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Why I used Pigeon 2 in 1 Baby Wash for My Babies?

Baby body wash/ soap or baby Shampoo will be one of your important topics of researches as a new parent. I have been through it and hence without wasting much time of yours, let me tell you about Pigeon 2 in 1 baby wash. It’s a bathing gel that can be used on baby’s hair and body, as well. I started using it when my elder son was born, back in 2010.
As you know, every brand’s advertisement claims to produce chemical-less baby products. In midst of all them, I think Pigeon produces the best baby shampoo without chemicals in India. This is why today I am writing Pigeon’s baby shampoo review for you. One more thing, just because I tagged it as the best baby shampoo in India, doesn’t mean I will give you its biased reviews.

How it All Started?

pigeon baby shampoo

I first purchased Pigeon 2 in 1 baby wash when I was in Tokyo. Japan is like paradise for Baby Shopping. You will get many varieties, high quality and amazingly clever products. After doing some research, I found that Pigeon sells its baby products successfully in over 40 countries, including India.

Ingredients: Are they Natural

pigeon baby wash ingredients
Yes, this baby wash contains extracts of Jojoba and Chamomile. Both of them are good for skin and hair as well.
• Jojoba is a plant whose extracts can give us moisturized hair and skin.
• While herb, Chamomile, moisturizes skin and gives shine to our hair.
• You can conclude that the Shampoo does the job of conditioner too.

How good is it for baby’s skin?

You also should know that:
front of the bottle
• Its pH level is ‘baby-safe’. Hence it won’t be harsh on your baby’s skin.
• Free of coloring agents, this is why it is transparent in color.
• Hypo-allergic, hence suitable for babies even with sensitive skin.
• Is Sulphate-free.
Important Note: Pigeon’s 2-in-1 baby wash doesn’t contain Paraben, but it does contain common forms of Paraben. Should you be worried?
No, I don’t think so. As after doing some research, I found that none of the Pigeon’s products have any bad history till date. I even read that Paraben in low quantities doesn’t pose a threat to humans.


Do not stop using a baby wash for your child once he becomes a toddler. You can still continue using baby body wash for your child if you clean his hands and feet using hand wash like Dettol. Because the baby wash cannot clean and keep them germs free once he/she starts playing outside the house.

If it’s a Global Brand, then Are Its Products Costly?

• Not exactly, I would say. Because if you compare its life i.e. the period one bottle lasts to it’s cost. You will find it very economical. Also I always buy it from as it most of times of the year offers you huge discounts.
• It originally cost Rupees 899 but you can buy most of times I have purchased it just for [Rupees 449].
• Its 600 ml refill pack is also most of times available online at a discounted price of [Rupees 399].

Pigeon Baby Wash 2in1, 700ml
List Price:INR 899.00
Price Disclaimer

How is it replacing Baby Talc?

I never used baby talc for my children. First of all your baby’s skin needs more moisturization. Whereas the baby talc can make your baby’s skin dry. Also the talc in the folds of baby’s skin e.g. underarms, thigh folds etc. will turn the talc in to paste as it mixes with the sweat and that is very harmful for baby. Shampoo is lightly fragrant (The baby products are purposely made light fragrant as the strong smells can sometimes be allergic)
Also if a baby inhales particles of talc powders, he could suffer from breathing problems.
With regular use of a proper body wash and moisturizing cream you won’t ever need a baby talc (unless recommended by doctor in special cases)

Important Features:

Its Main Features That made it My number 1 Recommendation
• Very soft for baby’s skin
• Texture: Gel liquid and non-sticky shampoo
• Easy Application
• Economical
• Refill pack available too
The moment you will pour the shampoo onto your palm; you will find its texture to be non-sticky. As with a gooey textured shampoo, lather formation on baby’s head takes time.

What difference does it make?

With gooey shampoo, it’s highly likely that you will try to rub his head for forming the lather. Please be informed that you should massage your baby’s head while washing his hair. Don’t try to rub the shampoo on his head. Because the skin at the top part of a baby’s head is slightly thin.
With a gel liquid shampoo lather formation becomes easy, and the same is easy to rinse off. Also, with its gel texture, massaging becomes easy, and you will need less amount of shampoo every time you use it. This makes it economical too as then, you won’t have to buy it again and again.

One Hand Application

• Flat Port shaped Bottle
• Pump Cap
As mentioned before, always give your baby’s neck proper support using your hand. Now imagine that are supporting your baby’s neck and shoulder with your right hand, and have left with one hand to take the gel. This was one of the biggest reason I used Pigeon Baby Body wash Gel. Because due to flatness of the bottom of bottle and the pump cap you simply have to press the nozzle’s head for taking out the baby wash using one hand. The baby bathing becomes a huge challenge when you have no help around and no right products with you.

When to Start Using a Body Wash for a Newborn?

All baby bathing products should be used soon after a baby completes 4 weeks. Until then, to bathe him you can simply use warm water and a bathing sponge. This rule applies to every baby bathing product, including Pigeon 2-in-1 baby wash. Hence, you can start using the Shampoo at the beginning of week 5.
Whether or not his hair is grown, just make sure that you clean his head with the Shampoo.

How to use body wash on hair?

Step 1. You should pre-soak your baby’s hair before applying the Shampoo. In other words, don’t apply the Shampoo immediately after wetting his hair. Let it remain damp for some time.
Step 2. You should not pour shampoo directly on your kid’s head; instead, pour just one small drop of body wash onto your wet hands. Then rub your hands together and use the same for massaging your baby’s head.
Important Note: While you bathe him, always give his head and shoulder some support with your hands. Make sure his head does not wobble while you wash his hair. Support his shoulder as an infant doesn’t know how to sit on his own.

What NOT to do?

1. Do not wash his hair two-three times in a week. Though the Shampoo’s Product Description says that, it is suitable for daily use. But, do not wash his hair regularly as it would make his scalp dry.
Due to regular hair wash, baby’s head becomes prone to ‘Cradle Cap’. In Cradle Cap, the scalp of a baby turns dry. Dry scalp would cause him itching. Consequently for scratching his head, he will then use his nails for inviting infections towards his side.
On the other hand, you can positively use the Bathing Gel daily for washing his body.
In case you massage your baby with oil every day and also oil his hair every day, then you may want to wash the hair daily. But I personally never did it every day. The oil massage to head and hair wash is enough 2 times a week.

Tips on other Useful Bathing Products

1. Baby Sponge: If you worried thinking that your hands won’t be able to massage his head properly. Try using a baby sponge. With its help you can lightly clean his body and head.
2. Hooded Towels: Use a nice cotton towel with head hood provided in it. Head hood of baby towels may look like an additional ‘design’ to you but it’s not what you think. The hood actually serves an important purpose, without it you would probably rub his head to dry his hair. Remember I told you never to rub a baby’s head.
Another point to note is that, you should not use a hair dryer for drying his hair/head.
3. Baby Shower Cap: It is one cute innovative plastic cap that will protect your baby’s eye while you shampoo him. Though Pigeon’s 2-in-1 baby wash shampoo claims to be tear-free for babies, still extra care is always fair.

Best Way to Buy Pigeon 2 in 1 Baby Wash

I like to buy it from because of the discounts and also the timely delivery and the proper packing.
amazon packing
And it is delivered at home.
Almost every brand’s baby bathing products, including my choice of best baby body wash in India, all of them can be used till the baby gets 3 years old. But, I was so satisfied with Pigeon’s 2-in-1 baby wash shampoo that I used it until my son turned 6 years old. See, I have got my own reasons to call it as the best baby shampoo for newborns in India.


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An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


  1. Avatar
    Rashmi Kapoor on

    hey Sapna thats awesome review. Liked the way you highlighted the plus points of design of the bottle. I am a mom of 2 kids and I have experienced the trouble of making baby bathe with tradition design baby shampoo bottles.
    Babies dont need hair wash daily. I totally agree.

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  3. Avatar

    Currently, I am using Other Company’s Baby Shampoo for my 02-year kid. But I don’t want to stick to one product because his skin is becoming a bit dry. After reading this article, I think Pigeon 2 in 1 Baby Wash is the best baby shampoo to opt for. Thanks for the quality details.

    • Sapana

      Hi Nidhi,
      I have also tried baby body wash n shampoos from other makers, But never liked them more than Pigeon.

  4. Avatar

    great helpful information for first time moms like me. I am glad to see you have written it specially for Indian babies seeing their needs.

    • Sapana

      Yes, I did my own research for this and hence thought of sharing it. India has different climate and hence different needs than rest of world.

  5. Avatar
    Kritika Narayan on

    The design of this bottle is very good. I agree the non-gooey shampoos are best. I am going to try it for my baby. I bath her my self so such design is really helpful.

    • Sapana

      Hi Kritika,
      You will really like it, its mild on baby’s and lightly fragrant too. Its Body wash + Shampoo so you dont need to carry 2 bottles.

  6. Avatar

    Hi, I have heard a lot about johnson and johnson products. Is their soap and body wash safe? I am a new mom and my baby is just 06 months old. Kindly, suggest the best baby products and which brand to select.

    • Sapana

      Hi Ananya,
      Reputed baby product brands in India are safe as they need to pass the tests in order to sell the products. But it’s about what best of all. In my own experience I found Pigeon baby shampoo n body wash the best.

  7. Avatar
    Ashutosh Sinha on

    How to know that the baby shampoo I am using is best? Is there any standard to check the quality of the product.

    • Sapana

      There are certifications which companies get for passing the required quality test. Most of the baby products in market have such certification. But if we have compare in all these quality product to use the best of our babies.

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  9. Avatar

    Which is the best baby shampoo for 01 year old kid? Is this shampoo is suitable for all skin types. Actually, the skin of my kid is a bit sensitive. I have tried a few reputed brands but found them less effective. My baby’s skin gets dry after few wash.

    • Sapana

      Hi chitra,
      If your baby’s skin is sensitive and dry, you should take some advice from her doctor.
      Usually babies do not have dry skin, they get enough moisturisation through food, baby massage and baby lotion.

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  12. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,

    I searching a good baby shampoo. I like your review but also wanna know about Himalaya Baby Shampoo. I have heard good review about it. Have you tried that?

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