Sanskrit Baby Boy Names for Babies Born during Diwali


Diwali Inspired Name Ideas for Indian Baby Boys

The festival of light brings in a joyous mood and for the parents who are blessed with a newborn on this auspicious day, the joy simply knocks the doors in manifold ways. Indian baby boys born on Diwali are bestowed with good luck, glow, prosperity and happiness. We have created a list of wonderful Diwali inspired baby names for this festive season born princes that may shower their life with delight.

Hindu Baby Boy Names: Diwali Special

Agniv अग्निव

Inspired by Agni which means fire. The name signifies someone as bright as light. It also refers to Agnivesh, Dronacharya’s Guru.

Anukash अनुकाश

If you want to illuminate your baby boy’s future, the name can be a great pick. Anukash means illumination or reflection of light.

Archish आर्चिश

How can we overlook the Lord of light when we talk about brightness or radiance? The name refers to the first ray of Sun or lustre.

Ark अर्क

The short and trendy baby boy name has a religious and traditional significance. Ark refers to the Sun or lightning. It also signifies an elder brother.

Arkash आर्कश

It is inspired by Ark, which means Sun. Arkash means to lighten up and it’s surely a great choice to add glow to your baby’s personality and future.

Arkin आर्किन

Inspired by Ark and refers to the son of the Eternal King. It also signifies the act of praising God or someone adorable. Arkin also implies something glowing with light.

Dhritansh ध्रितांश

The name sounds as beautiful as glittering lamps on the auspicious occasion. It refers to Goddess Lakshmi (Ansh of Dhrit). It is one of the Sahasranam of the Goddess who signifies courage.

Div दिव

It can be associated with Diwas which means Day or who is daytime. The name also signifies heaven or sky. It has a special significance in Goddess Lakshmi’s Sahasranam ॐ दिवे नमः।

Divyanshu दिव्यांशु

Divya means divine. The name denotes the divine light or can be associated with Sun.

Mayukh मायुख

The beautiful name is a synonym of the ray of light and displays a unique essence of radiance for the Diwali-born baby boys.

Pradyut प्रद्युत

The name rhymes with Vidyut which means lightening. Pradyut signifies brightness, lustre or light.

Pravar प्रवर

It is one of the auspicious names of Goddess Lakshmi who is the best of greatest of all. Someone unique, superior, chief or principal is known as Pravar ॐ प्रवरायै नमः।

Reedh रिध

A variant of Ridhi or Reedhi and signifies the better half of Goddess Laksmi who is Lord Vishnu.

Rian रीआन्

If the recipe of your unique name seeks a modern, short and adorable pick inspired by Goddess Lakshmi then the name perfectly fits the bill. Ria is another name of Goddess Lakshmi and symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Sakash साकश

It’s quite a unique name and symbolizes illumination. Someone with or having the light shining towards him is known as Sakash.

Saur सौर

The name is inspired by Surya i.e. Sub. It refers to Goddess Lakshmi who gives power or energy to Sun. ॐ सौर्यै नमः।

Sharvay शर्वय

ॐ शर्वर्यै नमः। It is an epithet of Goddess Lakshmi who illuminates the world by removing darkness from lives. It is derived from Lord Shiva’s name and symbolizes Lord Hanuman and the universe.

Virok विरोक

An auspicious Goddess Lakshmi name that translates to shine or illumination.
The Goddess of wealth and prosperity goes by many monikers and we coin them as Sahasranam in Hinduism. All of these names reflect the positive qualities of Goddess Lakshmi and resonate with the wonderful vibes of Diwali. Every parent wants that divine lustre or illumination of the Goddess on this festive season and these names have the potential to add sparkle to the life of your bundle of joy born on this wonderful day.


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