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Which Baby Nappy Cream is the Best in India?

I always had this cream with me for my second child when he was a baby. For my elder son, I never needed one. As my second child was born in Mumbai, I had this cream handy with me as I was worried due to the climate in Mumbai.

I was recommended this cream by 2 of my close friends whose babies’ had diaper rash issues and found this as the best cream. I had to hardly use the rashes cream as I followed a few precautions which we will see at the end.

Please note this cream is thick and white. It creates a coating on baby’s skin. But it is the mildest and effective cream. I heard the same thing from my friends.

After a thorough market research, we have found that Mothercare baby nappy cream for your newborn is the best nappy cream for rashes

All You Know MotherCare Baby Nappy Cream: Review

1. It is one of the best creams for rashes in India: This nappy cream provides a calming effect upon a baby’s bottom.

2. Safe and Effective Ingredients: The Mothercare product is made up by blending of olive oil and chamomile. This cream is the purest form of natural moisturizer and soother for your baby. They prevent your baby from having any sort of irritation due to nappies. This cream acts as a bodyguard and avoids your child from having rashes
3. The cream is dermatologically tested: This nappy cream is fully approved dermatologically. It is also 100% hypoallergenic which does not have any kind of adverse effect on the newborn babies. Thus, this cream can be used for kids having very sensitive skin too. This cream has been approved by a group of midwives. According to them this cream is purely safe to be used by children since their birth. Every time you change the nappy of your baby and apply this cream, it will give a cool and comfortable feeling to your baby.

4. Things you should keep in mind while using mothercare nappy cream:

● Children should not get hold of this product.
● Avoid this cream coming in contact with your eyes. By chance, if it does, then wash it immediately with ample amount of water.
● If the rashes get worse and there is no sign of improvement then you should immediately consult a doctor
● Also, consult a doctor if your baby is having fever or appearing lazy.

Packaging of Mothercare nappy cream:
Maximum nappy creams for rash come in a plastic tube which is packed with a long cardboard box. But this nappy cream comes in a wide cover container. It is easy to apply cream from it.

How to Avoid Diaper Rashes in Babies?

Though we always should have a nappy cream ready with us for babies till they turn 1 yr old, try to take care of below things to avoid the uncomfortable baby rashes:

1. Change the diaper ASAP its used!!! That’s most important. Do not avoid changing the soiled diapers.
2. Do not wash the bottom every time. Use soft baby wipes. Or clean soft wet cotton cloth.
3. Try not to keep your baby 24 hours a day in diapers. I know it’s difficult but considering the climate of India, Cotton nappies are best during the daytime. If you use the Mothercare cotton feel waterproof sheet on a bed, it will be comfortable for baby. It is really healthy for the baby to use cotton nappies during day time for at least first 3 months.
4. Whenever you change the diaper of your child you should thoroughly clean the baby’s bottom and genitals of your baby carefully.
4. Use right baby body wash like Pigeon 2 In one.
5. Keep baby bottom open without anything for a while (30 mins for 3 times a day during summer and for 5-10 mins 3 times a day in winter in temperature controlled room)
6. Never use baby talc or powder in skin folds. The newborn babies have folds on the skin and we keep them covered all time. If you put the powder in such areas and cover them then the sweat mixes with it forming a paste and babies get skin peeled (Yes it happened) or redness on skin or rashes.
7. Never use non-tested non-approved baby massage oils. Many people use sesame oil which is one of allergens. So do not try such raw oils on your baby’s sensitive skin
8. Never use thick baby body lotions. Baby lotion should be soft and a bit runny to form a very thin layer on baby’s skin.
9. Avoid tightening the diapers. Let some air pass through it. Always dress your baby in loose clothing.
10. Research shows, Breastfeeding for a longer period reduces the chances of your child getting rashes. Children who are not breastfeed properly suffer from rashes more.
11. Always remember to use a detergent that is fragrance-free with which you wash the cloth diapers. While washing the cotton nappies skip using the fabric softener. Both these can cause irritation to the skin of your baby leading to development of rashes in the body of the baby.
Many people in India use disinfectant on baby’s laundry, its one of the reasons of baby’s skin rash. A mild baby detergent liquid and sundry is best way to maintain hygiene of baby’s clothes.

Mothercare baby nappy cream prevents your baby’s skin from getting rashes and keeps his/her skin soft and supple. This product is also approved by middle age wives, it is hypoallergenic and dermatologically approved which makes it the first choice for all the new first time mommies.

Do you have a name of a better product in your mind for rashes? Comment below your experience of using that particular product, so that we can review it soon.


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