Best Baby Carriers in India 2019


Baby wrap/Sling/Carriers to Buy online in India

Baby carriers are not very common in India. But carrying your baby safely and comfortably without hurting baby’s back or your back the use of baby carriers is highly recommended.
Listed below are the best baby carriers according to their types. We have listed those which are easily available in India. Some may be expensive but from baby’s safety and comfort point of view these are the best carriers for babies, available in Indian

Types of Baby Carrier and Best Baby Carriers in India 2019

1. Baby Wrap Sling Carriers

Very good for newborn to 6 months as they are breastfeeding friendly offers more firm grip and support to the neck. These are not suitable for older babies,
Best Sling type Baby Carriers in India
Boba baby wrap slings are world famous. It’s a bit expensive but the other available cheaper options in India in slings types are not comfortable.


• Durability – The product is made of French Terry material, a blend of cotton and spandex that offers extra tolerance and durability to the baby carrier. It can support a weight up to 35 pounds or 16 Kgs.
• For newborns and small babies – The baby carrier can support the babies between 0-36 months
• CPSIA compliant and International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledged carrier ensuring the highest level of safety
• Seamless Nursing – The baby carrier is stretchable which makes nursing easy

Boba Baby Wrap
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2. Soft Structured/Mei Tai Carriers

These are traditional Asian baby carrier design, soft material, and these provide better back support than slings but softer than modern baby carriers. Many of the brands have these 100% cotton made so good for summers and washing


• Ergonomic and Smart Design – For a great cover and to keep the baby in complete sight or surveillance, the carrier offers a unique arched canopy hood.
• Great Support – The baby’s hips in M position is supported by the broad ergonomic seat. The round back of the carrier offers knee-to-knee support to the baby. The adjustable straps make it easy to carry for mom or dad and the wise waist shifts the whole wait to the hip of the wearer.
• Tolerance – The carrier can support weight ranging from 5.4 to 20 Kgs that means even bigger babies can also be carried seamlessly using the carrier
• Adequate number of buckles for added safety adjustable

Infantino Cuddle Up Hoodie Carrier
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3. Padded Back Support Baby Carriers:

This name is not a standard term we just made it up from its main features. Most of the baby carriers for babies 0-24 months are of this type. Even though they say
These are recommended for kids above 6 months and when you want to use them for a long time, in travel for regular commutation with the baby, etc. The horizontal feeding position is not very comfortable but overall it’s a good long lasting type of carrier.


• High safety standard: The product has adjustable side opening buckles and cushioned armholes for baby’s safety and comfort. The baby carrier is compliant with European Standard EN 13209.
• Easy to carry – The carrier offers adjustable shoulder straps with breathable mesh fabric which makes it easy to carry.
• Extra Support – For extra support for the baby, the carrier has three belts; 1 waist belt and 2 shoulder belts. For supporting baby’s back and neck, adjustable hardboard support with holes are there.
• Extra pocket to keep essential accessories while carrying the baby
• Great for carrying babies in multiple positions – feeding, facing parent, facing out and back position
LuvLap Baby Carrier

Infantino 4-In-1 Convertible Carrier
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4. Hip Support Baby Carriers:

Due to long time use most of the times the baby doesn’t feel comfortable when its legs are stretched due to no hollow space of its hips. If you want to carry the baby for a long time then these types are perfect. The specially designed hip belt transfers the baby’s weight on the carrier’s hips.


• For multiple positions – The carrier supports diverse positions for carrying a baby. It can be used for a parent facing, back position or hip position. The carrier is suitable for babies between 0-4 months old.
Ergonomic and Innovative Design – Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledge product for hip safety. The broad seat of the carrier supports the baby in M position. UPF 50+ tuck away
• hood for easy breastfeeding and sun protection for the baby. Multiple zips help the parents carry essentials while carrying the baby without needing any extra bag.
• Extra Comfort – Great product with a great fit for carriers of all body sizes. The extra padded waist belt and adjustable shoulder straps make it one product fit all carriers.
• Great Fabric – The product offers 100% cotton fabric that is breathable and easy to wash in a machine

Ergobaby Multi Position Baby Carrier
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Ergo baby is an award-winning worldwide popular baby carrier maker.
Soft Structured Infantino Cuddle Up carrier listed above is of Hip support type carrier

Inexpensive Baby Carrier:


• Supports weight up to 12 Kgs. The product may not be a great pick for bigger or heavier babies.
• Durable material but not a great product for machine wash and slightly breathable due to the fabric being a blend of cotton and spandex
• Adjustable straps for customized carrying
• 3-D ventilated back pad for airflow management

Ineffable Baby Carrier Shoulder Belt Sling Backpack
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The product quality is not top notch but it will solve the purpose for short time use.

Safety Notes:

Please note, we at no-cost support the compromise on the baby’s safety. In any case, be it the best quality expensive products or inexpensive ones, always do these safety checks
1. Read the manual carefully, see the video of user guide by the manufacturer on youtube before you try on. Baby’s hands/legs will get stretched if you don’t wear it right. Baby will simply cry and you won’t know what is hurting it.
1. The very first time you use it for the baby, make sure you try it on the bed so if the baby is not comfortable, you can immediately take it off.
2. Always check the safety locks, belts, the back support, etc before every time you wear it on.
3. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer to wash it/ clean it. Washing a non-washable baby carrier can damage the back supports and safety locks.
4. Always wrap your hands around your baby, so in case of an accidental break, you can hold the baby safely and stop from falling.
Choosing a baby carrier is a task full of responsibility and seeks adequate knowledge as it’s not just about the baby’s safety and comfort but it has to be comfortable and adjustable for the person who carries as well. A newborn and an older baby’s requirements may be different. It’s wise to choose a baby carrier that can support both the newborn babies and older babies. Some factors like support, safety, flexibility, zippers, adjustable nature, weight, and multiple position use can be considered while picking a carrier for your baby. The above products are handpicked after exploring various baby carriers available online based on price, size, durability, safety and other factors. This list of top baby carriers can end your search and help you find the right product for your little one.


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