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Indian Baby Girls Names Inspired by Shiv

The powerful God Mahadev Shiv is considered as Aadi Yogi and worshiped broadly in India and many other countries. The baby names meaning Lord Shiva are full of energy, positivism and power.
Such a powerful inspiration can make a good boys name then why not girl names too?
Most of names below are from Shiv Sahasranam (i.e. 1000 names of lord Shiva)

50 Beautiful Rare Baby Girls Names: Inspired by Lord Shiv

Aisha ऐशा

Desire, Lord Shiva Like, Supreme, Divine

Aishani ऐशानि

Goddess Durga (Lord Shiva’S Quarter) Coming from Lord Shiva, North-Eastern, the Ishanya Direction is Supposed to be Hindu Lords Residence ie Himalayas

Amara अमरा

Amaraay, the Lord is Beyond Destruction

Animisha अनिमिषा

Animishaay, the Lord who does not Blink his Eyelids, He has a Steadfast Gaze

Anshava अंशवा

Anshavae, the Lord Shiva is the Deity Called Anshu, Tinier Than the Tiniest Particle

Artha अर्था

Wealth, Lord Shiva Name: Arthaay, the Lord is the Form of Wealth Cherished by All

Arudhra आरुध्रा

Lord Shiva is Gentle (Alternate Spelling: Arudra)

Atrae आत्रेयि

Atraey, Lord Shiva, One who is Mercury or Rishi Atri

Ayagya अयाग्या

The Lord is Without Action

Ayudhina आयुधीना

One who Bears Weapons, Trident, Warrior

Charmi चार्मी

One who Wears Charm ie Leather, Lovely in English

Damayita दम्यइता

Damayitru: Lord Shiva(Lord Vishnu: Damayitaa: the Controller)

Damyitriya दमइत्रिया

Shiva (Lord Murugan) ॐ दमयित्रे नमः ।

Darpa दर्पा

Lord Shiva, Pride , name of Dharma

Darpahana दर्पहना

Lord Shiva

Dirgha दीर्घा

Deerghaay, Lord Shiva name, the Lord is very Tall, or One Having a Long Duration

Dyumani द्युमनी

Sun, Sky jewel, Lord Shiva

Garima गरिमा

One of the 8 Siddhis of Lord Shiva, Dignity, Venerable Person (Made up name from Gariman)

Gataya गताया

Gatayae, Lord Shiva name the Lord is the Supreme End, the Goal

Grahaa ग्रहा

Lord is the Power in Every Planet; He is Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Etc Grah means which attracts everything to himself)

Haema हाएमा

Haemaay, the Lord is the Himavat Mountain

Ishaana ईशाना

Rich (Alternate Spelling: Ishana), Lord Shiva, Ruler, Splendor, Wealthy

Ishani ईशानि

Wife of Lord Shiva ie Goddess Parvati, Wealthy, Rich, Splendor :Ishan (Silk Cotton Tree)

Isheeta इशीता

Superiority, Almightyness, One of the Eight Attributes of Lord Shiva (Alternate Spelling: Ishita, Ishitha)

Kahala काहला

Kaahalayae, the Lord Shiva has a Musical Instrument Called ‘Kahala’

Kalaya कालाया

One who Brings Contention to Destroy the Worlds

Kashini काशीनि

Brilliant, Lord of Kashi Varanasi or Lord Shiva

Khalina खलिना

Khalinae, Lord Shiva name the Lord has a Wooden Vessel Used For Husking

Khangina खांगिना

Khanginae, One who Holds a Sword

Madhyama मध्यमा

Madhyamaay, Lord Shiva name, One who is Equal to All

Mahita माहिता

Greatness, Worshipped, Celebrated, Honoured, Esteemed, Trident of Lord Shiva

Nidhaya निधया

Nidhayae, Lord Shiva name the Lord is the Possessor of Inexhaustible Treasures and Felicities

Nigraha निग्रहा

(Lord Shiva: One who has Control on his Senses)

Niyama नियामा

Niyamaay, Lord Shiva name, One who is Attained Through Purity of Vows and Actions, (Lord Vishnu: One who is not Under Anyone’S Laws)

Niyata नियता

Niyataay, the Lord Shiva name, He Never Fails in his Duties He is Consistent in Observance of his Vows

Parama परमा

(Goddess Lakshmi) is the First Among Everything, Param:Supreme, Most Supreme knowledge of the Mantras

Pinaki पिनाकी

Bow of Lord Shiva

Rebha रेभा

Sings Praises, Favorite of the Devotees or Lord Shiva

Ribha रिभा

Sings Praises, Lord Shiva

Rishiv ऋषिव

Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva Combined

Rudrani रुद्राणी

Goddess Parvati (Wife of Lord Shiva (Rudra))

Rudransha रुद्रांशा

Rudra + Ansha Part of Lord Shiva

Saha सहा

Tolerant, the Earth, An Apsara or Celestial Nymph (Together) (Sahaay, Lord Shiva name the Lord is a Friend, Companion of the Jiva)

Shakra शक्रा

Powerful, Strong, Mighty(Lord Shiva: Shakraay, the Lord is Indra, Shakra)

Shikhi शिखि

God of Love, God of Fire, Proud, Horse, Arrow, Peacock, Particular Gana of Lord Shiva

Shikhina शिखीना

(Lord Shiva:Shikhinae, the Lord is a Householder who has a Tuft of Hair on his Head)

Somaya सोमाया

[Om Somaya Namaha] Som-Is name of Lord Shiva

Stroota स्त्रुता

Strootaay, He is Omnipresent Lord Shiva Name

Talina तलिना

Taalinae, Lord Shiva name the Lord Holds a Musical Instrument Called ‘Tali’

Vasavi वासावी

Indra’S Son, Treasury, Vaasavaay, the Lord is Vaasava, Indra

About Lord Shiv: Devon ke Dev Mahadev

In Hindu mythology, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are the trinity Gods (Gods of the Gods) and Mahesha is an epithet for Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is also known as Neelkantha and it is believed that he resides on Himalayas. Lord Shiva symbolizes Shakti or power. In Hindu temples, Lord Shiva is either found in the form of idols or sculptures or Linga. Lord Shiva looks completely different from other Gods and deities. He holds a Damroo, wears Rudraksha, sits on a tiger skin, Ganges flows through his hair and a coiled snake is present around his neck. He is the destroyer and the most powerful God in Hinduism.
The above baby girl names after Lord Shiva are capable of making a personality fascinating and inspiring.
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