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Baby Beds with Mosquito Nets: Top 3 Sets

Your newborn baby is the onset of endless possibilities, hope, and happiness in your life. Caring for the little and adorable one is pretty obvious for every mom. Every new mom is excited to bestow her baby with a wonderful, cozy and safe bed set but there are lots of choices out there to baffle her. Science says, the more a newborn sleeps, the more his mental health develops. A newborn baby may get disturbed because of scores of factors like mosquitoes, bugs, bed’s height etc. So, when it’s all about sleeping in peace and with ensured safety then every minor detail regarding a baby bed set is needed to be checked. Want to avail a curated list of the best baby sets available in the market that won’t push your budget? Here you go –

Top 3 Baby Mattresses with Mosquito Nets Attached

Stylish Co-toddler Bed Set with Mosquito Net

Maker: Amardeep and Co.

Bestow your newborn baby with a value for money product that ensures the comfort, safety and first-rate appearance. The co-toddler bed helps one two babies fit easily inside without any hassle. You can stay assured of the comfort and safety of your babies during their sleeping time. It’s a breathable bed set that lets the breeze pass through it easily but the supreme quality baby mosquito net keeps the insects and mosquitoes away from your baby. The bed has enough space to fit a baby and one adult. The bed set is suitable for the babies between 0-3 months. Get few layers of soft bed sheets and watch your baby sleep peacefully in this wonderful bed set.

The most alluring specifications of the bed set include –
• Durable material used
• Sturdy plastic frames used to ensure better safety
• Can be used for baby boys and girls both
• Clear view mesh
• Passes sufficient fresh air
• Pampering soft cotton bed
• Stylish looks
• Enticing color
• Easy to move anywhere

Modern Foldable Velvet Baby Bed Set

Maker: Littlly

Looking for a premium pick? Look no more! Here is your stylish velvet baby bed set with mosquito net and a soft pillow to offer you baby a cozy sleep like never before. The bed set has a contemporary design to go well with your home décor. The bed is super soft and spacious and it can easily fit one or two babies without causing any discomfort. The bed can be transferred to any location as it’s lightweight and portable. The bed can be easily placed on a cot or floor. The baby bed set has been created keeping the highest safety and comfort standards in mind. The stylish velvet foldable baby bed set is an exemplary product with a supreme innovation. The mosquito net is attached with the bed so that wherever the bed goes, the net goes with it. There is no chain associated with the net to open or close it and, it ensures the highest level of safety from mosquitoes and various insects. The fluffy filling in the bed offers a sound sleep to your baby. The bed set comes with a soft pillow having a tempting design that can ginger up your baby’s mood. He can play with the eye-catching and soft pillow as well as take a peaceful nap without getting disturbed. The product is suitable for 0-1 year old babies. The product is completely reliable and it stands on every mom’s tests.

The key specifications of the product include –
• Authentic quality cotton used
• Extra comfort
• Attention to detail
• Enthralling looks
• Completely safe
• Spacious
• Durable
• Reasonable price
• Long lasting mattress
• Fixed mosquito net
• Easy washable (with hands or machine)

Big Size Co Mattress Baby Bed Set with Bumper Guards

Maker: Amardeep and Co.
Planning a sound mom and baby or dad and baby nap? Well, this product can be a great pick for you. The extra spacious co-mattress baby set can effortlessly fit a baby and an adult. The bed set can’t fit more than two people i.e.; one baby and an adult. For more space, you need to go for the extra large family bed sets. The fluffy cotton bed comes with a soft pillow and a thick net which lets the fresh air come in but not the insects and the mosquitoes. The thick mesh offers extra safety to your baby. The spacious bed is portable and lightweight. You can easily carry it and place on the floor or a cot in any of the rooms. It’s a unisex bed set that arrives in a great packaging. The extra space offers a great flexibility to your baby’s movements during the sleep and the bumper guards take care of his safety requirements.

The fascinating features of the bed set are –
• Space for two people
• Extra soft and long lasting cotton mattress
• Eye-catching color and design
• Lightweight
• Portable
• Easily washable
• Comes with a soft pillow and a fixed net
• Bumper guards for a safe sleep
• For 0-6 month old babies
Your baby is special and so should be his bedding set and accessories. A peaceful, safe and cozy sleep can keep your baby full of beans whole day long. A healthy and smiling baby is the source of happiness and you can now afford the happiness paying reasonable prices. Bring home the exquisite and innovatively designed comfy baby bed sets and become the reason for your baby’s big smile.

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