Beauty Tips for Busy New Mothers


How to Look Beautiful in Post-Pregnancy Days?

After delivering a 32 weeker baby, my life had become extremely busy as I had to be up every 2 hours to feed my baby and I literally used to always sport this look, JUST OUT OF THE BED every day, even during my frequent visit to the Doctor’s clinic. But my good old friend came to my rescue and she shared some very good tips, which I am going to share with you so that you can take care of yourselves along with the baby efficiently and still look fresh.


You really do not have to follow the 15 minutes long cleansing regimen but instead keep the cleansing wipes, toner and a good moisturizer handy by your bedside. Do not let this routine go out of the window as most of the new moms do. This particular regimen will ensure that your face get that kind of rejuvenation that mere a quick face wash won’t give you. Ensure that the moisturizer that you use has a good SPF, which will also ensure that you are safeguarded against the hyper pigmentation which may also happen after delivery in most women.


While nursing your baby and caring for her, your skin may get dehydrated resulting in secretion of oil on your face, which can further cause breakouts. I still do not show my pictures after delivery to anyone as I had a bout of breakouts on my face which really made me look ugly. To avoid such a situation always keep oil absorbent sheets or face blotters besides you and keep wiping your face with it. Drink plenty of fluids to keep yourselves rehydrated.
face blotters


Most of the time, new moms hardly get to sleep and due to sleeplessness, they get puffy eyes and also start getting darkening around under eye area. Eye gel pads are here for your rescue. Puffiness can be cured easily with these eye gel pads and it also soothes your soar eyes.
Eye Gel Pads


Visiting a parlor can be a distant dream and in many of our Indian household, elders are against mommy travelling / visiting nearby areas too. So always keep a pair of tweezers handy so that you can pluck the unwanted hair from your eyebrows and upperlips. DO this in some other room as the small hair can fly helter skelter in your baby’s room which is surely not good.


Forget the usual makeup products like foundation, concealer etc etc. BB cream is here to rescue you out. Dab a small amount of BB cream on your face in the mornings and in the evenings, of course, after cleansing and moisturizing. This will give you an instant fresh look to your face.
ponds bb cream


Most of us also get pigmentation on our lips during pregnancy and it goes only after some time. To brighten up your face in a jiffy, use a good bold colored lipstick like Red, orange or fuchsia pink when you are visiting the doctor or meeting the guests who have come to see you and the baby.


As Indians, the use of kajal goes extensively throughout our lives. After the baby is born, we do not forget to put a small dot of kajal for the good luck on baby’s head or behind her ears  Wear a good thick layer of kajal on the waterline of both your eyelids to add that glamour quotient to your personality and you will see a great transformation in your looks. But do not forget to wipe it clean befor you go to bed.


I can bet that you would have hardly had an instance when you went to take bath and your baby wouldn’t have cried. The babies have some telepathy that the moment mom goes for the bath, they start crying and that makes it difficult for the new mommies to always follow their hair regimen. For hair which are unwashed for a while and if you have to visit the doctor or meet visitors, a quick fix always worked well for me- use of talcum powder. As the hair tend to become sticky and appear limp, sprinkle some talcum powder on your brush and brush your hair. Talcum powder will absorb the excess oil from your scalp and hair and will make them looking fresh. But remember to tie a high pony or a high bun as you do not want that hair going inside the eyes of your baby.
Brush and Powder
Hope you find these small beauty-tips for busy breastfeeding days handy while you enjoy your motherhood.


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