Baby Teething Problems and Remedies


Teething in Infants

The arrival of first tooth from gums of a baby, can be annoying and frustrating time for the baby and their parents too. So how to soothe a teething baby? There are many myths and facts about teething problems in infants which a parent should be aware of. Before you start treating your baby let us try to understand baby teething.

Why do Babies Cry when Teething?

When baby is teething her teeth are pushed through her gums. The tender and swollen gums are making your baby restless. Pressure on teethe from chewing relieves her pain. That is why babies tend to bite and chew hard things during teething. The baby goes through more painful time when her canine teeth came through. As they are stronger and pointed.

Does Teething cause Diarrhea?

Teething DOES NOT cause vomiting/loose motion. But as teething will make baby want to chew something hard to sooth the irritating feeling hence if baby puts anything in mouth to chew to ease the pain then that can cause the infection. Especially if baby put any unclean thing mouth. Most of times babies bite their toys and then catch the infection.

Fever during Teething? How long does Teething Fever last?

Although swollen and tender gums could make your baby’s body temperature to be a little higher than normal, please note that usually teething DOES NOT cause high-fever. As explained above it might be something else which is causing such health issues during teething. You must consult your baby’s doctor in such cases.

Homeopathy Medicine for Teething in Infants

Many of the parents do use homeopathy pills for soothing teething pain in infants. Homeopathy pills are not very strong and if given in doses directed by makers should be safe. But I did not give any medicines to soothe teething to both of my kids. Both of their pediatricians never prescribed me any medicine for soothing the teething pain. Most of times, babies cry during teething. Obviously it is a painful development. But it’s a natural process too. More you keep your babies away from tablets more they will develop their own power naturally. If you see your baby is crying too much and not able to sleep or eat properly, take your precious baby to doctor. Not only teething but there could be many other reasons making your baby uncomfortable.

Remedies for teething pain in babies

There are some easy home remedies for teething which you can use safely instead of using teething gels or pain relief products. Let’s see some tips for soothing sore gums and to treat teething pain.

Baby Teething Tips

○ Rub your clean finger on your baby’s gums; this will relieve her from pain for some time.
○ Provide your baby with something cool to bite; this will ease some of her pain.
○ You can also try giving your baby a teething ring which is made up of solid and silicon material. Liquid filled products cannot be sterilized and can leak. Keep the teething ring in the fridge for some time before giving it to your baby. But do not freeze, it can hurt your baby.
○ If your baby is older than 6 months then you can give your baby crunchy and cool food to eat, like dry coconut, raw peeled carrot. Keep a watch while you give something like this to baby. Do not give hard foods as it could choke your baby’s throat.
○ If your baby is eating solid foods, then feed her some cold plain yoghurt or a cold fruit puree.
○ Do not tie any teething ring in your baby’s neck or anywhere on her body, as it can get caught in anything and harm your baby.
These simple tips will help teething issues in babies

When do Baby start Teething? How long does Teething last?

Teething begins when your baby is about 6-7 months of age. In some of the rare cases babies are born with 1 or 2 teeth or in some cases tooth appears within few weeks of birth.
The front bottom teeth are the first to emerge and are also known as central incisors. 4-8 weeks after this is followed by the upper front teeth which are known as lateral incisors. Then after a month all the teeth starts emerging one by one.

Seeing those little teeth pop out is exciting. Babies look different with cute little bunny teeth. Teething in infant is a major development milestone. Enjoy it rather than getting panic about it. Always consult your doctor before your start any type of treatment or remedies on your precious baby. Get ready with your camera you don’t want to miss the first smile of your baby with little bunny teeth.


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