Baby’s First Toy: Home Made by Mom


How to Make a Baby Softie Block at Home: DIY

Everybody cherish the memories of their favorite toys from childhood. Kids love toys. It not only provides hours of glee, but the best play things can also boost your baby’s physical and mental development.
Did you know each year number of children are being treated in hospital for toy related injuries? The risk of choking is maximum as they tend to put all the toys and objects in their mouths. So it is very important to choose a right toy for your baby.
Fabric stuffed toys are best for children under age of 2-3 years. There are lots of such soft toys available in the stores but it can also be made at home. Making toys yourself is not just for saving money but tell me what could be as adorable as a mother-made toy for a baby? Imagine a soft toy made from baby’s own used soft clothes made with love by her mother! It is also a wonderful way to reuse your baby’s cute dresses which you love and don’t want to give away. In first year of babies grow rapidly and you have to buy new clothes in 2-3 months even though recently used soft clothes are still very good. So why not go green with less use of plastic and reuse of cotton fabric. Right?
A softy block is one of the best toys for your little kid. I recently saw one of such DIY videos which showed the easy method for preparing a softy block. Below are steps in brief. But please go through the video of original maker so you understand method clearly.

All You Need: Baby’s used clothes (preferably winter rompers as they can keep the shape of block)
Poly Fil or Cotton fil from any old stuffed toy at home
A jingle bell (from any old toy)

Step 1 – Take baby’s a few colorful used cloths you can use baby’s quilts caps etc. and then cut them into blocks of 5*5 inches. You can choose the size as per your choice. A total of 6 pieces of clothes blocks are required for making this block.
Step 2 – Now arrange all the 6 pieces in a cross shape and joint them with the help of sewing machine or can also be hand stitched in the cross shape.
Step 3 – Then stitch the borders of the cross you made out of cloth, giving it the shape of the block. In India not everyone has sewing machine at home so what you can do is, prepare everything before stitching at home and take it to any nearby tailor for stitching which is hardly 2-3 minutes’ job. Once all the borders are stitched, leave a little space to fill the block with the poly fill. You can take used old soft toy’s poly fill or cotton fill. (Poly fill it better as its easily washable.)
Step 4 – Now after the stitching part is done, fill the block with the poly fill, a bell (again from any old toy) can also be added for sound and then close that little opening by hand stitching it.

That’s it! your softy block is ready. Such toys are even easy to clean with a quick wash. So do try one such hygienic, safe and eco toy. Your kid will surely love playing with it.


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