Mighty 10 Baby Girls Names Inspired by Goddess Parvati


Rare Goddess Parvati Names for Hindu Girls

The trend of naming Indian babies has evolved wonderfully in the last decade. The rich collection of strong names in Hindu mythology has taken the baby naming trends by storm. Considering the babies as a gift of God, parents nowadays prefer godly names and when it comes to beauty and peace, the Idol of Goddess Parvati strikes the mind. Here are some auspicious and mighty baby girl names inspired by Goddess Parvati.

Sanskrit Baby Girl Names which mean Goddess Parvati

Abhirami अभिरामी

The traditional but powerful name is used to refer to Goddess Parvati or Goddess Lakshmi. The name also denotes qualities like beautiful and delightful.

Adrija अद्रिजा

Adri means mountain in Sanskrit. The name is made up of the Mountain. Considering its spiritual significance, the name refers to Goddess Parvati.

Asya अस्या

A short, trendy and mellifluous name for a girl. The grandeur of the name enhances with its meaning that denotes the dance performed by Goddess Parvati (in Sanskrit it means: Sitting). In the Hebrew context, the name means graceful.

Bharya भार्या

The conjunct word can be split as Bha + Arya (Parvati). It denotes the magnificent Aura of Goddess Parvati and the word Bharya originally means Wife in Sanskrit.

Eeshani ईशानि

It’s a popular epithet of Goddess Parvati or Goddess Durga. The name signifies something or someone close to God.

Girisha गिरिशा

The Ish or God of Giri i.e. Mountain. The name refers to Goddess Parvati.

Ishanvi ईशान्वी

One who lives in Ishanya or East/North East. The name is related to Lord Shiva and refers to Goddess Parvati. It’s a made-up name from Ishanya.

Lasya लास्या

It literally means a Dancing Girl or the dance that signifies the emotions of affection or love in a dramatic way.

Pranika प्राणिका

The name can be associated with Goddess Parvati. It also means speaking without making noise.

Rua रुआ

An unusual name used as an epithet for Goddess Parvati. The name also means someone who is near to perfect or invisible.

Sharvani शर्वाणी

A beautiful Godly name meaning Goddess Parvati or Durga; the Wife of Lord Shiva.
The glory of opulent Hindu culture has transcended the national territories. The mighty Gods and Goddesses are being worshipped in many countries and this trend has impacted the modern Indian parents as well. The Names are closely adhered to a person’s identity and have a significant impact on his/her personality. In Hinduism, we hear the glorious stories and sagas of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and how their powerful traits defeated the evil and darkness from the universe. Choosing a godly name for newborns is one of the religiously followed traditions in Indians. The above Goddess Parvati baby girl names reflect multiple positive characteristics of the divine figure and ensure a bright future for a baby holding one of these names.


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