Best 5 Feeding Bras: Guide for New Indian Moms


Nursing Bra Buying Guide for New Mothers

When a baby is born, everyone starts to take care of the baby including the new mother. From buying clothing, diapers, cot, bottles and every baby product, a mother becomes excited that she forgets to buy some essential things for her. A maternity bra is among those crucial things a new mother should consider buying immediately. You should study these during the last weeks of pregnancy and keep a pair ready for early post-pregnancy days. During first 1-2 weeks you will know which type and brand of bra is working for you best.

Types of Maternity/Feeding Bras

There are several types of maternity bras that are available in the market according to the need and comfort of nursing of the mother –
• Sleep Nursing Bra
• Soft Cup Nursing Bras
• Underwire
• Full coverage nursing bras
• Tank Top Bras
• Breast Pumping Bras
• Front Open Bras

Certain maternity bras are made according to the clothes a new mother may wear like –
• Seamless
• Contour
• T-shirt
• Special occasion bras etc.

Types of Comfortable Feeding Bra Available in India

Let’s take a look in some of the amazing maternity/nursing bra available online within affordable price range –

LIBERTI – LW All Day Soft Shoulder Belt Bra

This is technically designed maternity/nursing bra keeping comfort and ease in mind for new mothers. This bra is perfect for weaning and feeding baby.
It is made of soft and smooth fabric to provide extra comfort during breastfeeding baby.

Works like a second skin, Liberti bras have full coverage which gives support to the changing breasts.

The soft and stretchy belts are comfortable on shoulders. Unique cross-fit design helps breasts getting extra support. It is having a large number of positive customer reviews.

Cross fit and pull down opening window makes this bra easy to use during feeding.
NOTE: These are comfortable and can be used when you are going out. Also they give good support.

Organic Antimicrobial Soft Nursing Bra

A very good maternity bra and a rare kind, Organic Antimicrobial Soft Nursing Bra are having unique qualities like anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, anti-fungal and anti-static.

It feels soft against nipples and very good for new moms who are having sore breasts.

It protects the sensitive breasts and provides ultimate comfort and support.

These bras are seamless, non-padded and wire-free cups with high coverage. Stretchy material and straps support changing the size of breasts during nursing.

Organic microbial soft nursing bra is pull-down opening type nursing bra which is very easy to use and put back on.

NOTE: Very much recommended for first 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding as they are comfortable and also give enough support

Fabme Non-Wired Nursing Bra

This 100% cotton nursing bra is among one of the best available maternity bras online.
The quality of the material is soft cotton, so it is best in humid summers too.

Feather soft material with technical design to help nursing baby.

Available in different sizes, Fabme nursing bras have high coverage. Belts and hooks are of very good quality and stretchable to provide good support to the breasts.

The material is durable if it is hand washed and dried in shades.

Fabme bra is non-wired soft and with pull-down opening.

NOTE: These type of bras may not be very comfortable during the first 2 months when breasts are full of milk and out of shape (Literally). But this design is recommended when you think the breasts need support and you wont feel pressure.

Morph Pull On Nursing Bra / Night Feeding Bra

Providing super comfort and support both during pregnancy and maternity, Morph Pull on Nursing Bra can be one of the best choices for a new mother.

The style is ‘pull on’ and it has crossover neckline for ease of use while nursing. It is made of a stretchable material which is a combination of 95% cotton and 5% spandex for extra soft feeling.

Straps are broad and soft that provides great support and do not leave marks on the skin. It is having a good number of positive user reviews.

NOTE: You should not wear regular bra / feeding bra during night which can cause milk limps/clogged ducts. For healthy breasts use such night bras.
Highly recommended for pregnant women for last trimester as that time you experience sore and enlarged breasts.

Sona Feeding, Maternity Nursing Women Breastfeeding Cotton Bra

Purely made of cotton this Sona feeding/maternity bra is best for mothers whose baby is of three months and above.
At this time milk production gets stabilized and leaking is reduced, so wearing this bra with the ¾ cup is very comfortable. The daily wear bra is having 2 row 3 column hook for good support.

Available in different colors and sizes, Sona maternity bra has gotten good user reviews and appreciations.
It is very cost effective and best for Indian weather. This nursing bra is having pull-down window which gives ease and comfort to the breastfeeding mother.
NOTE: Again, you should prefer this design after first 3-4 months of breastfeeding.

Tips for Choosing Maternity Bra

New moms are excited to feed their baby and buy baby products but when it comes to buying their bra, they are in hurry. It is necessary to keep some of the following points in mind when buying maternity bra for the maximum comfort of the mothers and baby –
1. The elasticity of the bra straps should be good and soft.
2. An opening window should be easy to use.
3. The material of the bra should be soft, comfortable and preferably of cotton to avoid rashes.
4. Antibacterial properties of the material of maternity bra will be an added advantage.
5. More the back hook is, more support the bra will provide.

More Tips for Using Bras During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

• You should not buy Feeding bras during pregnancy as the breast size will change after the baby is born. But studying and keep the shopping list ready is highly recommended.
• If you want to get prepared for the maternity, buy bra during the last phase of third trimester and buy one or two size larger.
Many of the new moms experience leaking if the breasts during the first three months after baby is born. To save the clothes from leakage and feel dry all day long, use breast pads under the bra.

• There are maternity bras that are made especially for night time. During night if you wear tight fitted bras, your nipples will be pressed back and it may produce painful milk lumps. So, wear different bras during night while you are breast feeding.
• For comfort and maintaining hygiene, you should change your bra every day.
• Maternity bras should not be washed in washing machines to increase longevity. Also, harsh chemicals and bleach should not be used to avoid rashes on breasts and on baby’s soft and sensitive skin.

Buying a good maternity bra is very important. Size of breasts changes when milk production is started as soon as the baby is born. Therefore, it is very important for a new mom to wear maternity/nursing bra to support her breasts and to prevent them from sagging and losing shape.
Becoming a mother is the ultimate blessing of womanhood. Tiny hands, tiny feet, and chuckling just fill up the home and life of the new parents.

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