Best Baby High Chair: 2 in 1 R for Rabbit Chair


Why to Buy 2 in 1 R for Rabbit Cherry Berry Convertible High Chair?

Comfort and safety are the two things that come to the mind while exploring a great High chair for baby online India. It’s a treat to see a stylish and comfy high chair endure as your baby grows. It’s not just the appearance of a high chair that drives the attention of a new momma; functionality is also a great factor that influences the purchasing of a convertible highchair for baby online. Your baby may look at you and seek some pleasure and safety during his busy playtime schedule and it’s your responsibility to choose a great product wisely online and bestow it to your baby and ensure his safety, comfort, and delight for years.

Why R for Rabbit Chair Convertible High Chair?

2 in 1 Product: Save Money

1. High Chair: Make him sit with you at the family dining.
2. Table and Chair: For grown up toddler!
It’s a high quality product so you don’t need to worry about the safety and comfort. Whereas please always read the manufacturer instructions carefully and always stay with the child.

Seat Size

There are other similar products from different brands but most of them have a very small chair which becomes hard to use for grown up child. R for Rabbit Chair can be used till age 7 years old.

Smart Design

The smart and tempting design of the baby chair online India makes it a quick-buy. The high chair has a two-in-one design which is an add-on. You can detach the upper chair with the lower part and avail a table-chair set for your baby without needing to buy a matching table.
The product not just stays with and supports your baby in his too young age but it helps him doing his everyday tasks easily when he grows and learns sitting postures. The chair and the table can be useful to him even in his pre-school phase.
Your baby can read the colorful books or play or dine on the detachable table. So, you get a table, a chair and combining both of them you get a high chair – a three in one product at the price of one!


The alluring high chair for babies has been created using the best quality soft plastic to bear your baby’s weight and take care of his ultra-soft skin. The body of the high chair can tolerate moisture and heat to a huge extent which makes it completely worthwhile.


The product is available at a very reasonable price. The manufacturers have smartly made it available the product to the buyers saving lots of bucks and passing on the savings to the buyers as exciting discounts. The plastic product prices are going high every day but here you can save money and get a value product that will really sustain long.


The safety must be the first priority while searching for the best baby highchair in India. This 2-in-1 high chair for kids perfectly meets your safety expectations. Most of the time the mommas stay worried about the stability of the high-chair as the baby’s weight and his movements can influence the chair’s stability questioning its safety. With this product, you get non-slippery and anti-tipping benefits. Your baby can enjoy his playful time with lots of movements without being at a risk of falling down.
The high chair has an innovative backrest design which adds to the comfort and safety of the product.
The 5 point Safety Harness is an important safety aspect which must be available in every high-chair for babies. The product has a top-notch 5-point harness design which helps your moving baby get optimum support and prevent him from slipping or falling down. The chair is not foldable and hence you can be assured of the safety of your baby’s fingers or skin which often gets hurt during the sudden folding.
The chair has no wheels and therefore there will be no surprise movement of the chair when you are not around. The chair has no sharp edges which ensure the safety and care of your kid’s skin.


The 4-in-1 high chair for kids is a European Nation EN 14988 certified which automatically enhance the faith in the product. The product has gone through several quality check procedures and durability as well as safety tests before being available to the buyers. A certified high chair is always a smart choice.


At the end of the day, you may seek a cool and tempting appearance of the high chair that brings a smile on your baby’s face. The product has been designed keeping the modern baby product trends in mind. What can be better than having a product at home which offers safety, comfort and functionality and goes well with your interior décor?

Convertible High Chair vs Booster Seat

People often have second thoughts when both the baby products are available under a single roof. The high chairs are a great pick for the younger babies. These chairs have smart design specially made for the little ones who experience trouble in sitting properly without making many movements. It has a spacious and detachable table which makes it a great product for dining or studies.
On the other hand, the booster seats are portable and small. There are usually created for slightly older babies who can sit properly and the risk of falling is relatively lower. The easy-to-clean design is also an add-on with the booster seats.
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The Final Words

The convertible 2-in-1 high chair is overall a value for money product. It offers you safety, style, comfort and functionality at a reasonable price. Don’t forget to read the Amazon Reviews of the product. They are always helpful to know pros and cons of the product from other parents. You can expect the chair serving your baby for years. If you are planning to make a small investment to make your baby’s world awesome and safe then the product can be a great pick.


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