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Baby Boy Names: Inspired by Shri Krishna

Shree Krishna, one of the incarnations of Trinity God Vishnu is worshipped worldwide and considered as the symbol of love and devotion. In Hinduism, Krishna is a very popular deity and often referred as Purna Purushottam. The deity has inspired millions through his life and personality. Here are some auspicious Krishna names for Indian boys that reflect the awe-inspiring traits of the deity.
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Indian Baby Boy Names: Inspired by God Krishna

1. Avyukt

A person with a clear mind or something crystal clear. The name refers to Lord Krishna.

2. Mukhil

Mukhil or Mukil means cloud or someone whose complexion resembles the cloud.

3. Param

The name literally means supreme, highest or the best. The name is used in Parambrahman which means the highest Brahman and refers to Lord Krishna.

4. Shaurin/Shauri

It’s derived from the name of an ancient ruler named Shurasena. Shaurin refers to the decedent of Shurasena.
The name can be heard in the mantra – Om Shurasenaya Swaha।
Also found in one of 1000 names of Lord Krishna: Om Shaurivijnanadatre Swaha। Here Shauri here it means Brave

5. Mahiy

The name signifies delight, happiness or joy. The name also refers to a great or mighty personality. It can be heard in the Mantra – Om Mahiyase Swaha।

6. Animesh

The name refers to something bright or an open-eyed or watchful person. The mantra, Om Animeshaya Swaha, refers to Sri Krishna.

7. Shrutay

The unique Indian baby boy name refers to someone who is praised for something. The Krishna name becomes more powerful when used in the Mantra Om Shrutaya Swaha।

8. Nrup/Nrip

The name refers to a king or the feet of a king. It is used in the Mantra – Om Nripaih Parivarhishe Swaha.

9. Pragam

It’s a masculine Hindu boy name which means expression or manifesting love for the first time. The mantra associated with this name is Om Pragamaraya Swaha

10. Jaimin

The name refers to triumph or a philosopher of archaic time. The name is related to Jaimini and often heard in the mantra: Om Jaiminaye Swaha।

11. Kanvay

The name reflects the naughty side of Lord Krishna. It is used in the mantra: Om Kanvaya Swaha।

12. Ribhav

A wise, skilful person like Krishna. The mantra which keeps the essence of the name sustained is Om Ribhave Swaha।

13. Prabhav

Leaving an impression or an impact on someone. The name also signifies a personality with immense greatness. The sahasranam, Om Prabhave Swaha gives an edge to the powerful name.

14. Pravir

A brave person or a hero is called Pravir. It refers to a courageous person. The mantra associated with the name is Om Praviraya Swaha.

15. Karshin

Karshin means a charming personality with a divine grace like Sri Krishna. The mantra: Om Karshnine Swaha unlocks the impact of the name.
Lord Krishna was the central character of Mahabharata and he is known for his multi-coloured personality as he managed to pull many shades of him like an ideal lover, a prankster, a victorious and divine hero and so forth. The above sri Krishna baby names for Indian boys may help your baby develop some divine traits like Krishna.


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