Beautiful Real-Life Princesses Names


Names of Real-Life Princesses of The World

Do you treat your little angle as a princess? If yes, then why not have a look at the baby girl names after princess? Choosing a meaningful baby name is a responsible job for the parents. Below is a list of baby girl names inspired by the princesses from different regions.

Baby Names Inspired by Royal Princess

Adela – Adela is a German origin name which signifies nobility. Adela was a princess of an old Northwestern France province called Normandy.


The name has French and Latin origins. Aimee means someone who is loved. Aimée du Buc de Rivéry belonged to a regal family. Also, a 1977 born princess of Orange-Nassau was called Aimee.


In Greek, the name means a pure or holy soul. Also, the young and graceful princess of Netherlands is known as Ariane.


The name Cecilia has different meanings in different cultures. The name is associated with Caecilius, a Roman clan. Also, the name was entered into the British territory by a daughter of William the Conqueror.


Eleanor means a bright or shining light in English. The name is also spelled as Eleanore, Ellinor or Elenor. In the 11th century, there was a lady named Eleanor who was the aunt of William the Conqueror. Also, Eleanor was the first wife of Ralph I of Vermandois.


The name Eleanora and Eleanor mean the same. Eleanora has different meanings in various regions. There was a Savoy Princess born in 1728 named as ‘Eleonora’. She never married throughout her life.


The name means nobility. Eugenie is a majestic name as it is related to the French Empress Eugenie, the wife of Napoleon lll.


Fanny is a trendy name which means someone who is free or someone who is from France. The name Fanny is related to many popular personalities from various fields. Fanny Kekelaokalani was a member of the majestic family of the Kingdom of Hawaii.


The name Gisela has been derived from the German word ‘gisil’ which means pledge. Gisela was a French princess in the 14th century who was married to the Normandy duke, Rollo.


In English, Irina means tranquillity or peace. Irina Alexandrovna was a Russian princess born in 1895. She was the daughter of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich.


The name Laetitia signifies joy or happiness. Laetitia Maria is the princess of Belgium. There is another member called Laetitia “Lettice” Knollys from the royal family of England. She is the cousin of Queen Elizabeth I.


The name refers to someone glad or happy. The wife of King Felipe VI and the Queen of Spain is also named Letizia.


A woman belonging to Magdala is known as Magdalena. It is also a popular river in southwestern Colombia. The daughter of Philip IV was also named Magdalena.


Matlida is a powerful feminine name which means Battle maiden. Also, there was a Holy Roman Empress Matilda who later became the Queen of Italy in 1141.


Natalia means a woman who is born on Christmas. The name has majestic significance due to being associated with Princess Natalia Alexandrovna of Russian Empire.


The name Renee signifies resurrection or rebirth. Renee is a French origin name. The name is also popular because of Princess Renée of France.


The name refers to a female member of the Roman family clan called Tatius. The name has Latin origin and also called Tanya in short. There was a Russian princess named Princess Tatiana Konstantinovna who was born in 1890.


Vera means faith or true. A 1906 born Russian princess was named Princess Vera Constantinovna.
The pressure of choosing baby girl names is huge and when it’s about singling out the royal names, the pressure simply doubles as the parents have to do a comprehensive research in order to verify the origin, meaning and positivity of the names. A research is needed to confirm the details and origin of the names before selecting one from the list.

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