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If Game of Thrones Characters were babies..

As one of the super fans of GoT, I am still stuck amidst the swirl of questions, speculation and theories after the latest season of the show wrapped up. The internet is flooded with memes, headlines, GoT merchandise products and so forth. So, why not GoT inspired baby names? Here I have compiled a list of GoT inspired glorious and cutest baby nicknames for GoT admirer new or to-be parents.
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Baby Names based on Game of Thrones


The name got newfound fame recently. Though the other version of the name, John is already popular, this one has caught momentum a few years back when the show got popular globally. Well, a fearless and charming baby surely deserves this name that has a middle Latin origin.


A Big explosion in a small package! Many parents wish their girl to be brave and develop a great sense of playing games. And, leaving people awestruck with the hidden potential is the characteristic that is integrated with the name. Arya is also a Sanskrit name which denotes wise or a noble Goddess or a noble personality. The name is also associated with the Aryan race.


From an adorable girl to a strong woman – Sansa won hearts for all good reasons. A girl with unbendable strength is always special. The name surely denotes a beautiful princess but what makes her stand out is her evolution as a strong woman and astounding will-power.


A girl whose fate made her the queen of a powerful tribe and the mighty mother of dragons. Every parent wants to see a crown on their girl’s head and this name surely fits the bill.


Well, looks can be deceptive and you never know when a small figure can go beyond the curve of your expectations with his hidden talent and wisdom. The name surely fits a smart personality whose power is his wisdom.


A knight fights till the last breath. Inspired by the mighty knight Jaime, the name has its own fan base. Who doesn’t like action in life? The name itself hints the people out there who want to mess to steer clear. Jai is also a popular name in India and a part of a celebrated mantra Om Jai Jagadish Hare.


A bossy woman has her own charm. What we can conclude from the name inspired by the red priestess is never doubt the decisions of a woman who knows what exactly she has to do. The name has Greek roots and it denotes a brave princess.


A loyal companion and a trusted advisor is what the name suggests. The nickname is suitable for baby girls in various cultures as it can be a short version of different names Misael, Missandei and Misana.


It’s perfectly okay if your progeny is a little bit pampered and spoilt; after all, he is the torchbearer of your lineage and will make you proud someday. Joff may have an English or German origin and can be used as a transcription for Geoffrey or Joffrey.


How cool the name is! Doesn’t it rhyme with Thor? Well, Jorah is known for his words of wisdom and the refusing to fall characteristic. The name may have multiple origins like German, Spanish or Scandinavian. It originally means God is exalted.


Though the name is already popular in different parts of the world and used as a short variant of many names; it started buzzing after the shy, well-behaved and insightful character of Samwell touched millions of hearts of GoT diehards. The name means the name of God.


Playful, a bit temperamental and stubborn – boys will be boys. Rickon is a strong character that displays courage and will power beyond his age. Rick can be an abbreviation of Richard which means a strong ruler.


How about a cute boy robbing the hearts? A prince as fast and as powerful as The Young Wolf can conquer the world with his calibre. Rob or Robby are cool nicknames for your worthy progeny.


A beautiful princess who brings her glorious fate with her birth. When beauty accompanies brains and then courage then you have to say ‘You, Go Girl’. Margaery is not just a queen but elegantly beautiful and a badass personality as well who knows how to deal with things.


When you asked for happiness in life, God graced it with a beautiful angel. The nickname inspired by Lyanna means God has answered. It’s time to celebrate life as the Wild Beauty has adorned it with her grace.


The fusion of a simple mind, loyal personality and a big robust physique is just deadly. Hodo is an unusual nickname inspired by the lovely character of Hodor from GoT. How could you resist loving a person who has immense strength but acts childish?


Who says warriors can’t be funny? I personally find a warrior with a great pessimistic sense of humor astounding. The name is often used for boys and girls both and its roots can be found in Old English.


Though the character is not hugely celebrated; Euron is a cool name and Euro perfectly justifies its grace as a short and stylish abbreviation. And, when you say your baby is priceless, the name itself establishes its significance as a popular currency.


I just can’t imagine anyone of equal strength, built or charm like Khal Drogo. A leader and a tribe warrior with that personality can make anyone awestruck.


I may not think twice while naming a baby girl as Ella if I get a chance. The name itself has a charm, a story and significance. It rhymes with names like Bella and Stella. Ellaria, who is the inspiration behind this nickname, is an eye-catching woman with a sensuous flair.


While writing about the name, I went to the divine era of Hindu mythology for a couple of moments. The brave, optimistic and protective GoT character shows a strong personality. Meera is a popular Indian name that dates back to history. Meera was the most ardent worshipper and admirer of Lord Krishna and a mystical poetess. The name means a poetess, an ocean or a boundary.
Disclaimer: The names list presented with sole intention of helping new parents find interesting baby names who are fan of this popular TV series.
The GoT inspired baby names are a result of the intense fandom of the show. It’s not at all surprising for me at least to bump into a kid named Jon, Joff, Tyri or Robb since these names are on the rise and there are millions of diehards of the show like me I hope you have liked these baby nicknames inspired by Game of Thrones characters. Shower your love for the show in the comments or if you feel there are more names that need to be present in the list or simply let us know your favourite name from the list.


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