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Pregnancy Meditation

Why do people meditate? There is so much of stress introduced in people’s life with recent lifestyle, people need inner peace. Benefits of meditation for a pregnant woman are greater than for any body else as for her it is not only for her but for her baby too. You must be hearing from everyone how your happy mind helps baby’s health development during pregnancy.
Some women also choose to participate in meditation classes so that they can get the most out of such mental and soul exercises. The best thing is that any woman can meditate and achieve its fruits at all stages of her pregnancy. It is always best to learn pregnancy yoga from a certified teacher who can teach you all the breathing techniques and postures that would be most suited for your changing body.

How Meditation Benefits Unborn Child and the Mother

positive vibes
Meditation is exercise for your mind. A woman must be stress free during her pregnancy. These days most of women are stressed due to work, lifestyle and various such issues. So with Meditation you can
Sound Sleep: Meditation if done properly can make your mind and brain free of negative thoughts free. If you do meditation just before sleeping you will have a peaceful sleep.
Reduced tension: Meditation will relieve you from anxiety or stress. You learn to focus and get more concentration powers. It also heightens self-awareness and helps you deal better with your mood swings due to hormones in pregnancy.
Labor preparation: With meditation you learn to ignore the distraction which will help during labor to concentrate on birth.
Strong Bonding with Unborn Baby: You must have heard before, baby can hear you, it is not only mothers voice but her feelings too which reach baby.
Lowered risks of suffering from postpartum depression: Most of women get post-pregnancy depression. While nourishing your mind with meditation during pregnancy, you are preparing for tackling with post-pregnancy depression too.
A number of tests have been carried out to test the effectiveness of meditation on pregnant women at different stages. Quite often, women who tend to suffer from anxiety or stress can give birth to babies with low birth weights. Prenatal stress can impact fetal development as well. On the other hand, meditating regularly can improve physical, cognitive and emotional development during infancy and childhood.

Common forms of meditation that you can practice during your pregnancy

Vipassana Meditation: This form of meditation helps you to become more inwardly alert. By focusing inwards, you can attain heightened awareness about how you feel both inwards as well as your immediate surrounding environment. The term Vipassana means “seeing things as the way they really are”.

Concept Meditation: This is a meditation technique that allows you to visualize an object or a concept. You can visualize natural ideas and environments like the blue sky, sea waves, crystals, leaves as well as your growing baby. By focusing on the imagery, you learn to meditate.

Deep Breathing/Breath Awareness Meditation: This involves learning to focus on and observe your breathing as it moves inwards and outwards from your body. It is a great way to calm your mind.
If you have not practiced meditation before then the deep breathing meditation is best to start with.

Simple Meditation Technique for Pregnant Women

1) Start slow and noiseless breathing. Breathe in through nose and breathe out through mouth. Do such 5-6 breathing.
2) Now while exhaling, try to breath longer and slower but still noiseless and effortless. Do not force yourself. To make it easy imagine something calm and peaceful like blue sky or deep ocean.
3) Think of positivity and peace as you inhale. And throw away negativity and stress through each breath you exhale.
4) Continue it with ease and comfort. Most important is feel yourself, feel your baby vibrating with love. Do it as long as you feel doing it. It could be 10-30 mins every day. You can do it twice a day. After breakfast and before sleeping

Meditation Music

I personally find meditation music very soothing and relaxing. Meditating with low volume meditation music in background can help you feel relax and concentrate more. Not only during meditation, anytime of day while working or reading the meditation music is very effective in making you feel happier and joyful.
I like this Chinese Traditional Flute Music

You will find amazing meditation music on youtube, even specially made for pregnancy.

To experience the magic of meditation during pregnancy you must do it daily. Again it should be effortless as the main aim is to make you feel happy. The greatest benefit of meditation in pregnancy is the positive vibes reaching your baby.


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    Meditation is a safe way to reduce anxiety and restore the normal functioning of the immune system during pregnancy and childbirth. Anxiety also reduces pain tolerance. Meditation not only increases pain tolerance by reducing stress hormones, it also helps the body produce endorphins, which go beyond relieving pain to enhancing pleasure.

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