Best Baby Pram to Buy in India for 2017


Which Baby Stroller is The Best in India?

For latest information of best baby stroller in India Check this post Top Baby Pram of 2019, which we have selected very carefully for the needs of Indian Mom and Baby from a stroller. But remember, each of them can’t occupy the number one slot. Thinking so, we decided to talk about just one Pram, which we think, is the Best Baby Pram in India after comparing the important features and specifications. The Best Pram we have selected are 2,

LuvLap Premier Baby Stroller in Premier Strollers

and R for Rabbit Poppins Baby Pram in inexpensive strollers.

Stylish LuvLap Premier Baby Stroller and Pram

Buyer’s guide for LuvLap BABY Stroller and Pram : It’s a handy product from LuvLap for the babies but before buying it, let’s have an eye on its key specifications

Age Eligibility

The stroller cum pram is suitable for the babies of age between 2-6 years. It’s better to avoid introducing the cool product to the little ones below 2 years as it will create a risk for them to sit or lean on the stroller cum pram.


The product has a compelling and trendy design. It is available with some great color choices. The product has been innovatively designed so that a busy mom can use it for various purposes. It can be maneuvered using one hand while shopping. It’s lightweight and can be moved easily without getting bothered by the baby’s or miscellaneous weight. It’s not bulky which one of its USPs.
The stroller cum pram allows you to fold it easily with one hand without disturbing your baby’s position. If you want your baby to smile at you every time and the safety concerns also make you restless during shopping then this product has reverse seat. It will help you place your baby facing you on the stroller bed.
The recliner seat can be adjusted to fit your baby in multiple positions according to the convenience. Too much shopping creating chaos? Well, the stroller has a spacious shopping basket below the baby bed. You can put a selection of products in the basket while carrying your baby and move easily. Be it the need of cot or upright seat – the product got you covered.


The height of the stroller can be easily adjusted. If you think that your baby is not safe at a certain height, you can simply adjust it without needing to take your baby out of the stroller. If you have placed your baby in such a way that only his/her legs are visible then the looking window created above the stroller bed can help you keep an eye on your little one. It’s unavoidable to carry milk and water bottle while going out with your baby. The stroller has a bottle bag as well attached on the back.
Suppose you need to cover your baby or give him something then it becomes a nuisance with fixed armset. With LuvLap Premier stroller, you will get a detachable armset for accessing your baby easily. The stroller can be locked and various tasks can be done without worrying about its movement. It also offers complete canopy safety to your baby. The 5 point safety harness is the key safety feature of the product. You can spend a decent time outside shopping or meeting people carrying your baby in this easy-to-use and safe stroller.


The stroller is standard in size and has a robust body. Be it the wheels, the axles, harness strap or handle – everything is made of first-rate materials and hence a great strength can be expected. Due to its superior plastic quality it can handle a decent amount of weight without showing any damage. It absorbs the shocks effectively and offers a smooth ride to your little one.


The stroller offers a soft fabric and the innovative design neutralizes the shock effects. The stroller can be used to place your baby for sitting, sleeping and resting.


The stroller has four wheels. The rear wheel of the stroller is of size 2×12” and the front wheel is 2×8”. The front wheel can be locked, suspended or rotated 360 degree. The overall dimension of the stroller is 88 x 47 x 29 cm.
LuvLap Premier Stroller and Pram is a certified and safe product. It is lightweight and therefore can be moved easily at home or outside. It arrives in various colors and its price is pretty reasonable. If you are planning to buy your baby’s first stroller or just giving second thoughts to your old stroller; LuvLap Premier stroller can be a great pick for you.


R for Rabbit Poppins Baby Pram

Let’s first check your baby’s eligibility for the Pram.

Minimum Age:

You can start using it, right from your baby’s infancy. A baby whose age ranges between 0-3 years, he can easily occupy the Pram’s seat.

Maximum Weight Capacity:

The Pram can bear weight up to 20 Kgs. Many parents make the mistake of ignoring their baby’s weight while purchasing a Pram. You should not do so. Hence before placing an order for the Pram, don’t forget to check your baby’s weight.

Features of R for Rabbit Poppins Baby Pram

When the Pram will be delivered to you, here’s what you will notice:




Its assembled form weighs around 6.5 Kgs. You should be happy that it weighs this much as many prams are there in the market, whose weight is up to 9-11 Kgs. In comparison to them, R for Rabbit Poppins Pram seems to be the lightest.

Closed Body Dimension (in cms):

82 x 46 x 31


•It is 35 cm wide.
• 3 essential recline positions given. I.e. to sit, to sleep and to rest.
•Cushioned seat.
•Non-detachable seat.
•Hence you cannot keep the seat for keeping it inside your car. In that case, a baby carrier/sling would be of your help.

Safety Harness:

Five-point safety harness. If you would go and read some Baby Stroller Buying guide, you will find that a safely good stroller will always have five safety harness points. Such safety belt will prevent him/her from slipping down.
A three-point harness can be preferred if your baby has grown up a bit, like when he is a toddler. But for infants and newborns, it is better to go for a five-point safety harness.

Safety Certified:

Yes, as per the European Standards set for baby strollers and prams. In simple words it means it is:
•Its Mechanical Strength is checked
•It is crash tested and;
•All of its materials and its parts are quality tested too.

Feeding Tray:

•Two Cup Holders is given at both the ends of the tray.
•The feeding tray is removable.
• Hence it would be easy for you to clean the tray whenever your baby would spill his food on it.
•Also, the edges of the feeding tray are said to be rounded, smooth and polished.
•Many babies have a habit of holding the edges of the tray while eating. Hence, observant Mothers of such babies prefer to take extra precautionary measures.

Foot Rest:

Present, the same can be adjusted too.

Stroller Handle:

Reversible handle provided.


•4 big plastic wheels with suspension.
•Of 6 inches each.
360-degree rotating wheels. This would allow smooth turns and swift walking.
•Wheels fit for terrains of all kind.
• Shock Absorber, present at front wheels to lessen the impact of jerks from uneven roads.
•Brakes installed at both, front and rear wheels.
•‘One Link Brake’ is present at rear wheels.
•This means you can stop the stroller, soon as you’d put your foot on the Brake.

Mosquito Net:

No mosquito net present. You should not worry though. Because stroller’s/pram’s mosquito net are available individually in the market.

Basket and Pocket:

One mesh basket, at bottom of the pram, is there for storage purpose.


•Its canopy is fully extendable and adjustable in nature.
•Such a canopy will protect your baby from- Dust Particles, Sun rays, Chilly Wind, Switched on lights when sleeping, bugs, and insects too.


On Hood, has not been given. That should not be a problem as you will have Reversible Push Bar for keeping a close look on your baby.


•Has easy one-hand folding mechanism.
•This means the pram automatically gets folded, once you will press the ‘one-hand folding’ button.

Cradle and Rocker:

None of them is provided with the Pram. Guess you will have to buy them separately.

Available in other Colors:



Some of the major attractions of this Quality Baby Pram are that, it’s Safety Certified and Lightweight Pram. It has got: All terrain-Wheels, One Link Brake System, One-Hand Folding Button, Two Cup Holders and Shock Absorbent Wheels. We can say due to its reasonable price and attractive look also, you name it as the Best Online Baby Pram to buy in India. Now it’s on you, if you want to go with the Pram we chose for you.


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    I have a 02 yrs old baby boy who is very mischievous. I have brought a pram a few months back, but he has made cuts on it. I need a robust baby pram that stays longer and should also have a mosquito net. I like this R for Rabbit Poppins Baby Pram but it doesn’t have a mosquito net. Do you have any other recommendation which has a quality mosquito net?

    • Sapana

      In case you liked R-Rabbit Poppins then you can purchase the mosquito net separately. The nets anyway are not used all time and can be folded and kept in pockets of stroller. So There is no huge benefit of buying stroller which come with nets.

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    Are the wheels of this baby stroller strong enough for Indian roads? We want to take baby in the pram in garden or play area, shopping etc…

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    • Sapana

      Yes, there is a surprising improvement in over all Baby Products, from diapers to strollers. In few years you will see more different designs.

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