10 Rare Baby Boy Names Ending With – Ansh


Indian Baby Boy Names which end with Ansh

Ansh is a popular Indian name as well as a suffix used after a name which signifies a portion of something. For example, Shivansh means the Ansh or portion of Lord Shiva which denotes Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya and even a worshipper of Shiva who becomes a part of the deity. The names ending with Ansh sound stylish like celebrities and we have tried to create a list of royal-sounding and stylish baby names with ordinary names that become special when ‘Ansh’ gets associated with them.

Hindu Baby Boy Names Containing word Ansh

1. Akshansh अक्षांश

The name surely raises the style quotient. Aksh or Akshay is a popular name as we already have many celebrities ruling the B-town with this name. Akshansh refers to the Universe. The name not just denotes a stylish personality but a person with a big heart like the universe.

2. Arhansh अर्हान्श

Arha refers to the Trinity God, Lord Shiva, means worthy. The Ansh or part of Lord Shiva i.e. Lord Ganesha or Kartikeya is called Arhansh. The name can also be used to refer to a devotee of Shiva who considers himself as a part of the deity.

Akansh आकांश

The name is a variant of Akansha which means longings or desire. A person who is desirous or desired by several people deserves this stylish and meaningful name.

Ailvansh ऐलवान्श

The uniqueness of the name is quite obvious. It sounds like an Indian name with a pinch of western culture. The name refers to the Lunar Race. Ailvansh is undoubtedly a stylish and new-age name with celestial or divine significance.

Dhritansh ध्रितांश

One of the rare Indian names ending with Ansh. The name refers to the part of Dhrita (who is courage or someone taken, held or possessed). The name is associated with Goddess Lakshmi.

Ekansh एकांश

A part of the God who is the one or the only superior being in the universe. The name signifies Whole or complete form of something. Eka is referred to Goddess Durga. Indirectly its also related to Lord shiva who is the prime Hindu God. Ekansh is a royal, sweet and short name.

Mitansh मितान्श

Being a parent, you may want your kind to grow as an amiable personality and have many friends. The name, Mitansh means a male friend. Mit refers to a companion, partner or friend.

Miransh मिरान्श

The Ansh of Mir. Mir has different meanings in different cultures. In Persian, it refers to a Prince or Commander. The name Miransh denotes an Ocean in Sanskrit. The name signifies a personality which is so big or great that it can’t be judged or measured.

Rudransh रुद्रांश

Rudra + Ansha. The part of Rudra, an Avatar of Lord Shiva as mentioned in Rigved. Rudra is often considered as mighty, courageous and a personification of terror. The name signifies a powerful personality.

Shivansh शिवांश

Shiva+Ansh. It’s a variant of the name Shivanshi. The name is associated with Lord Shiva and denotes his sons Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya. This is a relatively a common but powerful name in India as it is associated with the deities like Shiva, Ganesha and Kartikeya.
When you become parents for the first time, the baby in your arms is the ‘Ansh’ or a part of both of you and that’s the reason his smile, his cry and every other emotion related to him hits straight to your heart.
Adding a powerful word after a common name to make it unique, stylish and more impactful is a popular naming trend nowadays. The words like Arha, Eka and Mir may not leave a deep impact on people but when these names are combined with the word Ansh, which means a part or portion of something, the overall meaning becomes special and stylish. I recently received many requests from different visitors of this blog, regarding the modern and unique baby names ending with Ansh. I hope this list has helped you in finding the right names for your baby. If you got some more names ending with ‘Ansh’ in your mind, do share in the comments and we will be happy to add those to our list.


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  1. Avatar

    My baby boy 1 month old..
    Tula rashi- R & T
    Still we have confused to select his name.
    Please give us best name.
    Thanks & Regards

    • Sapana

      Hi Varun,

      Its very difficult to suggest only on basis of matching with the surname.
      Varun is such a sweet simple surname that any first name will match with it.
      Still, after reading your comment The name which came to my mind is Vrit: Chosen one.
      Vrit Varun sounds royal.

  2. Avatar

    Hi Im having twin boys can you pls suggest me good names starting from S
    I really liked Shivaan or Shivansh I’m looking for the second one similar to this

    • Sapana

      How do you find below pair of names for twin boys?
      Saday सादय
      Sadhven साध्वेन

      Saish सैश
      Samarsh सामर्श

      Sark सार्क
      Sarth सार्थ

      Sanitra सानित्र
      Sarayu सरयू

      Sarvam सर्वम
      Satvan सत्वान

      Sharvar शर्वर
      Sharya शार्य

      Shikhagra शिखाग्र
      Shikhin शिखिन्

      Smayan स्मायन
      Swarchis स्वर्चिस्

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