Lovely Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Inspired by Nature


Indian Baby Boy Names Meaning Nature

Newborns are as unpredictable and beautiful as nature; sometimes peaceful, sometimes strong while sometimes stubborn. There are oodles of natural elements new parents can dream up about and get inspired to name their newborn.
Please note that the names meaning Sun and Moon are covered in separate name list blogs. Here we have listed names inspired by Wind, Sky, Ocean and Forest etc.
These are only Top 10+ names and rest many such names can be found in our master list.

10 Baby Names for Nature Loving New Parents

1. Adhrit अध्रीत

A powerful name for a strong baby. Lord Vishnu is known as Adhritah. The name also signifies a mountain or someone who stands without support.

2. Adhvar अध्वर

Whether the blue sky tempts you or cool wind makes you feel better; the name can be a great pick for your baby. Adhvar signifies the sky or wind.

3. Aranyak आरण्यक

Aranya means forest or woods. A person who resides in the forest or belongs there is Aranyak. The name signifies a free spirit.

4. Arnash अर्णश

The name sounds similar to the Persian name Arash. Arnash refers to an ocean which symbolizes a personality that is huge, beyond measures and with great capabilities.

5. Avish अविष

New parents always want their little ones to be present in front of their eyes. Avish means someone who is in view or present there. It also denotes an ocean.

6. Edhin एधीन

A great pick for new parents hunting for unique but meaningful Indian names for babies. Edhin refers to Earth which is one of the five elements the human body is made of.

7. Iran इरण

Of course it reminds of the lush Iranian culture and tradition but it denotes wind in Sanskrit. It can also be used as a short variant for Hiran and many other names.

8. Miransh मिरांश

Mir implies an ocean and Ansh means a part. A part of an ocean is known as Miransh. Miransh can also be related to meaning: Coming from Ocean

9. Nirijhar निरीझर

It’s a traditional and unisex name for Indian babies. It means a waterfall or Jharna in Hindi.

10. Richan रीचन

An uncommon name for a male Indian baby. It denotes a radiant or bright sky that symbolizes joy, positivity and prosperity.

11. Rutesh रुतेश

Rut is a cute word which means season and Ish means God. The Lord of the seasons is called Rutesh.

12. Sarayu सरयु

A popular Indian river with an ancient significance. Sarayu also signifies wind.

13. Shushmin शुश्मीन

The names like Shushma and Shushmesh are quite common but if you are looking for a similar sounding name which is uncommon then Shushmin is a great pick. It refers to the God of wind or Pawan Dev in Hinduism.

14. Vayur वायुर

The name is inspired by the word Vayu which means wind. Vayur in Sanskrit means Windy.
While creating this list, our endeavors have always been focused on the green revolution, Indian origin and helping new parents find some meaningful and wonderful names. These names are special since they arrive from organic roots and inspire your baby’s personality with oodles of positive qualities of nature. You can explore some traditional Sanskrit-origin names, some trendy ones and some really mellifluous monikers in the list. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this list in the comments.


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