Beautiful 10 Arabic Baby Girl Names from Letter S


Stylish Muslim Baby Girl Names starting with letter S

While choosing a baby girl name, your choice may oscillate between traditional Islamic names and modern ones. We have listed some beautiful and meaningful Muslim girl names from letter S inspired by Arabic culture. You can find some really pleasing names here that are a blend of traditional and modern essences.
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Top 15 Most Beautiful Islamic Baby Girl Names from S

Sabha صبحا

The name may sound like Saba but Sabha means a graceful or stunning personality. It’s a perfect pick for Muslim parents looking for a traditional and beautiful name for their baby girl.

Sadat سعادت

Sadat is associated with the spiritual or divine essence. The name denotes bliss or blessings.

Saha صحا

A short and trendy name for a Muslim baby girl. The name means someone who has the capability to bear or tolerate. The name also signifies a patient personality.

Sahila سہلہ

A popular and traditional Muslim name choice that means a guide or one who shows you the right path.

Sahna صحنا

Beauty and grace are the two elements that are steeped in the Arabic culture. The name means complexion that can also be related to the grandeur of the culture or someone’s personality.

Sameeah سامية

The name is often used for a saint-like personality. A noble person or someone who forgives easily.

Sanaz ساناز

A trendy name adorned by an impactful meaning. The name signifies a graceful person.

Seham سیہام

A rare Arabic name associated with war or bravery. The name literally means arrows and denotes a courageous person.

Sasha ساشا

A popular name across the world and is used in different cultures as well. Basically originating from Arabic culture, the name means a helper. There are many celebrated personalities worldwide named Sasha which adds weight to the name.

Sherana شعرانا

An adorable name perfectly reflecting the beauty of Arabic tradition. The name means a sweet person.

Shimna شمنا

Spiritual or divine names will never go out of fashion and this name is one such example. Shimna means peace.

Siham سیہام

A baby girl itself denotes the addition of love, happiness, and prosperity in life. The name signifies a love; it may be associated with the God of love or Cupid that symbolizes love.

Somaya سومیا

The name Somaya is originated from Sumaiyya which means unique.

Souri سوری

A mellifluous name that takes you to the beautiful floral world. The name means Rose or someone as beautiful as a rose.

Sumara سمارا

Every parent wants their daughter to be the center of attention or someone who is adored by a group of people. The name denotes an entertainer or someone capable of driving attention.
In Muslim culture, the baby naming ceremony is of great importance. Names have a special significance in the Quran and hence the process of naming a baby girl in Islam is paid the greatest degree of attention.

Arabic names have always fascinated the world with classiness, rareness, symbolizing heavenly entities and reflecting positive human traits. Arabic names may leave you confused as there are so many great options and may not settle for one single name. The above list of rare Muslim girl names from letter S has been compiled after exploring oodles of Arabic names. These names are origin and meaning verified so that you can easily pick a name that sounds appealing, stylish and has an impactful meaning.


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      Somaya is a modified version of the name “Sumayya” in Arabic whereas Saumya is a Sanskrit name meaning calm.

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