Powerful Baby Girl Names Inspired by Lord Murugan


Lord Karthikeya Sahasranam for Baby Girls

We often come across comments from our visitors asking for Lord Murugan AKA Karthikeya inspired baby names suggestions for not only baby boys but also for baby girls. This post is specially dedicated to all the new Indian parents who worship Lord Murugan and looking for a suitable name for their baby girl inspired by the deity.

Rare Baby Girl Names Inspired by Lord Karthikeya 1008 Names

1) Damaya

In Hindi: दमाया
Meaning: Overpower
Mantra: ॐ दमाय नमः ।

2) Damyitriya

In Hindi: दमइत्रिया
Meaning: Shiva
Mantra: ॐ दमयित्रे नमः ।

3) Danisha

In Hindi: दानिषा
Meaning: Lord of Donation
Mantra: ॐ दानशीलाय नमः ।

4) Devesha

Hindi: देवेशा
Meaning: Princess / Chief of the gods
Mantra: ॐ देवेशाय नमः ।

5) Dhatra

Hindi: धात्रा
Meaning: Holder
Mantra: ॐ धात्रे नमः ।

6) Hiranya / Hiranmaya

In Hindi: हीरन्या/ हिरण्मया
Meaning: Golden
Mantra: ॐ हिरण्मयाय नमः ।

7) Hitkrita

In Hindi: हितकृता
Meaning: Favourable
Mantra: ॐ हितकृते नमः ।

8) Hridaya

In Hindi: हृदया
Meaning: Spiritual heart / Hearty
Mantra: ॐ हृद्याय नमः ।

9) Hrishta

Hindi: हृष्ता
Meaning: Happy / Joyous
Mantra: ॐ हृष्टाय नमः ।

10) Hrishti

Hindi: ह्रीष्टि
Meaning: Delightful / Joyful
Mantra: ॐ हृष्टिदाय नमः ।

11) Hrita

Hindi: हृता
Meaning: Charmed

12) Jeshtha

Hindi: ज्येष्ठा
Meaning: Senior
Mantra: ॐ ज्येष्ठाय नमः ।

13) Katyayani

Hindi: कात्यायनी
Meaning: Goddess Durga name, Rishi Katyayani’s daughter
Mantra: ॐ कात्यायनीसुताय नमः

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14) Maanada

Hindi: ॐ मानदाय नमः ।
Meaning: No Pride / digit of the moon
Mantra: ॐ मानदाय नमः ।

15) Manasvini

Hindi: मनस्विनी
Meaning: Bright-minded
Mantra: ॐ मनस्विने नमः ।

16) Netra

Hindi: नेत्राय
Meaning: Beautiful Eyed
Mantra: ॐ नेत्राय नमः ।

17) Pavna

Hindi : पावना
Meaning: Holy / Pure
Mantra: ॐ पावनाय नमः ।

18) Purvaja

Hindi: पूर्वजा
Meaning: Ancient
Mantra: ॐ पूर्वजाय नमः ।

19) Sarvadnya

Hindi: सर्वज्ञा
Meaning: Omniscient / Buddha / All-knowledge
Mantra: ॐ सर्वज्ञाय नमः ।

20) Shasti

Hindi: शास्ति
Meaning: Command / Royal Authority / Hymn / Lord Murugan / Praise / Singer

21) Shuchaya

Hindi: शुचया
Meaning: Bright / Shining
Mantra: ॐ शुचये नमः ।

22) Sena

Hindi: ॐ सेनान्यै नमः ।
Meaning: Army
Mantra: ॐ सेनान्यै नमः ।

23) Soumya

Hindi: सौम्या
Meaning: Delicate
Mantra : ॐ सौम्याय नमः

24) Shashvata

Hindi: शाश्वता
Meaning: Eternal
Mantra: ॐ शाश्वताय नमः ।

25) Vadanya

Hindi: वदान्या
Meaning: Generous / munificent
Mantra: ॐ वदान्याय नमः ।

26) Varada

Hindi: वरदा
Meaning: Granting wishes
Mantra: ॐ वरदाय नमः ।

27) Yuga

Hindi: युगा
Meaning: Youth
The popularity of Lord Murugan is prevalent from North India to South India. The deity is hugely celebrated in South India as people believe that the blessings of Lord Murugan provide them the power to overcome the darkness and challenges in life.
The above list of Lord Murugan inspired baby girl names have been taken from the 1000 names of the Lord i.e. Saharanam. These names are not only auspicious and positive having a spiritual significance but also hold deep meanings. E.g. Netra literally signifies the eyes or maybe beautiful eyes but when we take the reference of Lord Murugan’s Sahasranam then Netra refers to the eyes of the Lord who looks over the world and looks after every existing being. Lord Kartikeya or Murugan is the God of war signifying the qualities like victorious, brave and fearless. These names have the power to embellish your baby girl’s personality with Lord Murugan’s blessings.


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