Baby Gender Guessing Myths – The Fun Facts


When World Goes Curious About You – Girl or Boy?

It is human nature. Unrevealed things drive us crazily curious to know about it. When it is about a baby growing in your belly, the interest reaches sky-high. Not only you but the natives, family and everyone else around us start making guesses. It gives birth to numerous “guessing baby’s sex” myths, even before the baby’s birth.

So, Curious to know whether is a girl or boy? You are not alone same feeling experienced by every to-be mother and father as the excitement and joy are limitless. Baby gender prediction myths may help you in planning the room and dresses for your little angle (though they are just PREDICTIONS).

There are plenty of guessing tricks which are believed to predict baby’s gender. Here are some myths about guessing the gender of baby during pregnancy listed to calm your bumping mind. But don’t consider it true as “believes are believes – having no solid ground”, you can only enjoy it.

Bright and Fairy

bright and fairy
Some old ladies believe that the skin and complexion is affected by child’s gender. If it is a baby girl, she will steal her mother’s beauty and women will have spots, acnes and decreased complexion due to over-production of female hormones. On the other side, if you have conceived a baby boy, it will eventually develop the bright and naturally glowing skin.

High or Low?

high or low
It’s the time to stare at your bump. Is it a boy or girl? Yeah, the next rumor is all about your bump. If you are carrying your baby low, it means you have a baby boy while higher bump means a baby girl. There is another similar rumor, which says that if your baby bump is in front you probably have a boy and if it is spread horizontally than it’s a cute girl.

The Chinese Conception Myths

chinese baby guessing myth
Well, it’s not totally a myth and has 90 % success rate in china. It’s probably a very interesting and easy baby’s gender knowing trick developed by ancient Chinese predictors. They believe that linking your month of conception and your age will give you the idea about baby gender. You can check it here.

Watch on Heart Beats

heart beats
Ask your Sonographer about baby’s heart beat. It sounds foolish and she may make fun of you but enjoy it and listen to those lovely heart beats. If it is more than 140, you could be having a baby girl. If it is a baby boy then it will be lower than 140.

Nipple Color

This is probably linked with your hormones changes. It is believed that if you have a baby boy, your nipple turns brown while it turns light black if you are expecting a baby girl.

Sleeping Side

sleeping woman
When you wake up, watch your side! Maybe, it’s a sign whether you have a boy or girl in the bump. If your find yourself sleeping right, then it’s a girl & if it’s left you have a boy.


Do you often feel grumpy or crabby? Or do you feel moody? If you do! Then there is a sweet girl inside your tummy. Congratulations for its recursive loop (female in female – Don’t try to crack this joke if you are a non-IT mamma).

Morning Sickness

morning sickness
It is not a pleasant sign but let your baby girl annoy you. Yes, it’s a girl there if you feel sick in the morning. It is believed that women pregnant with baby girl, suffer first trimester morning sickness.

Luxurious Hair

hair glorious
Are your hairs glossier and heavy in volume during pregnancy? It indicates a baby boy. It is also believed that if you have a boy, your hair become soft silky and thick now. (Who knew that pregnancy can treat your hair problems that easily!)

Missed Due Date

missed due date
Wondering why you missed your delivery date? It’s probably a girl. What’s new in it? Girls make people wait. If you deliver baby prior to your date, then you have a baby boy.

The Ring Test

ring test
Umm… Supernatural powers? You will also think the same after reading this.
Use a thread, tie your wedding ring to it and hang it over your belly. If the ring swings back & forth, you will be blessed with a girl. But if it moves in a circle, it’s a boy!

Willing for Salty Food? Or Need it Excessively Sweet?

Craving for sweets & sugary food, Wait! It’s not you instead, your baby girl. It is believed that if a woman during pregnancy craves for sweet then she’ll probably have a baby girl. If she craves for salty food or savory, then it’s a boy.

Dreams Show The Opposite

dream boy or girl
It’s an indication that if you have a dream of the boy, then it’s a girl and vice versa. What can be easier than prediction during sleep? And you thought dreams are unrealistic!

These myths about guessing the gender of baby during pregnancy are just for fun as you deserves to stay happy during your motherhood and pregnancy (you deserve it always but a bit more while you are expecting!). Baby gender prediction myths are just the way to console you and hold the curiosity and cherish alive till the birth of the baby so enjoy!
baby on board
Try this Baby Gender Predictor Quiz for some fun!


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    Wow! good guess works. And I am sure these help in some cases. Our time, we would say if the mom looked glowing, quite round, and happy, it would be a girl. Vice versa, if the mom looked always tired and fatigued, would loose weight, be irritated all the time, it would be a boy.


    Indeed, a good post. Keep up with guesses!

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