Beautiful Baby Names Inspired by Indian Ragas


Indian Baby Girls Names Inspired by Classical Raaga

I believe that a Baby Names should have positive meaning and origin. The Ragas are not only related to music they have in-depth beautiful attributes and strong origins, they are literally worshipped by classical singers. That’s why one of my favourite origin of baby names are Classical Raagas.

Beautiful & Uncommon Baby Names Inspired by Indian Musical Ragas


Abheri is a Raaga belonging to South Indian music. It is similar to the Raaga Bhimplasi. Abheri Raaga is often used in Indian cinema and theatre.


Asavari is a popular Raaga or melody and one of the basic Thaats in Indian classical music which is often sung in the morning hours. The Raaga is presented as Sa Re Ga (flat) Ma Pa Dha (flat) Ni (flat). Asavari is made of two basic Thaats – Komal and Kafi.


Marva Raags is one of the primary Indian classical Raagas. It is a Thaat which is made of two different Thaats – Kalyan and Komal Rishabh. The Raaga is sing in the afternoon till sunset.

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Nayaki, also known as Raaga Nayaki Kannada is an Indian Raaga belonging to Kannada group of Raagas from Karnataka. This group of Raaga mainly belong to Asavari and Kafi Thaat. This Raaga is very enthusiastic and beautiful.


Saveri or Sudha Saveri is an Indian derived and Pentatonic Raaga with just five notes – Chatusruti Rishabha, Sadja, Pancama, Suddha Madhyama and Chatusruti Dhaivat. The scale followed in this Raaga is usually called Durga scale in Hindustani music.


Atana is a derived South Indian Classical Raaga. The Raaga has been derived from Janaka Raaga. The Raagas is believed to fill courage and liveliness in the audience.


The Indian Raaga has been derived from the old Raaga Malhar. The Raaga is usually sung in the morning to experience the freshness and serenity. The Carnatic Raaga is also considered as soul-purifying.


Saahana Raaga is a Carnatic Music Raaga belonging to Kafi Thaat. It is a derived Raaga. Saahna refers to Maa Durga and Maa Laxmi. The Raaga is the 28th Melakarta Harikambhoji Janya. Truly unique baby name.


The Indian Raaga is the 27th melakarta Raaga and belongs to Carnatic Music. The Raaga is also known as Sowrasena and Bana-Go. It’s a very beautiful Raaga which evokes mercy in the listeners.


It is a very soothing Indian Raaga containing an ambiguous scale with no Minor third or Major.


Raaga Savani is variation of Bihag. It is a mellifluous Raaga which is sung in early morning, especially during the rainy season.


The Carnatic Raaga evokes compassion. The Raaga contains five notes in the ascending scale and seven notes in the descending scale. It is Janya of Mayamalavagowla.


It is a soul-touching Indian Raaga which is usually sung in the morning.


Also spelled as Kiravani, the Raaga is one of the assets that embellish the India classical music. It evokes devotion and calmness. The beautiful 21st Melakarta Raaga belongs to South Indian classical music.


This Indian Raaga is also known as Raaga Revagupti. The Raags belongs to Purvi Thaat. It literally means a river, a star or an indigo plant.


Ambhojini literally means group of lotuses. It is a beautiful Indian Raaga as well. It is a Raaga derived from Harikambhoji.


Asa used to be a very popular Indian classical Raaga usually sung in the provinces of Punjab. The Raaga is associated with the Gurmat Sangeet Tradition. The Raaga also goes by the name Majh Khamaj in Hindustani music.

If the early morning chirping of the birds and the ordinary sound of your kitchen utensils seem fascinating to you then these are the signs you are a music lover and creative at heart. And, if you are a mom or a dad to a newborn then in order to weave the dreams of making your little one a musical prodigy in future, you may want to pick a name which is inspired by the rich Indian Ragas that reflect our opulent culture and tradition. The Indian classical Raagas purify the soul and leave a deep impact on the personality. Try stirring the sleeping melodies in your life picking an Indian Raaga inspired name for your baby.

These raga names are very beautiful and suitable as new generation baby names.


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