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Latin Baby Boys and Girls Names with Meaning

The journey from archaic Latin to Modern Latin is very long. It’s a language popular among the Italic Latins and ancient Romans. The language has unique alphabets that are a blend of Greek and Etruscan alphabets. Latin boy and girl names are sometimes difficult to pronounce but they are uncommon and pretty meaningful.

Unique Latin Baby Boys Names

Aelia Solar / Sun
Aeson To be
Albus White, Pale Skinned
Alva Elf
Amor Love / Roman God Cupid
Aquila Eagle
Brianus High Hill
Brutus The dullard / Heavy
Cassian Saint’s name
Castor Beaver
Creon Prince / Jocasta’s brother
Cyprian From Cyprus
Deus God
Fido Trust
Hyman Life
Iovis God
Marion Like Marius
Neleus Son of Poseidon
Nero Wise warrior
Nerva Strength
Nicon Victory
Paeon Healer
Pontus Sea
Servius To Preserve
Titus White Earth
Vulcan Flash
Zeno Of Zeus
Zoticus Full of life

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Unique Latin Baby Girls Names

Aello Whirlwind / Storm Wind
Afra Reddish White or Pink
Alena Of Magdala
Alexa Defender / Protector
Aloisia Popular Warrior
Amara Unfading
Anthea Flower
Arista Excellence
Aurelia Golden / Gold
Bellona War bearing / Goddess of war
Bernice Bringer of victory / Victorious
Calista Most Beautiful / Pretty
Calypso Mythical name of a sea nymph
Carina Loved
Carmina Song
Carna Roman Goddess of the Vital Organs
Chloris Green buds
Cleo Pride / Fame / Glory
Clio Fame, Glory
Corina Maiden
Davena Beloved
Domina Belongs to the lord
Eliana Sun
Eulia sweetly-speaking/saint of Barcelona
Felisha Lucky
Flora Flower
Gloria Glory
Hera Vital Force
Heva Life
Idesta Industrious
Krista Believer / Follower of Christ
Leona Lion / Brave heart
Liana Sun
Livia Bluish
Lora Of Laurentum
Oriana Golden
Pomona Fruit Tree
Quirina Men together
Regena Queen
Rohesia Horse
Rowena Holy Lance/Joy
Sera Serpent / Burning one
Sidony Of Sidon
Terra Earth
Urania Heavenly
Ursa Little she-bear
Varinia Versatile
Viola Violet / Violet Flower
Vita Life

Latin is one of the oldest and most popular Indo-European languages. All the forms of Latin language differ from each other, more or less, in vocabulary, syntax and some other elements. Nowadays, Classical Latin, Contemporary Latin and some other forms of Latin are used for naming a baby. These forms provide many easy-to-pronounce, rare and meaningful names for boys and girls. Including United States, many other countries are adopting the language. Many Latina celebrities have made their marks in the international entertainment industry. This may give you another reason to go for this beautiful language for naming your baby.

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