Radiant Baby Boy Names that Mean Bright


Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Meaning Bright/Glowing

Your bundle of joy is undoubtedly a new ray of hope in life. The bright sky, the radiant smiles on the faces, the glowing vibes at home – you can relate your happiness to every positive thing around you. We understand that parents love bright names for their babies and this time we have rounded up some amazing baby names that literally signify brightness or light.

Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names meaning Radiant

Ahnay अह्नय

Lords Surya or sun has a special significance in Hinduism. Ahnay refers to someone as bright as the sun, Ahnaya means the speedy one. A baby with a bright smile and a great speed is cool, isn’t it?

Arochan आरोचन

While some parents seek modern and trendy names, there are Indian parents who prefer traditional Indian names for their babies and Arochan is one such name. It is an epithet used for the sun and means someone bright or shining.

Bhrajas भ्राजस्

Another traditional and meaningful name on our list. The name signifies luster or brightness.

Etash एताष

A modern and trendy name is always pleasing to the ears. The name denotes someone shining or luminous. Imagine your baby with a bright smile on a sunny morning.

Dyumat द्युमत

When a name is uncommon but holds a powerful meaning, it makes the parents proud. Dyumat refers to a person who is strong, energetic, loud or excellent. The name definitely holds the capability to add a charm to your little one’s personality.

Idhant इधान्त

The name is derived from the word Idhha which denotes sunshine or something wonderful or bright.

Pradyut प्रद्युत

The name sounds similar to Vidyut which means thunder or lightning. Pradyut refers to bright light or shine.

Ruchit रुचित

Ruchi means interest or something pleasant. The name denotes a brilliant or pleasant personality.

Sudiv सूदिव

A short name that can glorify your baby’s personality with its impactful meaning. Sudiv means to shine brightly.

Virochan वीरोचन

We have two rhyming names with the same meaning in our list – Virochan and Arochan; perfect for twins? The name suggests Lord Surya or lustre. It also refers to the moon or fire.

Baby Boy Names Meaning Sun

Your baby is the brightest thing ever happened to you and we take pride in suggesting some fabulous names for him that denote radiance or brightness. Whether the sound of these names enchant you or their meanings made you consider one of them for your little one; we would love to know your choice or any addition to the list you would like to make. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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      Arista अरिस्त
      Archat अर्चत
      Arhat अर्हत
      Arhit आर्हित

      Rishim ऋषिम्
      Ranvit रण्वित
      Ranhit रण्हित
      Rayishta राइष्त
      Ritam रितम
      Ridham रीधम

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