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Ranging from the unforgettable sound of Donald Duck to the adorable charm of Winnie the Pooh; Disney characters have inspired millions of kids and the count is still going on. From the Television to the celluloid – Disney has covered a graceful long journey. Parents, who were once the diehard Disney fans, never miss a chance of considering a cute and unique Disney names for their newborns. Here are some Cute Disney names (also suitable as nicknames) for babies that will make you nostalgic.

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Disney Princesses and Characters Names Suitable as Baby Names/Nicknames


Literally means light/dawn or an electrical phenomenon. The name has Latin origin and it reminds of the magnetic Disney Princess. Also, Aurora was the name of the lead character in 1959 made Disney animated film, Sleeping Beauty.


Ariel is a popular name belonging to Hebrew culture. The name became more popular when it was associated with the graceful and colorful redhead mermaid princess from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. It was a full of life character that grabbed everyone’s attention.


The brave, smart and tough Audrey from the Disney’s animated flick Atlantis totally goes with the literal meaning of the name which is strength. However, Audrey name brings in the image of the chic and elegant actress, Audrey Hepburn who dazzled the celluloid in the 40s, 50s and 60s which is totally contrary to the Disney’s bold and tomboyish characterization.


The Disney’s visuals and the powerful voice of Eva Gabor gave life to the popular Bianca’s character. The trendy and exotic name not just signifies the cute little mouse from Disney’s The Rescuers but reminds of one of the popular names used in the two classy plays by Shakespeare.


The classy name literally means Necklace Victorious in French and victory of the people in Greek. The name is very positive and can be associated with grace. Well, Disney has already portrayed an unforgettable character named Colette, who appears tough and bold but acquires a soft heart filled with emotions.


Elsa is a spiritual feminine name belonging to Hebrew culture. The name literally signifies the contentment by worshipping God or oath of God. Elsa is a much liked Disney character shown in the animated film Frozen. The character was voiced by Idina Menzel.


It’s a girl! You must have been delighted when you heard these three magical words from the doctor. The name literally means delightful news. It’s a unique name and apart from the popular Evangeline poem by Longfellow, the name is memorable due to Disney’s animated movie The Princess and The Frog. The character has been portrayed as the Evening Star in the movie.


Whenever the name Hera struck the ears, the mighty Hercules is remembered. Hera was the mate of Zeus and mother of Hercules. It’s a very powerful name for your precious little angel.


Leah is a Hebrew origin name which literally means mistress or queen. Coincidently, Leah was also an important part of the classy Disney creation, Sleeping Beauty which was the better-half of the mighty King Stephen and the daughter of Aurora.


The cute Hawaiian origin name signifies a generous soul. The name is also popular in German and Hebrew cultures. Lilo Pelekai is the lead character in the Disney’s adventure animation flick Lilo and Stich. The generous and lively girl Lilo adopts the unique scientific creation, Stich and, the story revolves around them.


Nala is a feminine name belonging to various origins and means beloved, fruity and some other amazing things. The Disney blockbuster, The Lion King portrayed Nala as a cute little lioness who later becomes the mate of mighty Simba.


The name brings the adorable memories from the 1977 Disney movie The Rescuers alive. The cute, shy and brave Penny inspired a lot of kids and her orphanage bond makes everyone fall for her even more.


The owner of the supreme beauty is often referred to as Tiana. In 2009 released Disney animation The Princess and The Frog, there is a lovely character called Tiana, also known as Maddy. The adorable princess displayed her strength and delicacy both maintaining her charm. Well, the name means princess in Turkish culture.

Nowadays, little girls enjoy the fairyland around them at home and perform the legendary characters in the school role plays. Won’t you love it when your baby is called by a name which is also her favorite Disney character? Choose a name from the above Disney baby name list and make your little angel’s childhood awesome.


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