory simulation. The toy can improve the hand and eye movements of a kid. The fun and educational use of the toy make it a worthwhile product.

Colorful and Soft Rattle Toy Ball with Sound for Kids

Creative design and vibrant colors always fascinate the kids. The specially designed toy is helpful in the fun and audio/visual training purposes. The rattle ball is made of soft and non-toxic material. It has a fascinating sound that generates on pushing the button attached to the product.

Soft and Colorful Hand Rattle with Jingle Bell

Help your baby stay awake and active during the daytime and enjoy the cool hand rattle toy with the bell sound. The beautiful bell sound generates from the toy when it is shaken. The product is made of sturdy plastic which endures.

Cool and Colorful Toy Drum with Flash

Sound and light together create a magical aura around a kid. Kids love the toys with sound, colors and light. The flash drum can be an engaging toy for your kid.

Colorful Puppets: Educative Toys for 3-6 Months Old Babies

When fingers talk to your kid in the form of cool and creative faces, you kid is full of beans. The finger puppets are a cool way to offer the whole animal kingdom or a set of creative characters within the reach of your little one placing them on his tiny fingers. Revive the intriguing puppets from your kid’s favorite fairy tales and place them on your kid’s fingers and help him find some great friends during his fun time. The puppets are soft and easy-to-wash.

Choosing the right toys for small babies in India is very important as there is always a purpose behind it. If you understand your baby and his needs, you can be able to find the right picks.


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