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Best Baby Pram to Buy Online in India

Baby strollers and prams are a convenient way to carry a baby while being outside the house. The use of stroller and pram for babies in India is not as smooth as in abroad due to the rough roads, traffic etc. However, using these carriers in malls, supermarkets and parks while walking or travelling is comparatively easier. Baby prams and baby strollers are not only convenient for parents but offer a sense of comfort and safety to the baby as well.
After our Top 7 strollers review that we posted 2 years back, we have come up with the best baby pram in India this year.

Best Baby Stroller of 2019 in India: R for Rabbit Portable Pocket Stroller

The top three features that make a baby stroller or pram a star product is safety, comfort and size. With just one hand fold and any-transport-fit compact nature of the stroller makes it super portable and a great pick for new Indian moms. Be it a car, train or flight – the stroller can find its way easily in any space. Considering price, features requirements of Indian baby and the parents, we think this is your best pick.

What’s Special in the Stroller that Captures your Attention?

Well, the product drives your attention mainly with two features:

1. One-Hand Fold

Folding the stroller when not in use is no sweat at all. The trolley handle of the stroller makes it even more comfortable to carry just like a laptop bag. The easily foldable design of stroller can definitely be something worth spending especially when you have to multitask while being out accompanying your baby.

2. Portable and Light Weight

The portable design and the light weight of the product can be another reason to buy it. It’s so light and portable that you can keep it easily in a car, train or flight as check-in luggage without needing much space. The stainless steel frame adds to its grace and keeps the weight light.

Other Key Highlights


When it comes to safety for a branded product, certification is something that we all look forward too. The R for Rabbit portable pocket stroller is EN 1888 certified, a stringent European standard certification that assures highest level of safety for a baby.

Suspension and Front Wheel

What makes a stroller smooth for the roads or surfaces are suspension and wheels. If the wheels do not wear and tear with regular use and the suspension doesn’t ditch and negotiate with baby’s safety, the product is definitely worth buying. This stroller is good for Indian roads as the front wheel design and suspension have been provided considering the roads in India. The tough finish of the wheels and great suspension system makes the ride stress-free and smooth.

Captivating and Smart Design

The stroller has a steel body which makes it classy, stylish and lightweight. It is made of high-quality material that endures. If you wash it, it doesn’t take a long time to get dried off. The first-rate cotton fabric used in the stroller increases the permeability and makes the product breathable for the babies. The product gets cooled down quick as well after taking it outside in a sunny day.

Recline to Multiple Positions

Babies sitting or lying down in a stroller tend to move here and there and we can seldom control this stuff. The stroller offers the benefit of multi-recline positions that provide safety and comfort to the baby no matter in which direction he or she is lying down.

Safety Harness

Babies usually move regardless of where they are kept. Even in a stroller, you can’t expect them to lie down in the same position. The stroller offers 5-point harness for the extra level of safety you expect from a smart and good stroller. It holds your baby tightly and keeps him secure in his place while travelling or walking.

Suitable for Newborns and Infants

The stroller is suitable for newborns and infants and toddlers up to 3 years-old. It can support weight up to 20 kgs. The product doesn’t negotiate with the portability or functionality regardless of the weight of the baby until the weight limit exceeds.


• Safe
• Lightweight
• Stylish
• Multi-recline
• Easy-to-carry
• Easy-to-fit in vehicles
• Easy-to-fold
• Good for Indian roads
• Suitable for newborns and infants up to 3 years


• Not a suitable pram for regular use on Indian roads or rough surfaces. For suitable prams for frequent and tough use, check out our previously reviewed Premium Baby Pram in India

Baby Carriers

If you have not tried the baby carriers yet, you might want to try them before buying the stroller, even though different purposes, the baby carrier is sufficient in India if you dont have to carry baby for long time. For your regular visits to hospitals, short shopping etc the carrier is more comfortable, provided your back is strong.

The Final Verdict

The product is definitely worth purchasing for your little one if you want to take your baby out with you a couple of times in a week or so. It is not suitable for frequent or rough use on Indian roads that are mostly rough and you can hardly expect a smooth ride. However, for places like malls and parks where the surface is smooth, the product offers great performance. It’s stylish, light, durable and portable. If you are not in a search of a hi-tech and super tough stroller but a handy one with adequate features and safety assurance in your budget, the product will fit the bill.


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