Beautiful Muslim Baby Girls Names Starting With H


Arabic Baby Girls Names Starting with Letter H

In Islamic culture, the letter ‘H’ is broadly used for feminine names and it generates a positive energy and symbolizes auspiciousness. If you are willing to embellish your newborn angel’s personality choosing an inspiring and positive name starting with the letter H, below is the list of selective beautiful Arabic names for you.
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Prettiest 100 Names Starting with H for Muslim Baby Girls

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Haadiya ہادییاGift/ Guide to righteousnessArabic
Hababah ہاباباہNarrator of Hadith/ Daughter of AjlanArabic
Habi حبیPictureArabic
Hablah ہابلاہWoman who earns a lotArabic
Hadeel ہادیلVoice of a doveArabic
Hadhirah ہدہیراہSmile/ Smart/ LeaderArabic
Hadiqah ہادیقاہGardenArabic
Hadiya حدییاGuide to right path/ GiftArabic
Haemah ہاعماہIn LoveArabic
Hafa حافاGentle rainArabic
Hafsa حفصاCub (Wife of Muhammad )Arabic
Haida ہایداHeartArabic
Haifa حیفاSlender/ BeautifulArabic
Haiqa ہایقاTrue/ Obedient of GodArabic
Haiza ہیزاRoyalArabic
Hajjah ہاججاہA narrator of HadithArabic
Hajna ہاجنFavor/Grace/Daughter of NusaybArabic
Hajra ہاجراLeaderArabic
Hakimah ہاکیماہWise/ JudiciousArabic
Haleh ہالیہHaloArabic
Halia ہالیاAware/ KnowingArabic
Halima ہالیماGentle/ Foster mother of prophet MuhammadArabic
Hamama ہماماBearerArabic
Hamdiyah حمدیاہPraises othersArabic
Hamima ہامیماClose friendArabic
Hamna ہامناBlessed sparrow of havenArabic
Hamra ہامراRedArabic
Hana ہناHappinessArabic
Hanadi ہانادیLovely smell/ Beautiful faceArabic
Hanan حنانMercyArabic
Haneefa حنیفاTrue believer/ Pure MuslimArabic
Hania ہانیاHappy/ DelightedArabic
Haniya ہانییاPleasedArabic
Hanna ہنناCompassion/ SympathyArabic
Hareer ہریرSilk/ Silken clothArabic
Harisa ہآریساCultivator/ Lioness/ HappinessArabic
Haroona ہارونProtector/ A MessengerArabic
Hashna ہاسہناPretty / /Beautiful /LaughingArabic
Hasiba ہاسیباRespected/ NobleArabic
Hasifa ہاسیفاJudicious/ Wise/ PrudentArabic
Hasnat ہسناتVirtuesArabic
Hassana حسسناMost beautiful womanArabic
Hatima ہاٹیماGenerousArabic
HavvaWomen/ AliveTurkish
Hawadah حواداہPleasantArabic
Hawazin ہوازینName of An Arabic tribeArabic
Hawiya ہاوییاDominantArabic
Hawla ہولاIntelligentArabic
Haya ہی اModestyArabic
Hayaam حیامVery much in LoveArabic
Hayat حیاتLifeArabic
Hayed ہایعدMovement/ MotionArabic
Hazeena ہزیناAutumn/ Treasure/ ForeverArabic
Hazeerah ہزیراهWise/ CleanArabic
Hazima ہاضیماFirm/ Energetic/ JudiciousArabic
Haziqa ہازیقاClever/ ShrewdArabic
Hazira ہازیراHappy/Love/ Beauty/ Smart/ WiseArabic
Heba ہعباGiftArabic
Heela ہیلاHope/ MoonlightArabic
HeenaMehndi/ FragranceArabic
Helai ہعلایSwanArabic
Helba ہیلباStrongArabic
HenaMehndi/ FragranceArabic
HengamehUproar/ Wonder/ Marvel Causing AdmirationPersian
HennaMehndi/ FragranceArabic
Hessa ہیسساDestinyArabic
Heyam ہعیامDegrees of LoveArabic
Hiba ہیباGiftArabic
Hibba ہیبباGift from GodArabic
Hidiyah ہیدییاہAs oneArabic
Hifza ہیفزاProtective AngelArabic
HinaMehndi/ FragranceArabic
HiraPowerful/ Diamond/ DarknessArabic
Hishma ہیشماCompanion of prophet Muhammad/ GenerousArabic
Hiyam ہییامLoveArabic
Hiza ہیزاBeauty/ LuckyArabic
Hoda ہُداWealthArabic
Hodan ہودانGuidanceArabic
HomaPhoenix/ BirdPersian
Hoor حورVirgins of paradiseArabic
Hormat ہورمتHonorArabic
Hoyam ہویامPassionate LoveArabic
Huda ہُدیٰRight guidanceArabic
Hudun ہودونTo become quietArabic
HujayrahہوجایراہA narrator of HadithArabic
Hulyah حولیاہJewelry/ OrnamentArabic
HumaPhoenix/ BirdPersian
Huma ہوماBird of paradise/ PhoenixArabic
Husay ہوسایGazelle/ DeerArabic
Hutun ہوٹونClouds with rainArabic
Huwaidah ہووایداہ، ہووایداہGentleArabic
Hzim ہزیمStrength/ CareArabic

H is one of the common starting letters in Islamic Girls names and most of names are popular hence common too. If you liked our names list then please let us know. If you have some pretty names suggestions, we would be happy to see your comments. Help many parents find pretty baby names.


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