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Best Teethers And How To Keep Them Clean

The achy gums during teething are very annoying for babies. The symptoms of teething can appear as early as 3 months or as late as 12 months and the pain in their gums starts. Babies need something soft and soothing to pacify the itchy gums during this phase and teethers are a great relief. Here are some teethers for your baby that can also save your time as the cool shapes will keep him engaged and the soft body will cut down his discomfort.
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Food Nibblers

Food nibblers are a great tool to store fresh fruits or other juicy and chewable eatables in a silicone or other material sack so that the baby can chew eat during teething at his own pace. The Fisher Price food nibbler comes in an attractive and innovative design. The body is made of silicone.


• Suitable for babies above 6 months
• Silicone made
• Inspires self-feeding
• Food-storage cum teething toy
• Ant-choking design (only the smallest particles will pass)
• BPA free
• Available in two mesh sizes

Cool Musical Mouse Teether

The Vtech musical teether toy is a great playing buddy for your baby. The product has been designed in the shape of a mouse with vibrant colors. The product contains a mouse cheese as an alternative to teething rings. The teething toy has light and music buttons to inspire fun and learning together.


• Soothing for ached and sore gums
• Easy-to-remove and easy cleaning
• Light and sound for 30+ seconds
• Fun and learning solution
• Engaging design
• Shake for rattle
• Press heart button for sounds, songs and melodies phrases
• Encourages motor skills in baby
• Useful for a baby between 3+ months

Wooden Teether for Baby

Wooden teethers are healthier as they are BPA free and completely natural. But, in India, the climate is not very favorable for the longevity of the wooden objects. So, there is probability that the wooden teether will get damped soon and catch fungus when left wet. The maintenance of a wooden teether is very important. For proper hygiene, you need to put the teether in the sunlight every morning and keep it away from dust. The wooden teether is completely eco-friendly and organic. It’s totally safe for chewing.


• Handmade organic teether
• No BPA
• Both soft and hard surfaces are available
• Useful for teething and non-teething babies

Yummy Banana Brush cum Teether

In case your baby is too restless then try these brush-cum-teethers. They work better than the ordinary teethers. The teether is made of silicone. The material used is non-allergic and of high quality. Brush-cum-teethers are important for good oral hygiene even after the tooth sprouts, this works as baby’s first brush.


• Silicone body
• BPA and toxin free
• For easy hold, handles are in the shape of peel rings
• Soft silicone for gum comfort
• Easy to wash and freezer friendly

Turquoise Teething Gloves

With this wonderful product, you can keep the teething solution for your baby all the time near him. Yummy Mitt’s innovative teething mitten is made of a blend of pure cotton and food grade silicone of highest quality.


• In the form of gloves
• Say NO to falling of the teething toys
• Can be a great pick for very young babies.
• Easy to clean and maintain hygiene

Tips to keep the Teethers Clean and Hygienic

1. Always be with your child however safe you feel the teether might be alone with the baby.
This way, you can ensure the baby is not putting it in any unclean area.
2. Keep it covered when not in use. While doing so, ensure that it is completely dry or else it will stink.
3. Keep it in a clean sunshine area preferably in the morning time. This is best way to sanitize it.
4. Wash it like a feeding bottle. Details here (How to clean feeding bottles)
5. You can wash teethers like the plastic toys in a dishwasher or using baby special dish washer soap and water and then make them air dry.
6. For wooden teethers, use vinegar or soapy water and then wipe gently with a cloth and then dry them and keep in sunlight in morning.
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