Best 5 Wooden Cradles for Babies in India


Wooden Cradles for Babies: Are They Better than Metal Cradles?

Baby Cradles are been used by parents from ancient times. Cradles are a great way to provide your baby the needed comfort and safety. Wooden cradles are recommended by many childcare experts. On the other hand, the metal cradles last long and there are lesser chances of damage and in recent years there is been great improvement in metal cradles. But wooden cradles are still more popular. You will see soon why it is so. Buying a cradle is not an easy task as your child’s safety and comfort are associated with it. The cradle which can make your baby feel gently swaddled and secure is the right pick. People buy the wooden and metal cradles with various perspectives but to avoid the chaos, here is a brief comparison between both the types.

Metal Cradles


• Enduring
• Portable (New designs are foldable)
• Light Weight (Compared to other options)


• They are not sturdy
• Most of metal Cradles make noise and in fact it becomes difficult to make a baby sleep.
• Risk of hurt while teething on the metal rods

Wooden Cradles


• Sturdy – They don’t move or make noise when in use (i.e. while swinging).
• Not much risk related to hurting ant body part hitting the wooden surface
• The contact with wood is considered good for health
• They look royal


• Heavy – You cannot carry them with you on travel etc.
• You cannot fold them so once installed the place is nearly not changeable
• As you cannot fold them, re-using it for 2nd child in family is difficult.
The design of the cradle is also very important to ensure optimum safety and convenience for your child. Here are the best picked wooden cradles for your baby to offer him safety and comfort and you, a sense of relief.

Top 5 Selected Wooden Cradles to Buy Online in India

Mee Mee Baby Cradle

The simple and sturdy cradle has been specially designed for a gentle swinging. You can also lock it using the pin when you want to offer your baby a steady resting bed. The product is lightweight and the flexible caster wheels add to its mobility. The mosquito net for the baby’s safety and an attached pouch for his accessories are the add-ons with the product.

Traditional Gujarati Ghodiyu

Here is something for a traditional Indian home. If you want your kid to get raised in a true Indian environment with optimum comfort and safety; here is a great product for you. The wooden cradle has a unique Gujarati design which makes it durable and eye-catching. The cradle is made of fine quality teak wood. It comes with a small net for the kid’s safety.

Royal Handmade Wooden Cradle by Aarsun Woods

The authentic sheesham wood is rarely available in every store selling the wooden items. The beautifully and creatively designed traditional Indian wooden cradle made of the finest Sheesham wood offers your interior elegance and ensures your baby’s protection and comfort. The cradle has a gentle swinging and has the sturdy pillars to hold the whole setup firmly ensuring optimum safety.

Baybee Wooden Cradle

baybee cradle

Be it a baby boy or a sweet little angel; both of them deserve a great wooden cradle for a peaceful sleep or an enjoyable daytime rest. The unisex cradle is made of fine quality wood and has a simple but classy design that can add value to your home interior as well. The cradle has a gentle swinging. It comes along with a high-quality kid’s net.

Joy cradle

joy cradle

If you don’t want too much embellishment on your kid’s cradle, here is a simple and sustainable wooden cradle for your baby. The cradle has been created using the traditional Indian design and a smart swing lock system to control the swing. It comes with an enticing sheet.

Important Tips on Using Cradles for Babies

1. You should not let baby sleep in cradle for whole night. Use it only to make baby sleep then co-sleeping for whole night is highly recommended
2. You can let baby take afternoon nap in the cradle. (not more than 2 hours)
3. Keep an eye on baby when he/she is sleeping in the cradle. You never know when the baby tries to get out of the cradle.
4. Do not try to raise the cradle on some platform, the cradles are designed for safety of you child. Do not interfere with its design.
5. Always check of any part is loosening with use over time, before you put your baby in it.
Bring home a safe and beautiful wooden cradle this season for your baby and add delight to your baby’s rest or sleep. The aforementioned wooden cradles are cost-effective, sophisticated and complete value for money. Buy a wooden cradle and make your baby’s childhood awesome.


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