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How to Decide Baby Name from Birth Date: Nakshatra Chart

In Hindu faith, it is believed that the syllables of different Nakshatras or lunar mansions have the power to influence a child’s fate, life, health and characteristics and hence it is considered as an essential element in a Hindu baby naming ceremony. Many modern Hindu parents don’t understand the significance of baby name nakshatra rashi or Vedic history. Let’s understand the Nakshatras before diving into their astrological significance.

Baby Name Chart Based on Nakshatra Syllable

nakshatra letters table
A good name means a good life and a great personality. This Nakshatra syllable baby name list will provide the phonetic sounds related to each Nakshatra. Indian parents can pick a suitable syllable or sound based on their baby’s Nakshatra and bless him for the rest of his life.

What is Nakshatra?

Every Nakshatra is like a home to the moon for each day. There are 27 constellations or Nakshatras. The Vedic Astrology revolves around these Nakshatras. The concept of Nakshatra is about 5,000 years old according to Hindu scripture. In the archaic period, these moon mansions or Nakshatras helped people calculate the exact time and connect to the stars.
The lunar calendars in India rely on these 27 Nakshatras. In Hindu faith, it is believed that every Nakshatra is associated with a Hindu deity. A Hindu mythological tale described the 27 Nakshatras as the 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati, one the sons of Brahma. All these 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati married the moon god, Soma and hence the moon shares a special relationship with these 27 mansions and stays in each of them every day.
Indian astrologers consider the Nakshatras a vital factor during a baby’s naming ceremony. The transit of the moon in a Nakshatra during the baby’s birth can influence his fate and life. Naming a baby according to the position of the moon can influence the life pattern and psyche of the baby. Many auspicious events are also commenced after considering the Nakshatras.

How to Find Baby’s Nakshatra?

Naming a baby according to Nakshatra is a very important thing. The position of the moon is related to the emotions, intelligence, intuition and many other traits. Nakshatras tell us where is life force is directed.
Indian parents usually consult an expert Hindu astrologer to get a suitable name initial or name for their baby. Choosing a trending name may not go well with your baby’s personality or embellish his future. A Janam Patri or Birth Chart can help in understanding a child’s personality and his fortune. The birth charts are made by the expert astrologers considering the position of moon during the birth of the child.
The birth charts not only mention the moon’s position but describe the position of sun and all the planets as well for a comprehensive analysis of the child’s fortune and personality. The digitally advanced era has bestowed the modern Indian parents leverage the baby name nakshatra calculator. Based on the birth information of a child, his Nakshatra and other details can be obtained online. But, consulting an expert astrologer is more benefiting as you may be able to clear up your doubts and queries comprehensively.

How Does Baby Name Birth Nakshatra Help in Finding Suitable Names?

In Hindu faith, the syllables of the Nakshatras are considered as a major influencing factor for a child’s behaviour, life and fortune. Picking the right syllables of Nakshatras can help induce prosperity and good luck to your child’s life.
Based on the position of the moon, sun and the planets, a list of Syllables or sounds are suggested by the astrologer and the parents can pick a suitable one that goes well with their family background, profession, surname, caste or other elements. A Nakshatra comprises of 4 even divisions known as ‘Padas’ and the 27 Nakshatras together generate 108 Padas and sounds associated with these Padas.
Not only the Indian parents prefer naming their child according to Nakshatra but believe in knowing the Subh Muhurat or the auspicious time for commencing an important event according to the position of the moon. Shops, businesses, apartments and commercial facilities are also named following the same process. Nakshatra plays an important role in influencing a person’s life, profession, health, emotions and behaviour.

Nakshatra vs Zodiac/Sunshine/Rashi

Indian parents often mistake Nakshatra for sunshine or Rashi. Nakshatra is determined on the basis of the position of moon whereas the zodiac or Rashi is determined based on Sun’s position.
In India, Nakshatras play more important role in a child’s birth and naming while in the Western countries, the position of Sun or sunshine has a greater significance. There are 27 Nakshatras whereas 12 Rashis.
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