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A Name is for a Lifetime

We at GoMama247 understand what a name should be for a new generation baby in India.
What qualities should an apt baby name in India have?

1) Positively Meaningful

Very first must-quality a baby name should have is a positive meaning as when you call your baby every time you mean that to the baby, you bless your baby with that meaning.

2) Easy to Pronounce

No matter from which religious background a new generation Indian baby is, a name should be easy to pronounce. Since a new generation baby will roam around the world, an easy to call name is highly recommended.

3) Short

Short names are usually sweeter and more stylish than long names. Long names too have their own charm, but short baby names are trendier hence we have listed carefully be it Sanskrit Sahasranam or ancient Arabic Quranic names.

4) Origin Verified

It may not be a mandatory feature of any baby name but your baby will carry a name for a lifetime. Don’t you want to know what the roots of that name are?

5) Uncommon

You don’t want people to call your baby by surname or a full name, the reason to highlight this is, that many Indian parents follow celebrity names or popular names and such handful of names are super common. There is nothing to wrong to have a common name, but, after all, an uncommon name is surely nicer to have.

Let us tell you confidently, no other website/app on the internet today has gone through such filtering as we at GoMama247 have. We value new parents’ time. You don’t have to look at any other sources to find an apt name for your baby.

We, experts of Sanskrit and Urdu, manually verify all of the names on this list with authentic sources like dictionaries.
(Please check the disclaimer about inspired/modified names).

Hence we don’t have tens of thousands of names to bewilder you, instead, we have only selective 10K Sanskrit names for Hindu babies and 5K Arabic names for Muslim babies.

The names marked with * are most recommended names as they are verified, genuine original names from respective languages. They are also short, rare and powerfully meaningful.

Not only this, we are here to help you with all your queries. Only the experts (Sanskrit name experts and Urdu name experts) will answer your query and that too for no fee. Let us help you in one of the most beautiful phases of parenting: Name finding!


About Author


An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


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    • Sapana

      Hi Srikanth, If I am not wrong, you made it from Sa-Manvi.
      Sa-Manvi is better as it is meaningful as a name, short and easy to pronounce.
      Samanvita समन्वित means possessed of in Sanskrit which is not a very strong meaning.

        • Sapana

          Hi Mamatha,
          Karshin Attractive
          Karin Purity
          Keyur  Armlet
          Keyurin  With An Armlet
          Konark  Sun
          Manan Meditate
          Mansh Salvation
          Mayuk Splendor
          Mayukhin Radiant
          Mitansh Male Friend (Made up Name)
          Merav Lord Ganesh , Mount Meru
          Maitraiy Ancient Rishi, Friendly
          Maulin Chief
          Varishta The Best
          Varshman Great
          Vimarsh Knowledge
          Virokin Shining
          Virin Vir + Irin/ King of Warriors
          Veshant Fire
          Vyakt Clever
          Vyom Sky
          Vrit Chosen

      • Avatar

        Plz suggest a name which is the combination name of Vikram and Mamatha… plz…

        Actually I got a name that is “Vimarsh” from you. Can I get more names in the combination of Vikram and Mamatha…. plz….

      • Sapana

        Hi Muskan,
        Please check the meanings in the list above.
        Manvi मानवी
        Amani अमानी
        Mahika महिका
        Maitra मैत्रा
        Manva मनवा
        Mayuka मायुका
        Meehika मीहिका
        Mitika मितिका
        Merva मेर्वा
        Varima वारिमा

      • Sapana

        Manasija मानसिजा
        Manasvini मनस्वीनी
        Manasyu मनस्यु
        Marali मराली
        Marshini मारशिनी
        Mayini माइनी
        Mayusva मयुस्वा
        Saeesha साइषा
        Sahanaya सहनाया
        Samarsha समार्षा
        Samya साम्या
        Sanemi सानेमी
        Sarimana सरिमना
        Shansa शंसा
        Nidhima निधिमा

        Please check the meanings in A-Z names list.

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  6. Avatar
    srikanth kulkarni on

    Thank you for the reply Sapna . One last question ,
    Which of names is meaningful , Samanvi , Adhya , Anya or Aarna

    • Sapana

      Samanvi is a made-up name from Sa+Manvi
      Adhya: very beautiful names, Adhya is prime power, Goddess Lakshmi/Durga. But it is very common too.
      Anya: In Sanskrit means: अन्या inexhaustible but it sounds very much like अन्य which means Another person.
      Arna: अर्णा means river and also a goddess. Relatively uncommon but not rare too.

    • Sapana

      Best Matching girl child names are:
      Vrina: वृणा Chosen One
      Vrishina वृषिणा Peacock / Fond of Rain
      Virohina वीरोहिना Sprouting / Budding
      Sanitra सनित्रा Obliation / Gift
      Saranya सारन्या Speed / Run
      Sarjena सार्जेना Creative (Originally: Sarjana: Only Creation n Creating )

      Boys Names:
      Vrishan व्रिसान Riding on a bull Vrushabh Aan (Madeup) वृसान
      Sharyahan शार्यहन Warrior
      Shrenik श्रेनिक Organized (Front Tooth)
      Sriniy स्रिनीय Sruni : Goddess Durga Name (Moon) ॐ सृणये नमः।

      Come back again after baby’s delivery, so you know the gender of the baby, we can try to find more names.

    • Sapana

      Hi Prateek,
      Akrita Heir
      Akshika Eternal
      Anukta Extraordinary
      Atrae Atraey, Lord Shiva
      Anantya Eternal
      Adriti Goddess Durga / Ray
      Ahishta Sun / Cloud
      Prakarsha Excellence
      Purti Possessing The Merit Of Pious Liberality
      Pravara Goddess Lakshmi, Greatest
      Prayukta Appropriate

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  8. Avatar
    Amaresh Jangala on

    Can you please suggest meaningfull hindu baby girl names starting with Pu or Sha . My daughter is born on April 18th ( Hasta Nakshatram) .

    Thank you,

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    • Sapana

      Hi Sowmendran,
      Drisha: Beautiful looking (Drushya)
      Drushana: Sun
      Manishi: Intelligent
      Miransha: Mir: Ocean, Ansha Part of/belongs to (Like a mermaid)
      Radnya: Princess
      Ridham: Love, Spring
      Roshamsa: Wish
      Rudransha: Rudra + Ansha Part of Lord Shiva
      Saesha: Great Desire / Goddess (Sa+Esha)
      Sahuri: Strong, Earth
      Samarsha: Honored Woman
      Shansa: Praise
      Saradnya: Lord Rama (Sa+Radnya: A good king/Queen)
      Saranya: Speed
      Shmila: Twinkling
      Shrina: Night

        • Sapana

          Boy Names
          Sanit सनीत
          Satvan सत्वान
          Sayuj सयूज
          Sahat साहत
          Suhrit सुहृत
          Saujas सौजस
          Tapas तापस

          Girl Names
          Sajal सजल
          Sanjeta संजेता
          Sahita साहिता
          Samraja साम्राजा
          Samrita समृता
          Samyuja संयुजा
          Sanhita सहनिता
          Sanita सानिता
          Satvi सत्वी
          Tapasya तपस्या

          Please check the meanings in the A-Z list.

  12. Avatar

    Hi m’aam

    We (Vinayak and Bhagyashri) are blessed with second baby boy on 15 may 2019. My elder son’s name is Shriyansh..we r looking for meaningful name for him , can u pls suggest.

      • Avatar

        Thank u for ur reply.
        No starting letter criteria ..
        Would like to hear the combination u mentioned…or soundex matching to sibling name “Shriyansh”.

      • Sapana

        Ekansh Whole / One Part
        Miransh Part of The Ocean
        Yugansh Part of Universe

        Girvan (Lord of Speech)
        Nirosh Absense of Anger / Goddess Lakshmi
        Nirvish Delight In) ॐ निर्विशेषायै नमः।
        Varishta The Best
        Varenya Deemed Highest
        Varsh Strengthen/ Rainfall
        Varshman Great
        Vimarsh: Knowledge

        • Avatar

          These names sounds nice and they are unique.
          I will definately consider your inputs.

          Thank you for your help.

          • Avatar

            Hello ma’am

            Based on your feedback and some Google search we have shortlisted below names..

            In one of your comments I saw the name ‘Shrinay’ ..can u help me to know the origin and exact meaning of it..

            1) Miransh 2) Shrinay 3) Riyaan.

            You can add to the list if you have any.
            Thanks in advance.

          • Sapana

            Hi Vinayak,
            Miransh is the rarer and trendier name of all. The Nickname Mir itself is a very unique meaningful name. (Mir in Sanskrit: Ocean and Urdu: Leader)
            Riyaan is one of the very common names these days.
            Shrinay: I may not have suggested it as an original name as there is no exact word. But Shrinay can be related to Shrina which means night. Shrin is also derived from one of the Sahasranam of lord Vishnu: Shringee which means horned lord.

    • Sapana

      Hi Santosh,
      Shaman Rama / Appeasing
      Sharmin Auspicious
      Shasvat Eternal
      Shamvat Auspicious
      Sharin Lakshmi /Arrows
      Shast Ruler
      Shivam Auspicious
      Shulin Shiva
      Shushmin God of Wind
      Sanit Well-Graced
      Sanmit Symmetry
      Samich Ocean
      Sariman Wind
      Samarsh Honored
      Suhrit Friend
      Saish Immortal
      Stom Praise
      Smaren Remember
      Swamin Lord/ Saraswati
      Miransh Ocean
      (Detailed meaning and pronunciation you may find in the list)

  13. Avatar

    Please suggest boy name with the combination of god (Siva + subramanya swamy) .. letters A,K,H…. have checked your name list but still seeking modern names

    • Sapana

      Arihan: Destroyer of Evil
      Arhahim: Lord Vishnu
      Arhan: Honour
      Nirihay: Lord Rama, Calm
      Nishil: Night
      Nishit: Keen
      Hitvan: Swift
      Hridan: Good Hearted

      Animisha: Lord Shiva
      Anvesha: Curious
      Hiranya: Golden
      Nimeshika: Goddess Lakshmi
      Nirvisha: Goddess Durga
      Nivasha: Roaring
      Niriha: Goddess Durga

  14. Avatar

    Hi ma’am..i need a name for my girl child.we are not getting a good name from the combination of names rakesh and plzz..suggest some good names..

    • Sapana

      Radhya राध्या Worshipped
      Radnya राज्ञा Princess
      Raya रया Princess
      Sharaya शराया Goddess
      Sharya शार्या Saraswati
      Shirja शिर्जा Creative
      Shreeja श्रीजा Lakshmi

    • Sapana

      Prish/Prisha: Pra + Ish: Excellent, God
      Parishrut Popular
      Parvish Parv+Ish
      Parish Able / Associated to God
      Parshav Warrior Armed With An Axe
      Prakarsh Excellence
      Pranshav Lord Rama / Lord Hanuman

  15. Avatar

    Mam plz..suggest some good names for a boy child and a girl child too with combination of Rakesh and sonu.

    • Sapana

      Hi Sandhya
      Please check the meanings from the main list
      Riddhisha रिद्धिशा
      Ridha रीधा
      Ridham रीधम
      Rishya रिष्या
      Rudha रुधा
      Radhya राध्या
      Rahasa रहसा
      Ranya राण्या
      Sadarsha सदर्शा
      Saeesha साइषा
      Saesha साएशा
      Samharsha संहर्षा
      Sanhita सहनिता
      Sansa सान्सा
      Shansa शंसा
      Shishta शिष्ता

  16. Avatar
    Sonali patil on

    Hi sapna ji,
    Please suggest a name for my lill champ (baby boy) either on the basis of monday born or the combination of vinayak + sonali…

    • Sapana

      Niyam Rules , Lord Shiva and Vishnu (This is best of all as Monday is Lord Shiva’s day)
      Niyan Acccess
      Nirvish Durga, Delight In
      Nirvar Excellent
      Nirvya Lord Rama
      Sanitvan Reward
      Sahvan Powerful
      Sadhven Godly
      Samyak Together
      Varnam Color
      Virin King of Warriors

  17. Avatar
    Sreekumar AK on

    Hi, I am looking for a unique short meaningful name for my daughter who born on January 1, 2019…please help.

    Would prefer to start with A ..but other simple names are also will do like nila, ila, parvana, ishani etc…all these names are taken by either my relatives or neighbors ..pleas advise

    • Sapana

      For short/trendy names for girls: Check this list
      Selected Short and sweet names with A are:

      Ahna आहना
      Aila ऐला
      Aini ऐनी
      Aliva अलिवा
      Alola अलोला
      Amaya अमाया
      Amna आम्ना
      Arha अर्हा
      Arna अर्णा
      Avi अवी

      Find the meanings n other details in A-Z names list

  18. Avatar
    Sreekumar AK on

    Hi Sapna Ma’am, could you please suggest unique and simple name for my daughter ?

    No hard requirement: Hindu baby girl name, would prefer to start with “a”, meaningful..

    My name is “Sreekumar” and wife’s name is “Arya”

    Pleas help ..

    • Sapana

      Most suitable name from A and combination of parents names is: Arsha: Vedas in Sanskrit but Arsh has a very negative meaning in the German language (I Purposely mentioned this as Arsh/Arsha is in trend these days)
      Ahnika आह्निका Religious Ceremony
      Aikara ऐकारा Durga name
      Aishya ऐश्या Supremacy
      Amarya अमर्या Bhagwat, Eternal
      Anuka अनुका Clever, Atomic

  19. Avatar

    Hi Maa’m,
    Good Evening..
    Please suggest some name with combination of sumit + Snehal ..It should be easy to pronounce and should be unique.

    Thanks in Advance
    Sumit Dongare

    • Sapana

      Sorry for late reply Sumit.
      Manan Meditate
      Mayusva Ray
      Mahasvin Brilliant
      Manvat Rich in Honour
      Maheem Lord Shiva
      Maulin Chief
      Niam Rule
      Samsmrut Remembered
      Sanay Immortal
      Sanit Obtainment
      Sariman Wind
      Sahanay Powerful
      Sahvan Mighty
      Samanyu Having Same Mind
      Samarsh Well-Honored
      Sahurin Strong

      • Avatar

        Thank you so much for sharing Babies Name.I really appreciate it.
        However can you provide some familiar Name with the combination of Sumit & Snehal.
        It should be Hindu and Simple name.

        Sumit Dongare

  20. Avatar
    Gautam Parekh on

    Hi Sapna Ma’am,

    Can you please suggest unique and simple name for my daughter ?

    Hindu baby girl name, would prefer to start with “P”, meaningful..

    My name is “Gautam” and wife’s name is “Ashmitha”

  21. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,

    Can you help me choose a name for my baby boy?
    I am looking for a name that works globally, easy to pronounce, have a good nick name and pairs well with my other boy’s name Ayaan.

    The names that I like a lot but still can’t decide on is Avyaan, as it rhymes (and spells) too closely with Ayaan.


        • Sapana

          Hi Smita,
          Please check the details (meaning n astrology etc) in the list (above)
          Adhiyan Student
          Adhvan Smart
          Abhyan Belief
          Ayas Fire
          *Archin Brilliant
          Arjan Winner
          Ardan Lord Shiva is merciless
          *Arvan Indra
          *Arhan Honour
          *Ahin Unimpaired
          Adyant Infinte
          Ayog Action
          Aishan Coming From Lord Shiva

          * Marked are more global sounding than others. Also easy for the western tongue

          • Sapana

            Hi Smita,
            Please find the meanings in the list
            Diyan दियान्
            Devyan देव्यान
            Khyan ख्यान (*Kyan is another spelling / same meaning)
            Mayan मायन
            *Niyan नियाण
            Pragyan प्रग्यान
            Rayan रायन
            *Smayan स्मायन
            Tayan तायन
            *Viyan वियान्
            Vyan व्यान

  22. Avatar
    Manasa Rupireddy on

    Hi sapna,

    Could you please suggest names in combination of me and my husband name;
    Radha mohan


    • Sapana

      Hi Manasa,
      Amani Modest
      Amura Intelligent
      Marava Full Of Love
      Medhira Intelligent
      Nidhima Treasure
      Niriha Durga’s name / Absence of Desire
      Radhni Worship
      Ridham Love , Spring
      Rohna Growth, progress
      Ruhvana Tree
      Rumra Beautiful

  23. Avatar

    Could you please suggest baby girl and baby boy names in combination of me and my husband name;

    • Sapana

      Hi Alka,
      Please check the meanings in A-Z names list.
      Girl Names
      Ajara अजरा
      Ajira अजीरा
      Akshaja अक्षजा
      Anjasi अंजसी
      Anuja अनुजा
      Aparuja अपरुजा
      Arkita अर्किता
      Asavari असावरि
      Sajal सजल
      Sankila संकीला
      Sarka सार्का
      Sayaka सायका

      Boy Names
      Anjas अंजस
      Agraj अग्रज
      Ajar अजर
      Araj अरज
      Arkaj अर्कज
      Arjan अर्जन
      Sayuj सयूज
      Sarvak सर्वाक
      Sakar साकार
      Sahel साहेल

  24. Avatar

    Hi Sapna !!

    Can you suggest few Hindu names for baby girl starting with “bhoo” or “bhu”. (Actually if we write in hindi – the alphabet bh should be having badi uoo ki matra preferably).

    But you can suggest for both letters too.

    • Sapana

      Hi Divya,
      Bh-names are already very few, which are suitable for a new generation baby.
      According to my knowledge, भूमि is only such name. i.e. Badi-u Bhu and short meaningful name.

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    • Sapana

      Sharvar शर्वर
      Sharvay शर्वय
      Sharya शार्य
      Shivin शिवीन्
      Shubhvan शुभ्वान
      Shrit श्रित
      Sarnvar सरंवर
      Sarvag सर्वाग
      Sarvadnya सर्वाज्ञ
      Sarvin सर्विन
      Sadhven साध्वेन
      Varish वरिश
      Varn वर्न
      Varchas वर्चस
      Varin वारीन
      Vishrut विश्रुत
      Vrin व्रिण
      Vrit व्रीत

      • Sapana

        Tanirya तनिर्य
        Tamish तमीष
        Tarush तरुष
        Tamray ताम्रय
        Tayan तायन
        Tunav तुनव
        Thrish थ्रिश
        Yajat यजत
        Yakshit यक्षित
        Yamir यामीर
        Yuvarit युवरित
        Yaman यमन

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    • Sapana

      Hi Haripriya,
      Sharang शारंग
      Shriyam श्रीयम्
      Shreesh श्रीश
      Satvik सात्त्विक
      Sarvah सर्वाह
      Sarvahim सर्वाहीम्
      Sarngin सारंगिन

      Please check the meanings in A-Z names list

  27. Avatar

    Hello Sapana!

    Thank you for compiling such an extremely helpful list!

    Could you please also help list some trendy baby boy names associated with “Lord Shiv”?

    Personally, my own name means “I am” or “Pride” and so I’m also looking for girl names that have a deep meaning instead of just simple meanings like “beautiful”, “graceful”, etc.

  28. Avatar

    Hi Sapna,
    I need baby girl name with combination of sneha & sushant. Or meaning god’s gift/miracle/blessing or any indian goddess name preferrably from letter S. Please help.

    • Sapana

      Baby Names meaning Gift
      Aksha Soul / Gods Blessing
      Amhati Gift
      Anudeya Gift
      Dati Gift
      Deshna Gift
      Deya Gift
      Duvasa Gift
      Magha Gift
      Mahana Gift
      Nikara Suitable Gift
      Prayati Gift
      Sanitra Obliation / Gift
      Sanitva Gift / Reward
      Sudeshna Beautiful Gift from God

      Parents Names Combination Names
      Sadhvena साध्वेना
      Saeesha साइषा
      Sahanaya सहनाया
      Sahya साह्या
      Samarsha समार्षा
      Samsmruta संस्मृता
      Sanemi सानेमी
      Sanitra सनित्रा
      Shansa शंसा
      Sharyahana शर्याहना
      Shonita शोनिता

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  30. Avatar

    Hi sapna,
    I need a baby girl name with combination of either anuradha and prakash Or anuradha and sobhraj……… Please suggest some unique name with beautiful meaning

    • Sapana


    • Sapana

      Anjas अंजस
      Anah अनाह
      Archas अर्चस
      Arhan अर्हन
      Asumat असुमत
      Shravas श्रावस
      Sanshray संश्रय
      Sanay सनय
      Saruh सरुह
      Sahurin साहुरिन
      Saujas सौजस

  31. Avatar

    I looking for unique name both for boy and girl with me and my hubby’s name.. Rohan Mihani full husband name and Aastha Malhotra mine name…
    Ideally it should be from Rohan and Aastha..

    • Sapana

      Baby Boy names from a combination of Rohan and Astha
      Arohan आरोहण
      Agravat अग्रवत
      Atvar अत्वर
      Adhvar अध्वर
      Arochan आरोचन
      Aharnish अहर्निश
      Arihan अरिहान
      Rushat ऋशत
      Rushivat ऋषिवत
      Ranhit रण्हित
      Rahas राहस
      Ritvan रित्वान

  32. Avatar

    Hi, we are looking for a good Hindu name for our baby girl. Can you please suggest names k
    Of Lord Ganesh for a baby girl. Name starting letters are Ve Vo Ka Ki. Thank you

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