25+ Most Beautiful Baby Names for 2019-20


Beautiful Indian Baby Boy and Girl Names with Meaning

Every element in nature, religion or culture/languages like Hebrew, Arabic, German, Latin, Hinduism etc. is an inspiration for baby names. Indian parents study and analyze different names lists to find the perfect fit for their newborn. Here are some carefully selected pretty baby boy and girl names for baby to be born in 19-20. These are rare baby names that are positively meaningful, short and stylish and originated from Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian languages.

Baby Boy Names

Adyan ادیان

For the parents looking for a religious name, it’s a great pick. The name means religions or pious. It’s an Arabic origin name. Adyan also relates to Adya the prime power in Sanskrit

Adrik अद्रिक

In Sanskrit, the name means earth and belongs to Mesh Rashi and Krithik Nakshatra. In another origin, it means awesome.

Anadya अनाद्य

The name with a Sanskrit origin belongs to Mesh Rashi and Krithik Nakshatra. `

Abeer अबीर

Abeer is related to the festival of colors in Hinduism, it refers to Gulal or the colors used in Holi (Fragrance in Arabic). It’s a Mesh Rashi name under Krithik Nakshatra.

Dhivan धिवन

A skillful or a clever person. An artisan. A Dhanu Rashi name with Sanskrit origin.

Farzin فآرزین

A name with Arabic origin which refers to an intelligent or learned person.

Ihaan ایہاں

The name has Arabic origin and it means expected. Iha also means desire in Sanskrit.

Kahal کھل

The name is originated from Arabic culture and it means one with dark eyelids.

Maheen ماهين

One who resembles the moon. A radiant or beautiful personality. It’s an Arabic origin name.

Palaksh पलक्ष

A rare Sanskrit origin name which means white. The name falls under Kanya Rashi and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra.

Rushat ऋशत

Rushat is shining in Hindi. It’s a Sanskrit origin name under Tula Rashi and Swati Nakshatra.

Shulin शुलीन्

Denotes Lord Shiva, one who has a Trident. The name belongs to Kumbha Rashi and Sathabisham Nakshatra. It’s a Sanskrit origin name.

Tamir तामिर

A unique and positive Sanskrit origin name belonging to Tula Rashi and Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra.

Baby Girl Names

Abhiri अभीरी

The name is associated with Indian classical music and it means a Raaga. It’s a Sanskrit origin name belonging to Mesh Rashi and Krithik Nakshatra.

Ahina अहिना

Ahina is a Mesh Rashi Sanskrit originated name under Krithik Nakshatra which denotes a unique, unparalleled or excellent personality. The name also suggests strength, whole or never quitting attitude.

Aairah آئرہ‎

A beautiful Arabic origin name which signifies a noble person.

Amayra امایرا

A stylish and royal Arabic origin name which means a Princess.

Aroka अरोका

It’s an uncommon Sanskrit origin name which means someone or something shining through. It’s a Mesh Rashi Krithik Nakshatra name.

Chancy चान्सी

A cute and rare Indian baby girl name that refers to Goddess Lakshmi (Originally Chhandsi). It’s a Sanskrit origin name under Meena Rashi and Revathi Nakshatra.

Deshna देश्ना

The beautiful Sanskrit origin name means a Gift. It comes under Meena Rashi and Revathi Nakshatra.

Dhruna ध्रुना

Dhruna is related to Dhwani which means a sound. The name has Sanskrit origin and it comes under Dhanu Rashi.

Eeshika ईशिका

The name means an Arrow or Dart. The name is also associated with Ish (God) Mesh Krithika 4 Sanskrit

Ezra ازرا

An Arabic origin short and modern name which means Peace.

Himari हिमारी

Someone who is warm like fire or simple fire, the enemy of cold. It’s a Sanskrit origin Karka Rashi name under Punarvasu Nakshatra.

Ishanvi ईशान्वी

The name refers an epithet for Goddess Parvati (Made up from Ishanya: God who Lives in Ishanya is Shiva and Hence Ishanvi). The name is originated from Sanskrit and comes under Mesh Rashi and Krithika Nakshatra.

Kevali केवली

Kevali is a Mithun Rashi and Punarvasu Nakshatra name originated from the Sanskrit language. It means one who has attained the absolute or the whole of a Philosophical System.

Mahija माहीजा

Mahi is Earth and Ja signifies the birth. One who is the Son of the Earth or born of the earth is Mahija. It’s a Sanskrit origin Simha Rashi name falling under Makha Nakshatra.

Saha सहा

Saha is derived from Sahan which means to tolerate. One who is tolerant or earth or an Apsara or celestial nymph is called Saha. The name is also associated with Lord Shiva, ॐ सहायाय नमः। The Lord is a Friend / Companion of the Jiva. It is a Sanskrit origin Kumbha Rashi name under Sathabisham Nakshatra.

Tamara تمارا

It’s a beautiful Arabic name used to denote a Date Tree.

Once you get to know the date of your delivery, you probably start thinking of the name choices for your baby. You are not sure whether it will be a prince or a princess who will rule your lineage later. There are several suggestions from friends and family and then, there is a plethora of name choices on the internet. A confusing moment, right? To get you out of the perplexing scenario, here we have tried to create one more baby boy and baby girl name list where different origin names with positive meanings have been included keeping the modern baby naming trends in mind. I hope this list turns out to be a perfect fit for your baby name search.
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An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


    • Sapana

      Hi Divya,
      Ivaan/Ivan is a Russian/Hebrew originated name which means God is gracious.
      Many names which are non-Indian but sound very Indian, we can try to relate to Indian origins but in case of Ivan I cannot find strong roots in Sanskrit.
      Iva: इव is not a noun, it means: Than/Like/just/nearly/very.
      Ivan surely is a beautiful name.

    • Sapana

      Hi Aarti,
      Sharmin शर्मिन Auspicious
      Shahant शहांत Slayer of Aksha
      Shanyuth शान्युत United
      Sharin शारीन Lakshmi who is armed with the arrows
      Arsh आर्ष Crown / Pure (Veda )(Negative Meaning in German language)
      Arkish आर्किश Lord of Lords
      Arkash आर्कश To Enlighten / Lighten Up
      Parinut परिनुत Famous / Praise
      Parishrut परिश्रुत Popular / Renown / Famous / Known as
      Parthan पार्थन Courageous / Arjun
      Pravish प्रविश Mindful / Attentive
      Pradhin प्राधीन Eminently Intelligent

      Girl Names:
      Adhrita आध्रीता Independent
      Aditri आदित्री Highest Honor / Lakshmi
      Adrisha अद्रिशा Lord of Mountain / Himalaya
      Adriti अद्रिति Goddess Durga / Ray
      Agresha अग्रेशा Leading Goddess
      Aishani ऐशानि Goddess Durga / Lord Shiva’S Quarter
      Arnasha अर्नशा Ocean

      Parna पर्णा Leaf / Wings
      Parsha पार्शा Warrior Armed with An Axe
      Prahusha प्रहुशा Glad
      Pranetra प्रणेत्रा Leader
      Pratika प्रातिका Flower/ Jaswandi

  1. Avatar

    Hi Sapna,

    My name is Mithesh and my wife’s name is Sonali. Could you please select some combination names? or Suggest name with the letter – V, U, B.

  2. Avatar

    My name is sandeep and my wife’s name is Amanvi . Could you please select some combination names? Gender boy

  3. Avatar

    My name is sandeep and my wife’s name is Amanvi. Could you please select some combination names?

    • Sapana

      Please find more details like meaning, origin, hindi writing, etc on each name given in complete names list here: http://www.gomama247.com/baby-names/

      * Samvid: Lord Ganesh
      Satvan Warrior
      Sanav Good+Humane
      Sanit Obtainment
      Sanmit Symmetry
      Sariman Wind
      Sarvin God of Love
      Sahanay Lord Rama
      * Sahvan Powerful
      Sadhven Godly

      Some more:
      Anamay Healthy
      Anindya Praiseworthy
      Anehas Incomparable
      Amay No Delusion
      Arista Secure
      Archas Praise
      Archin Brilliant
      Arnod Cloud
      Arnas/Arnash Ocean
      Arvan Lord Indra
      Adyant Infinite
      Adit Peak
      Aditva Priority
      Adipta Bright
      Adim First
      Aindriya God of Senses
      Anvesh Investigation
      Sharmin Auspicious
      Shamvat Prosperous

  4. Avatar
    priyambada jena on

    mam i have a new brother my uncles name is rakesh and my aunts name is smita,can u plz select a name,it may be combination of my uncle aunt or may be same pronounciation like the name of my another bros like arman,aryan,ayushman,amlan,plz di plz give me a cute name soon

  5. Avatar


    Can you suggest a good combination of baby boy name for Uttarashada nakshatra & Mithuna raashi?
    Farthers name is Krishna Prasad & Mothers name is Deepa

  6. Avatar


    It’s Mrigashira nakshatra & Mithuna raashi.
    Farthers name is Krishna Prasad & Mothers name is Deepa. Please suggest.

    • Sapana

      Hi Krishna,
      Mrigasya Nakshatra + Mithun Rashi are Ka-Names
      Here are some Suggestions for Krishna and Deepa names combination + Meaningful names
      Kalap Clever
      Kalapin Peacock
      Kalpush Capable
      Karin Pure/ Rejoice

      There are not many matching with mom’s name. Please check more Ka-Names here: K-Names Sanskrit

  7. Avatar

    Hello Sapana,

    can you suggest a good name for my son, I am searching a lot, but haven’t get a good name till now.
    Simha Rasi and pooram nakchatra
    name can starts with Mu,Ta,Ti,Tu Di,da,Du

    Waiting for your reply

  8. Avatar

    Hello Sapana,

    I have checked the name list from the link, can you suggest any other names in the list (Sanskrit, tamil, telugu)

  9. Avatar

    Hello sapana,

    Please find the below shortlist based on nakshatra pooram,

    • Sapana

      Mokshit is not a positively meaningful name.
      Mohit/Darshan/Taraksh are common/old names
      Tanuj is best of all but its common too. How about Tarush: Superior?

    • Sapana

      Akshaj Thunderbolt
      Maharsh Lord Rama
      Marsh Honourable
      Marshin Indulgent
      Miransh Ocean
      Nirosh Without Anger, Lakshmi
      Nirvish Delight In, Durga
      Nushanth Horizon
      Sharmin Auspicious
      Sharvar God of Love
      Sharin Holding arrows, Goodess Lakshmi’
      Shasman Praise
      Shushmin God of Wind
      Shriyam God Vishnu

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