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Super Functionalities Equipped Baby Bathtub

Giving a bath to a newborn or infant is absolutely satisfying and terrifying at the same time. An infant is small and slippery and hence new parents have to cope up with a lot of challenges while giving him a bath. Here is a smartly designed infant bathtub from 4Moms for Indian infants that can make the bathing experience safe and a walkover.

Specifications: 4Moms Infant Tub

Digital Thermometer

The digital thermometer attached to the bathtub shows the temperature of the water. It can help you insure your infant’s safety in case the water is too cold or too hot. If the water is too cold, you can see the blue light and red in the case it’s too hot. Once the temperature is comfortable for your infant, the digital thermometer turns green.

Anti-Slippery Foam Pad

New borns are to be held in arms/hands very carefully and this challenge remains with the infants as well. The foam pad in the bathtub makes sure your infant experiences maximum comfort and safety.


The bathtub requires 3 AAA batteries that you can put in a section at the tub’s bottom.

Water Draining Design

The bathtub has been designed in a way that it drains out the dirty water after the first wash. There is a hole in the basin for draining the used water. Apart from this, there are two more holes for adjusting the level of the water. The tub absorbs water and drains the minerals for a better bathing experience.

Comfortable and Safe Design

Apart from the great features, the bathtub offers you a safe and comfy design. Suppose you need to attend a call or open the door in the middle of giving bath to your infant, you can go for it without worrying as the smart design of the tub is inclined and it keeps your baby upright and there is a section which helps him rest his legs. (But Please read the manual and manufacturer’s instructions carefully also its better to keep your eye on baby all the time and stay close to the tub)

Use it on Basin

You can simply put this bathtub in your bathroom basin or even kitchen sink (If clean enough) and so you can bath baby while standing. Also you can keep it inside your bathtub if you don’t want your clothes to get wet while bathing the little one.

Why Buy It?

The features and the design of the product seem promising and a value for money. As it’s not electrically operated, you don’t have to worry about the electrical hazards while you are away for a moment or so. It works with running water and helps you provide a clean bath to your little one. The smart design of the tub makes it easy to clean, place and carry. The temperature gauge is the best thing about this product that you may count on. It can fit in single or double sinks. It comes with two cup holders; no matter which side you are, you can easily access it. It’s spacious and can be used for a 5-6 month-old as well.

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New parents have to think hundreds of things before giving an infant a bath. The poor bathtub designs neither provide a sense of relief to the parents nor the comfort and safety to the infant. The 4Moms infant tub can be a great relief for the new parents as it helps them deal with the household chores simultaneously while giving bath to the little one.


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