Beautiful Baby Names Starting with Letter ‘L’


Rare Hindu Baby Boy and Girl Names Starting with Letter ‘L’

If your little one is born in Mesha Rashi and Ashwini Nakshatra, You will be told by Hindu Astrologers to name your baby starting with letter ‘L’
There are lesser choices of baby names starting with Letter L. Below is the list of baby names for boys and girls. These are unique, beautiful and meaningful.
Hindu Names are mainly Sanskrit Origin and are beautifully meaningful.

Lovely Baby Names Starting with Letter ‘L’ for Boys

LaasakDancer / Playful / Peacock
LakshAim / Target
LakshakRay of beauty
LakshanyaOne who achieves
LaksminGoddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu together
LanibanLord Shiva
LashitWished / Desired
Lavson of Lord Rama
LavitLord Shiva
LavnyaBeauty / Grace
LayFrom the meadow farm
LemarTalented one
LeshSmall portion / Littleness / Practicle or atom
LigaLord of sweetness
LishanTongue / Language / Defender of mankind
LogeshName of a God
LogithanLeek garden
LokitThe enlightened one
LomashA sage
LoveyVery cold as Moon
LoveyanshPart of lady Man / Love
LovishFamous battle
LuhitName of a river
LuvFirst of ramas twin son (Son of Lord Rama)

Cute Baby Names Starting with Letter ‘L’ for Girls

LaakiniDivine / A Goddess who gives and takes
LaasyaDance performed by Goddess Parvati
LaasyaviSmile of Goddess Lalita
LaavanyaGrace / Beauty
LabdhiHeavenly power
LabukiMusical instrument
LadhiSangeet music
LaherThe wave
LaibaFemale of the haven
LakhiGoddess Laxmi
LakshakiGoddess Sita
LakshanaOne with auspicious signs on her
LaraLaurel / Bright / Famous / Protection / Graceful
LarisaCheerful / Light-hearted
LaveeniaPurified (Alternate Spelling: Lavenia)
LayaMusical Rhythm
LayakariGenerates harmony in dance and music
LehakA light that shines very bright that even you close your eyes you can see it
LekshanaOne with auspicious signs
LemaThe name lemma means a creeper / A deer / A lady
LenaA devoted one / Tender / Woman of magdala
LibniManuscripts of God
LithikaCute and perfect
LohiniRed skinned
LokshitaPray for world
LolaksiA Shakti of Ganesh
LonaBeauty / Pretty
LoshanaCombination of rose and Anna
LoshiniShine above the whole world

If you know any unique hindu baby names starting with letter L, which are not included in above list, Please share with us by commenting below.


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  1. Avatar

    Lovyam The Sun
    Luhit Name of a river
    Luv First of ramas twin son (Son of Lord Rama)
    I liked these names. They are unique. Well not the last one but its truely beautiful.
    About Lovyam, is it difficult to pronounce?

    • Sapana

      First time a little bit difficult to pronounce Lovyam.But if you plan to give a nickname then its a good choice. It doesn’t mean you must give a pet name. Just sharing my thoughts.

  2. Avatar

    Wonderful collection! Laavanya is a sweet name. I heard this name months ago but forgot…thanks for letting me recall it 🙂

  3. Avatar

    This list of baby names with “L” is really good. But I am unable to figure out a good name for my baby boy. He is a quick learner. Can you suggest a short and beautiful name with Letter “L”?

  4. Avatar

    Hi Sapana, I have given birth to a baby girl. Since your list seems better to me than others. I think I should lend you a hand in making it the best baby names list 😀

    Ok, so while searching some names for my girl, I found these. You can add them in your list, if you want.

    *Lila (I know this sounds oldie, but I really like the beauty of its meaning i.e. Divine Drama. Reminds me of Shakespeare’s verse, “All the World’s a stage….) 😀
    And lastly;

    • Sapana

      Hi Tanu,
      Thank you very much for suggesting these beautiful names. I will add them soon with their meanings in the list.

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