Best Baby Feeding Bottles in India: Top 3 Brands


Which Baby Bottle is Best for Baby in India?

In India though the Bottle feeding is less due to awareness of goodness of breastmilk, many times you need a feeding bottle for baby, especially when breastfeeding has to be done by expressing the milk and also when you feed formula milk to the baby. Also once baby turns 6 months old, slowly you will start feeding water to baby. Though ideal method is by spoon, its not always possible.
In India Baby, Feeding Bottles may seem like an unnecessary expense for many parents. But even if you are exclusively breastfeeding, it is recommended that you keep a baby bottle with you for emergency and for feeding on outing

Here you’ll find:

 Qualities of a good baby bottle
 Which baby bottles in India, are the best for your baby?
 General Guidelines to use Baby Bottles
 Using Baby Bottles for feeding water
 Proper way of baby milk storage
 Warming baby’s milk
 Method of cleaning baby milk bottles
 Ways to sterilize baby bottles
 Replacement of feeding bottles and its nipples

Qualities of a Good Baby Bottle

o The best in kind feeding bottles provides continuous drips of milk every time the baby sucks the bottle’s nipple. Nipples of such bottles don’t let the air get inside your baby’s stomach.
o A good bottle always has clear transparent body along with transparent nipples (teats). Seeing any change in their transparency you can clearly know their replacement time.
o For those who don’t know, a baby bottle and/or its nipple must be changed, soon as the transparent bottle starts turning opaque. Don’t wait to see it turn fully opaque. Hence all our handpicked bottles are chosen, keeping in mind a baby’s health, hygiene, and their parent’s convenience.

Philips Avent 260 ml Natural Feeding Bottle (Clear)

Let’s start with the Bottle’s head.

Breast- Size Bottle Nipples

There are two types of Phillips Avent Bottles. First one’s a ‘Natural’ type and the second one is the ‘Classic+’ type bottle. Here we are talking about its Natural Bottle.
Philips Avent Natural bottles give the baby, an experience similar to that of breastfeeding. The comfort petals in it, also makes its nipple naturally tender. Also the wide size bottle nipple, gives the baby a better coverage.
Many mothers fear using baby bottles, as they think their baby won’t be willing to get breastfed if he gets habituated with bottle feeding. Same is not the case with Philips Avent Natural Bottle. That’s because it has got soft breast size nipple (teat). But anyway Breastfeeding is must. We are talking about the times when its not possible.
Following are the details about Philips Avent Natural Bottle Nipples that you should change as per your baby’s age and drinking habits. This list will be of your help in purchasing bottle nipples, soon as your baby grows.
o 0 m+ is Newborn Flow, suitable for 0-3 months old babies.
o 1 m+ is Slow Flow, suitable for babies of all ages who are both breastfed and bottle-fed. If your baby likes to drink slowly, then you use it even when he gets older than 3 or 6 months.
o 3 m+ is Medium Flow for babies of 3 months and up.
o 6 m+ is Fast Flow. 6 months of age and up.
All these ages are just approximate figures. In this pack, you will get 1m+ teat. However, you can separately purchase 3m+ and 6m+ teat when your baby gets older.

Anti-Colic Valve

Its anti-colic valve won’t make your baby colicky. Also, the bottle won’t leak when he drinks from it. This means milk will come out of it only when the baby sucks the nipple. Hence your kid will less likely choke or cough, due to the overflow of milk.

Curvy Ergonomic Body

The bottle’s made up BPA free plastic. You must have heard this many times, that one should not eat on plastic tableware as they are harmful to health. They say so, only due to fear of BPA (a chemical used for manufacturing plastic) in it.
But Philips Avent Bottle obediently follows the norms of European Standards made for Baby Bottles, 2011/08/EU. That it uses such a plastic in the bottle, which is Bisphenol A (BPA) free and the same is anti-slippery too.
At initial stage since you will have to hold the bottle for your baby since the bottle’s body design is ergonomic. Hence you won’t feel any pain on your palms, even if you hold it for a long time.

Dishwasher Safe


Bottle Accessories

Along with replaceable teat, you will also find Philips very own bottle cum teat brush, specially designed for their Avent bottle range. The more bottle accessories, the better it is.

Lifefactory (120 ml) Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve

Y-Cut Bottle Nipples

This is suitable for babies up to 0-3 months. BPA free, leak proof plastic cap, stopper, and ring are present at the bottle’s head.
There are various cuts of bottle nipples, including Y-cut there are also X-cut and round cut nipples. Y-cut bottle nipples are known to be of best use for thickened formulas. When you will start feeding solids to him, suppose you mix baby cereals with the formula milk, you can use this bottle to introduce it to him. Hence, you won’t have to buy another bottle for this.

Shock and Temperature Resistant Glass Body

Due to its silicone bottle sleeve, you won’t have to fear breakage of the bottle. Due to non-slip as well as bright colored silicone case, your baby will get hold of the bottle properly.
Its Borosilicate Temperature Resistant Glass won’t welcome any cracks. Especially when the bottle filled with milk is warmed using a Bottle Warmer. Lifefactory has also followed U.S. and European Standards that regulate the manufacturing of baby bottles.
In comparison to plastic baby bottles, glass bottles are safe for the environment. They don’t contain any chemicals, water, and even milk is said to taste better in glass bottles. In addition to this, due to their sturdiness, these bottles can be durable too when kept properly. Glass bottles should only be replaced when; you will find any cracks or breaks in it. Hence, if in case the bottle falls down, don’t forget to check the bottle’s inside.
Its nipples, bottle cap, and protective case are BPA and BPS free.

Dishwasher Safe


Bottle Accessories

The nipple provided with this pack is for 0-3 months babies. However, you can buy Stage 2 nipples for 3-6 month babies and Stage 3 nipples for babies who have got 6 months plus. Its bottle cap can also be bought at the time of need. Only thing is they don’t have bottle brush of their own.

NUK Gerber Natural Choice Wide Neck (147 ml) Bottle with Medium Flow Nipple

Breast like Wide Neck Nipple

Due to this feature, your baby won’t be able to differentiate if he is being breastfed or not. Easy to latch silicone nipples plus the vents present on the sides of the bottle prevents spitting, colics, and gassiness. Hence, only milk would get inside your baby’s tummy and no air.
Medium Flow Nipples means it is made for babies of 3 months and up. Such nipple has three holes on it.

Body designed keeping in mind baby’s finger.

This bottle is an easy to hold an ergonomic bottle. Both the body and its nipples are BPA free. Since the bottle is made up of plastic, hence it is lightweight and the baby won’t have to make much effort while trying to get hold of the bottle. The same is not slippery. Plus for a better view, it is transparent in color too.

Dishwasher Safe

Information Unavailable.

Bottle Accessories

The above nipple is a medium flow nipple. However, you can purchase slow flow and fast flow nipples too as per your baby’s age. Slow flow is good for 0-3 months old babies. While fast flow is good for 6 months and above babies.
Its Anti-Colic Replaceable Nipples can also be bought online when the time of nipple replacement arrives. They are of two types: one is for 0-6 months and the other one is for 6-18 months babies. NUK’s Bottle Drying Sponge Brush is also available for cleaning of their hourglass shaped bottles. Its bottle brush is present too by the name of ‘NUK Triple Action Bottle and Nipple Brush’.

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General Guidelines to Use Baby Bottles

All these instructions are basically rules for making use of baby bottles. So read it carefully, as we have written this in your interest.
o Purchase the nipples as per the baby’s age.
o Always hold the bottle at 45 degrees angle.
o Keep an eye on the baby to see when he’s full.
o For this remove the bottle from his mouth at times, and then bring it close to him, to understand his cues.

Using Baby Bottles for Giving Water to Babies

o You can use baby feeding bottles to feed both expressed and formula milk to your baby.
o Some people also use, for giving water to babies. If you would plan to give water to your baby. Here’s what you need to do:

With babies who are breastfed only:

Don’t give water them if he is less than 6 months. Even in the summers, he won’t be needing water.

With babies given formula milk:

Due to the presence of certain minerals and salts, for his better functioning of kidneys, the baby can be given water. But make sure he doesn’t overtake it or else he won’t drink the formula milk. You must consult doctor before feeding water to your baby before he/she turns 6 months old.
o Remember, for babies’ milk is more important than water.

Proper Way of Baby Bottle Storage

o Try to use baby milk storage bags, instead of storing the milk in bottles.
o Usually, mothers take out expressed milk or make formula milk in advance. That’s okay. But what’s not okay is this:
“Once you baby has drunk expressed or formula milk, don’t store it for later use. As the baby’s saliva has already come in touch with the milk and thereby, it is now contaminated. Store only the UN-used milk.”
o Any leftover milk should be thrown away immediately.
o When going on a travel, you can conveniently store the milk bag, inside an ice pack/cooling bag.
o Never re-freeze expressed and formula milk once thawed.
o Unopened expressed milk can be stored up to 24 hours but formula milk storage is dependent upon the manufacturer’s instructions.

Warming Milk

o If your baby likes warm milk, then warm it up using Baby warmers or keep the bottle under warm water for 10-15 minutes. Never use the microwave for this, as the milk heated from it, might burn the baby’s mouth.
o Never RE-heat expressed breast milk and formula milk.
o Always check the warmness of the milk, by dropping some few drops of it on the back of your wrist.

Method of Cleaning Baby Bottle

o Sterilize the bottle before first use.
o Never use the dishwasher for washing.
o Don’t clean the bottle under boiling water.
o Clean the bottle with warm water or best method is bottle sterilizers Check details here.
o Use a mild baby dish-wash liquid for doing so.
o Prefer sterilizing the bottle after every use.
o Use ‘Teat Brush’ for cleaning nipple and ‘Bottle Brush’ for cleaning the bottle. Some bottle cleaners are also there, which serve us both, teat brush and bottle brush.

Ways to sterilize baby bottle

o Prefer buying a steam sterilizer instead of chemical/cold water sterilizer. Your baby might get to taste the sediments of the liquid sterilizer if the bottle’s not washed off properly.

Replacement of Baby Bottles and Nipples

o With no delay, replace the bottle and nipples when their color changes.
o Since all the bottles and their nipples above, are transparent, detection of their color change should not be a problem.
o If the nipple looks cracked that’s also a sign for replacement.
o Replace nipple every 3 months whether or not discolorations or any cracks is seen on the bottle and/or nipples.
With the instructions above you will able to make the best use of every baby milk bottles, including the best newborn baby bottles in India listed above.
Above 3 are our best suggestions now depending on your personal preferences you can decide which baby bottle is best for your baby But also how you can clean, sterilize, care and maintains the baby bottles and their nipples for a safe baby feeding.

Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush

You will need a bottle cleaner brush to keep the bottle clean. These brushes are specially designed to clean all parts of the bottle properly. Below 2 are the recommended brush because of their designs and quality. You should not select the brush which has sponge as they get dirty and easily get crushed after some use. The sponge itself is the cause of bacteria if not kept clean.

Philips Avent Bottle and Teat Brush

This brush is most popular among new parents due to its special design and high density and soft bristles. The brush reaches every corner of the bottle. Its other end is used as teat cleaner.

Fully Rotating Baby Bottle Brush by Mee Mee

This brush has 360 degree bristles. the separate teat cleaner brush is easy to use.

Baby Bottle Cleaner Liquid

It is always recommended that you use baby special liquid detergent for baby’s bottles/toys and vegetable. These baby special liquid cleaner are mild and clean the baby’s toys/bottle/veges without leaving harmful chemicals on them. Take the liquid in a bowl and add water to it then dip the bottle cleaning brush in it to clean the bottles. Use this liquid to keep baby’s toys clean.

Baby Bottle Cover: Good to Have

This cover is plainly for his better grip. Another good reason to buy this cover is that it’s colorful. Your baby might not be interested in a plain looking opaque bottle unless it looks attractive to him.
Eselpro Pink Baby Bottle Cover
List Price:INR 337.00
Price Disclaimer
Along with this it helps to develop his/her motor skills.
PS: Keeping in mind the capacity (in ml) of above breast pump bottle, I chose this cover. Hence, if you plan to buy some other cover, don’t forget to see whether it will fit the feeding bottle or not.


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    That is a very useful detail information on baby bottles. Thanks for such a useful review for new moms like me.

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    Hey there, I was looking for the feeding bottle for my newborn. As this is my first baby, everything makes me panic. Thanks a lot. Will read rest of your posts too. My friend recommended me to read ur blog. I found it useful. Easy to understand and exactly what an indian mother needs to know.

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    I am looking a perfect baby feeding bottle. I like the Avent one. My baby is just 05 months old and he catches infection very easily. It is really hard for me to select a best baby feeding bottle. Can you help me to figure out which one is the best.?

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    The Lifefactory looks cute. I know it has protector and my baby wont broke it but I am not sure about myself only. Hehe. Just ordered Philips Avent, as I have seen my friends using same.

    • Sapana

      Philips is the best know brand in Baby bottles. Give Lifefactory a try in case you want to order next time.

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    Praneet Awasthi on

    Which one do you recommend as the best? thanks in advance. I am father of a newborn. I cant decide please let me know.

    • Sapana

      Well all of above 3 options are best. Some features different like material and size. You can go for the the most popular one Philips Avent

    • Sapana

      Hi Vaishali,
      NUK Gerber Natural Choice is the lightest as its not glass and small too. If your baby is old enough to hold the bottle, then you can go for it. But other 2 bottles are also baby friendly.

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    useful information. In general in how many weeks/months I should change the nipple of the feeding bottle?
    Can we boil the bottle and its parts to clean it everyday?
    Whats the best way to clean these bottles?
    do these bottles come with extra nipple?
    Should I have one in backup all time?

    • Sapana

      As soon as the nippled is discolored, or the hole has became bigger you should replace it :know more here
      The best way to sterilize the baby bottles is to use steam steriliser. You can do it manually by putting the bottle in hot boiling water for some time (But do not keep it on heat) too if you don’t want to invest in a steriliser. Rarely when they have some offers, the manufacturer provides extra nipple. Mostly no.
      Its good to keep one with you as backup as sometime babies bite it. But don’t buy more than one because as baby grows you have to change the type of nipple.

  8. Avatar

    are the steel baby bottles easy and better to use? Which brand is best for stainless steel baby feeding bottles?

    • Sapana

      Stainless steel bottles are easy to use, clean and durable.
      Pura Kiki

      And ThinkBaby are most famous brands in Stainless Steel baby bottles

      • Avatar

        Are the steel bottles better than the regular plastic/glass bottles? I dont know if I will use any baby bottle for feeding my baby as my mother who is a nurse told me to use the spoon and bowl for baby. I want to keep one bottle for just in case needed. What do you suggest?

        • Sapana

          Hi Svethalana,
          It depends on your preferences if Plastic bottle is better or Steel Bottle.
          Usually people buy the Philips Avent or Gerber Bottles as they are light weight and baby can hold the bottle easily compared to the steel bottles. Even these new designed steel bottles are easy to hold but if we compare then plastic bottles are easier. About durability the steel bottles are durable durable but then considering usual duration the Indian babies use the feeding bottles, these usual plastic bottles will last for enough time.
          Plastic/glass made bottles will keep the milk warm compared to the steel bottles.
          So its really your choice on whats suits you best.

  9. Avatar
    Wonder Mommy on

    I use the one from Gerber. Its also very good. Its easier to clean as short and wide and you can clean it with the hands. You just need a good small nipple cleaner thats it.

    • Sapana

      Hi Krish,
      Philips Avent Brush is more popular in parents these days. You will know from Amazon Reviews too.

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    I am recently shifted to India and completely unaware about the best brand that manufactures good quality feeding bottles, Can you help me in finding the best feeding bottle which should be economical

    • Sapana

      Hi Arunima,

      Above 3 bottles are best choices. You can try any of them. for small baby NUK Gerber Natural One is better because of its features. Philips Avent Bottle is most popular in India.

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  12. Avatar

    I am a frequent traveler. I want a feeding bottle that is robust. It should be strong enough that can last long and wants less maintenance. Which is the best bottle according to my needs?

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  14. Avatar

    Hey, can you tell me how to check which baby feeding bottle is best for my kid? I love to know more about the important tips to check the quality of bottle.

    • Sapana

      According to your needs (i.e. need to use for all feedings, ony outdoor, breastmilk/formula milk) and age of baby, you will need to select the bottles e.g. for daily use and if you are going to hold the bottle for a baby younger than 6 month then go for glass material. If baby is old enough to hold the bottle and need to use for a few times or only outdoors then use the light weight and small size bottles. Think over all your priorities and needs from the bottle.

  15. Avatar

    My kid is of 05 months and I am using AVENT feeding bottle for him. How to keep my kid safe from infections while using feeding bottles? Please help

  16. Avatar

    I am new to India and don’t know which is the best brand for feeding bottles. I am a new mom and will soon deliver a baby. I am collecting the essentials. So, can you tell me which is the best feeding bottle brand in India. I have heard about Avent but not sure about the quality. Please help.

    • Sapana

      Philips Avent is most popular though other 2 recommended baby bottles brands are mentioned above. For a newborn baby buy a small light weight bottle. Breastfeeding is best for baby. Use of bottle to newborn is suggested only in some special cases. So keep it only for emergency/hospital visits/travel purpose.

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