Baby Boy Names Inspired by Kings of Sparta


Unique Nicknames for Bay Boys: Glorious Kings of Sparta

The Greek city, Sparta was located in the lap of the mighty mountains and comprised of brave, mighty, loyal and powerful armies. The army believed that the blood boiling in their veins came from the glorious Hercules. People in this city were creative and courageous without leveraging any luxury. They were always ready to combat the invaders regardless of the size of the army.
Today, parents look for a culture from where they can pick the inspiring names and what can be better than the glorious Spartan culture? Below are some handpicked baby names inspired by the mighty Spartan kings.
These may not be the best suitable for Indian Baby Boys, but can be thought as unique nicknames. I often get comments from parents on suggesting unique nicknames. Which inspired me to create this list.

Baby Boy Names inspired by Greek Gods
Unique Indian Baby Boy Names

Powerful Spartan Kings Names Suitable for Baby Boys


Agesilaus became the 6th Spartan king belonging to Agiad dynasty after his father Doryssus. He had a long ruling period of around 44 years.


The Spartan king belonged to Agiad dynasty. He was born to Acrotatus II and was in power from 262 to 254 BC.


He was a powerful Spartan king of Eurypontid dynasty. His ethics and strategies were considered idealistic. He was throned at the age of 20. He loved the ancient Greek discipline and re-established Lycurgus’s institutions.


He was a Spartan king in 550 BC. He was the 14th to rule from the Eurypontids dynasty. He was a strong and influential king who ruled for around 30 years.


Doryssus was the son of Labotas and an ancient Spartan king. He ruled for around 29 years. He bravely fought with the Argives.


Dion was a popular Laconia king in Greek Mythology who got the blessings from God Apollo in the form of three beautiful daughters. It was a gift of prophecy linked with some strict terms and conditions.


He was a might Spartan king belonging to the Eurypontid dynasty. Eun
omus was the son of Polydectes and after him the throne went to his son, Charilaus.


He was a powerful Eurypontid king. His wife’s wealth added to his fortune. When he was ruling, Sparta experienced sheer peace. He succeeded his brother and gained popularity through his achievements and principles.


Eurotas is primarily known as the son of Myles. Cleocharia was Eurotas’ mother. Sometimes, Myles and Eurotas are mentioned as the half-brothers in the Greek mythology. The daughter of Eurotas, Sparta is remembered the most as the whole kingdom was named after her


From the house of Heracleidae, a mighty king was born to Soos called as Eurypon. He played the Demagogue and led a war against Arcadians.


Lacoonicus was the last-known Spartan king having the royal blood and courage. The pulled off the mighty legacy greatly but his ruling period was short as in 192 BC, Achaean League was overpowering the Sparta kingdom and hence he had to lose his throne.


Lelex was a king of Laconia region. The daughter of his grandson, Eurotas was named Sparta and later the legendary city was named after her.


He was an Agiad Spartan king who married a Persian woman and followed a lifestyle which was a mixture of Persian and Spartan culture. He was ruling along with Agis.


Leon refers to a lion-like brave personality. The 14th Spartan king belonging to Agiad dynasty was the son of mighty Eurycratides and fought his battles in a similar way his father did.


Referred to as “the tyrant of the Lacedaemonians”, Machanidas was a leader in the Spartan Government. The story behind how he got his throne is still a mystery. He lived on his own terms. Even the Argos and the Achaean communities feared him.


Myles was the son of Lelex and inducted as the king of Laconia, a popular fertile land, after his father. Lelex was the first ruler of Laconia. Myles had a son called Eurotas but the Greek mythology also refers Eurotas as one of the several sons of Lelex.

The Spartan empire left a deep impression on the world. The Spartan kings didn’t have many resources, a huge army and endless wealth but they stood tall by the virtue of courage and strength. All the names mentioned above are inspired by the mighty kings of Sparta and the information has been provided relying on the websites like Wikipedia. It is suggested to do a detailed research for the mentioned names before finalizing the names for your baby.


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