Best 3 Coconut Oils for Babies Hair Growth


Coconut Oil For Babies to Buy Online in India

While searching the coconut oil for baby hair growth and tips online, you may come across a number of baby hair care blogs and most of them will talk about the magical coconut oil. The fresh coconut oil is refined and processed to create various products. In its natural form, the coconut oil has miraculous benefits for baby hair growth. Kids have fragile hair and skin and they need a small fraction of oil to keep their hair nourished and smooth. Coconut oil is completely safe and productive for kids. Basically, this safe oil is baby-friendly and has a range of properties including anti-bacterial properties and antioxidant properties. The oil is anti-inflammatory as well and hence suitable for all age groups.
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Why Use Virgin Coconut Oil for Baby’s Hair?

Virgin coconut oil is the purest form of the oil which has a myriad of hair benefits. It is extracted from the coconut milk. Regular users of virgin coconut oil are bestowed with smooth, thick and strong hair. For your precious newborn, you may not want to go for chemical added hair care products.
It’s not just the virgin coconut oil good for baby’ hair, but a gentle massage of this pure and magical oil on your baby’s scalp every day can provide him a great mental health as well. Apart from all this, in India, the climatic conditions are completely unpredictable and hence every baby needs least allergic hair insurance and virgin coconut oil perfectly fits the bill. Raw or virgin coconut oil keeps the scalp and skin light while olive oil may not give same effects. Virgin coconut oil for baby hair is a smart pick. The major benefits of using virgin coconut oil for babies include –
• Gets easily absorbed and does quick nourishment
• Fixes the damaged skin
• Stimulates the hair growth in the baby
• Soft and dense hair
• Fights with fungi and viruses that make the scalp dry
• Moisturizes the skin
• Better blood circulation in baby’s scalp

Baby oil for Hair Massage: Top 3 to Buy online in India

An authentic virgin coconut oil takes care of your baby’s hair nutrition and parasympathetic nervous system delivering optimum benefits. Below are the three best coconut oils for babies that are a total value for money.

Nirmal KLF Virgin Coconut Oil for Baby Massage

Nirmal virgin coconut oil is 100% pure, natural and gentle product for your tender baby. The unrefined and cold pressed virgin coconut oil expressed from FRESH GREEN COCONUTS provides strength and smoothness to your baby’s hair and caters to all the hair nutrition needs. The natural oil can also be used for a gentle massage and nappy rashes. The virgin coconut oil has been manufactured in a hygienic environment and passed multiple quality tests. This virgin coconut oil also boosts your baby’s metabolism and helps him shed some extra weight. At a reasonable price, you can get skincare and hair care in a single bottle. Apart from the health and aesthetic uses, the oil can be a great pick for the dietary health requirements (of Adults) as well.

HATHMIC Virgin Cold Pressed Raw Coconut Oil for Babies

HATHMIC helps you avail all the goodness of natural, unfiltered and unrefined virgin coconut oil through a hygienically packed 1000 ml glass jar. When raw coconut oil is exposed to heat during refining or filtration processes, it loses a major portion of goodness along with its virginity. The HATHMIC raw and cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil is not treated with heat at any stage of manufacturing. A fresh aroma, 100% natural essence and all the essential ingredients can be found in this vegan unbleached coconut oil. The natural oil offers you a range of health benefits including healthy food, strong and smooth hair, good mental and nervous health and an amazing raw coconut aroma in food. The tightly closed glass jar keeps the contamination away. The HATHMIC raw extra virgin coconut oil is a multipurpose product used in various applications including cooking, head and body massage, hair care, aesthetic care, pet care, shaving and moisturizing. The wide open mouth makes it easy to take the oil out on a daily basis. The product is completely natural without containing any preservatives or additives.

Nature’s Veda Ayurvedic Dasapushpam Baby Oil

Nature’s Veda is a trusted and popular healthcare and skin care brand in India. It’s a safe natural oil for babies skin and hair. If you want to try safe solution to nurture your baby’s dry skin or dry scalp then Ayurvedic Dasapushpam from Nature Veda’s is recommended natural oil for infants. It boosts your baby’s skin immunity and provides adequate nutrition and moisture to your baby’s skin and hair. The Dasapushpam baby oil not only revs up your baby’s hair growth but is useful for his diaper rashes as well. It’s a 100% natural ayurvedic product free of additives, preservatives, parabens, Phthalate, colors and fragrances. The goodness and aroma of 10 wonderful flowers from Kerala can be experienced through this 150 ml Dasapushpam Baby Oil bottle.

Please do a patch test of every bottle on your own skin first, and then on the baby’s skin, wait for minimum 24 hrs then only start using the oil. The possibility of skin rashes due to faulty stock of even popular brand is there due to badly maintained storage and transport. So, always trust your own testing.

Tips on Using Oil on Baby Hair

1. Apply the hair oil on baby’s scalp and hair and hour before the massage. Applying too much oil will irritate the baby; also, it makes the skin difficult to breath
2. Avoid a heavy oil massage at night. Use little oil and apply gently on baby’s scalp. Make sure you wash it next day. If you are not sure if you will wash baby’s hair, better avoid applying oil.
3. Do not use too much of shampoo on baby’s hair as it will make it dry.
4. The leftover oil on skin and water while bathing baby forms a thick layer of wax on baby’s scalp which is harmful to baby’s hair growth, hence avoid too much of oil, avoid too less or too much of baby shampoo.
Coconut oil is a powerful natural hair vitalizing solution for babies. It is easily absorbed by the skin and fixes the skin damages. No more dry skin or scalp! Give your baby a reason to smile pretty often with a healthy skin and scalp bringing home the right oil.


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