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Reasons to buy Fisher-Price Quick Clean N’ Go Booster Seat

High chairs for infants are necessary for safely feeding and baby’s good digestion. The top quality feeding chairs are handy as baby carriers and important as baby strollers. I got the baby feeding chair in India for free! Actually, I received it as a gift from my best friend. And it was not “Fisher-Price Quick Clean N’ Go Booster Seat”. But it was pretty same as Fisher Price Booster Seat. Today I am writing about the fisher price baby chair is because I liked it more than the one I used for my son. If I had not got the baby chair as gift I would have surely bought the Fisher Price Booster Chair. As per me, it is the best baby chair for infants and toddlers in India, not because it’s a product of a branded company, but because of the fact that, it is value for money. I am not a ‘brand-conscious’ person. But I must say that Fisher Price’s baby products do have an edge over others. I have used Fisher Price Bouncer and Rockers for my Babies. So,

Why use Baby Chair of Fisher-Price?

Durable & Strong

It is very durable and strong. Its made of high quality material. It’s surface is soft.
It doesn’t make baby uncomfortable at all. I used let my baby sit in his booster chair for playing also.

Foldable & Compatible

More than a feature, I would consider calling this to be one of its benefits. Because…
o Fisher Price’ feeding seat is compatible with chairs of almost all types. You can simply place it on any chair by fastening its back strap, around the backrest of that chair.

o This way, you won’t have to buy any special, bulky High Chair.

o Along with having your meal, you can also feed your baby simultaneously. The benefit of this is that…

o The main purpose of introducing solids to babies is for developing his motor skills only. During feeding time, your baby will quickly learn to develop his head, hand, and mouth motor skills, when he will see you eating along with him.

o If you eat your meals in Indian style i.e. by sitting cross-legged on the floor, then also you can conveniently use the chair. Baby can sit in the chair when placed on floor.


You can certainly take this feeding Chair with you wherever you go.

It is portable and easy-to-carry. The one I used was pretty similar and I took it wherever I went. From my friend’s wedding venue to my favorite café(s) and restaurants, it has traveled everywhere.

Cozy Seat

Whole of the chair’s parts is made of anti-skid plastic. The chair’s width is wide. This is important because after fastening the safety harness and locking the feeding tray, children might feel stuffed and uncomfortable on it.

Tissue Dispenser

This roomy chair even has a separate ‘Tissue’ dispenser on its back. Suppose your baby’s bib gets all dirty remember there will always be a face tissue for your rescue. Provided you don’t forget to store it.

Value for Money

Considering its life and comfort its inexpensive.

Grows with Child’s Age

You can use this chair till your child becomes old enough to sit on the chair and won’t need a booster. i.e. around age 4-5 years old. So it is not just a feeding chair. It’s a booster chair.

Safety Belt – Tummy Belt

2 types of tummy adjustments are present on the chair. This means soon as your baby grows up, you can lock the tray even at the chair’s edge.

Height Adjustment

o 3 types of height adjustments are possible with the chair. I.e. Low, Medium and High. The high can be used when your baby grows into a toddler.

Maximum Capacity of holding Weight

o Know that the maximum capacity which the sturdy plastics of this Chair can behold is 23 Kgs (50 lbs). And on an average, six months old is 0.5-1Kgs.

Booster Chair

Even when your baby grows into a toddler, your dining chair will, of course, be big for him. So instead of making him sit on a pile of pillows and folded bed sheets, you can use Fisher Price’s booster seat. Just don’t forget to fasten the straps of the seat around your dining chair.

o One more important thing if your dining chair’s seat is made up of leather. Then before keeping the booster seat, you might want to spread a towel, a cloth or something on it. That’s because on sitting the plastic of the booster seat might leave its pressed marks on the leather.

Uncompromised Safety

The chair has got 3 point harness safety straps. If we have car seat belts then, our babies will have chair seat belts. This would prevent him from slipping or falling down.

Feeding Trays

• It has got 2 types of easy to attach and detach, feeding trays:

o The first tray is a big plain tray, where you can keep his teether, tissues, weaning bowl, and weaning plate etc. on it.

o The second tray is a bit smaller than the first one. Instead of being plain, it has been divided into different compartments. Like there’s a cup holder, then there’s another section for keeping the food plate and bowl on it.

o We used the term ‘safe eating’ because, if need be you can cover his food with the provided ‘tray lid- a lid for covering the food trays’. Also after washing the food tray, you can keep it clean and free from dust, by putting the ‘tray lid’ on it.

o Both the trays are easy to remove and affix. Plus they are dishwasher safe.

Easy Cleaning

The Chair is easy to clean, it has no complex gaps or unreachable spaces where food can get stuck and you won’t be able to clean it.
Fisher Price is a well-known baby brand in whole world including India. It is also a reputed brand because of its intellectually designed products succeed in providing comfort to babies. All their products are cute and bright looking at the same time. And new parents can buy it at money-saving, reasonable prices.
Its dimensions are 40.6 * 35.6 *40 cm.

Why is a Booster Chair better than a High Chair?

Space Issue

Baby high chair will occupy larger space in your house. A booster chair is foldable and takes no considerable space in your house.


Most important feature of the booster chair which is not there in a baby high chair is that you can carry it in restaurants, friends/relative’s place. It keeps your baby comfortable where ever you go.

Easy to Clean

You can simply wash the whole booster chair which is difficult with high chairs for babies.
You can buy online the best booster seat of India at a discounted sale price of

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If you are looking for a wonderful gift for your baby for Annaprasana (Baby’ first solid food) ceremony, this feeding chair is the best gift for the baby.


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    I like Fisher Price products because of their smart designs and awesome colors….. each product is designed so well and the colors are perfect for babies. They are not very bright nor dull….

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    I like Fisher price products. I am mom of a 6 months old baby girl. I like to buy pink items for her. Do they have pink baby chair?

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