15 Bengali Baby Girl Names Inspired By Navratri


Modern Indian Baby Girl Names After Goddess Durga

Hindu Goddess Durga is majorly worshipped in West Bengal. Many baby girl names are inspired by Goddess Durga in Bengali Community. Here are the sweetest Bengali names inspired by Goddess Durga for the newborn baby girl born during Navratri.
Goddess Durga inspires us with her persona, power and universality and hence we have created a list of Goddess Durga names for Indian girls that have been taken straight from the treasure of 108 Sanskrit names of the Goddess.

Baby Names for Bay girl Born During Navratri


The beautiful name denotes strength and power; who is powerful or belongs to a powerful entity.


A perfect name choice for the parents looking for a trendy name with a spiritual essence. Arna signifies ornaments or mountain of strength.


The name has been derived from the word Aayu which means age. It signifies the divine entity or Goddess Durga who grants longevity.


The epithet for Goddess Durga or Parvati refers to someone born of the mountains or daughter of Himalayas.


Someone who exhibits or possesses valour.


Eka means the one, the superior one and refers to Goddess Durga.


A cute and trendy Indian name that sounds western. Gargi is another name of Goddess Durga which signifies a wise/scholar/learned woman or Lord Buddha.


One of the most popular Goddess Durga names. It means the wife of Lord Shiva who resides in Ishanya direction. It also means the female protector or Goddess.


The name is widely used among the Bengali community and one of the popular variants of the name is Lopamudra. It means a weaver or the wife of a sage who is Lord Shiva.


A mellifluous name that takes us closer to nature and divinity. It refers to a beautiful flower which blossoms in the autumn and offered to Goddess Durga during the worship.


The auspicious word can often be heard in Maa Durga Stuti. The name refers to the Goddess who can keep the universe safe or grant refuge.


If your baby name search seeks a name that sounds modern but has spiritual roots then Toshani perfectly fits the bill. It refers to the glorious Maa Durga. Tosh means Satisfaction, happiness.


Tvarit means fast or rapid. It denotes Goddess Durga who is faster than the light.


A short but powerful name used to recall Goddess Durga. The epithet is used for Goddess Parvati and means a mother or nation.
One of the top choices of Indian parents while looking for a suitable name for their baby girl, especially when the baby girl is born during festival like Navratri or Diwali.
It’s the festive season and the best gift from the Goddess that your little one can get is an impactful and beautiful name. Goddess Durga represents the epitome of feminine power and choosing one of her 108 names or the names inspired by her persona can have a positive impact on the personality of a baby girl. These names may not just give strength to your little angel but also adorn her personality with love and care that the Goddess showers on her believers. If you liked the name list then do share your thoughts with us by commenting here.


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