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Safe Baby Car Seats in India to Buy Online

Parents put a lot of endeavors to make sure a baby is comfortable and safe while choosing products for them. The baby car seat brands are also among these products that require knowledge and diligence. Around one and a half years ago, we listed the top 3 products for Baby Car Seats. Our recommendations haven’t changed much. But in 2019, we would like to add a few more car seats to ensure your baby is safely strapped.

Recommended Car Seats for Baby in 2019

1. Luvlap Infant Baby Car Seat Cum Carry Cot and Rocker

This European Standard Certified car set is adjustable and multipurpose. The product can be your top pick for 2019 since it’s cost-effective and checks all the boxes that a standard car seat may demand.


Safety –

The product is European Standard Certified and its innovative design, as well as a durable body, can handle a weight up to 13 kg. To add an extra level of safety, there is 5 point safety belt harness system that makes it quite dependable. The security buckle also ensures a safer ride.

Adjustability –

The product has a headrest that can be adjusted as per the baby’s height and the adjustable harness makes it more comfortable for the ride. The seat belt can be adjusted by a single pull so that the baby can be tied as well as freed easily. The product also serves as a multipurpose one as it can be adjusted to four different positions that make it suitable to use as a baby car seat, Rocker, Carry Cot, and Feeding Chair.

Comfort –

When traveling with a baby, just ensuring the safety may not be enough. A baby can only sit without crying or getting annoyed if the car set offers enough comfort. The product offers wide padded side protection along with a cover for the comfort of the baby. To make the journey more convenient, the product has thick pads for head, shoulder, and hips.


Can be used till baby is 15KGs. Not for a long time.

2. Trumom (USA) Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat

This seat is suitable for kids 0 to 7 Years Old (Up to 25 kgs).
The durable and convertible baby car supports all car types and ensures a safe and comfortable journey for the baby. The product has been smartly designed for easy operation, multi recline positions, safety, and comfort.


Extra Protection and Comfort –

The major concerns while taking a baby for a ride in a car is the protection of his neck, spine, and head. The product offers deeply padded soft side wings for impactful side protection. The 5-point harness can be adjusted from the front and it can be counted on as well for your baby’s safety. It supports babies with weight up to 13 kg in a rearward facing and 9-25 kg in front facing especially arranged for small babies.

Adjustability –

The headrest of the car seat can be adjusted according to the baby’s height which makes it easy-to-use for bigger babies too. For a great nap and comfort, the easily adjustable handle supports 3 recline positions which are great features for small baby car seats.


Not suitable for tiny babies:

Though the manufacturer claims that it’s usable for newborn, using it on a tiny baby depends on many factors like weight and if the baby can hold the neck, etc. So, you probably cannot use it for the first 4-5 months.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with any of the brands mentioned above.
The variety of baby car seats in the market is definitely something that may make new parents intimidated and confused. Choosing expensive car seats is not important but singling out the right one with necessary features ensuring your baby’s comfort and safety is all that matters. Also, it is important to make sure whether the car seat you are purchasing for your little is apt for his age or built. The above car seats are carefully chosen for the babies that are not too small. These products meet the safety standards and may fit your budget as well.
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