About Smita

Let me introduce you Smita, my partner in crime, comes from an army background. She holds a degree in English Honors and is a diploma holder in Hotel Management. She has worked in some major MNCs for more than 10 years and has been taking care of her son Vismay since 3 years now leaving her high paying corporate job. She is a multi faceted person, be it arts, craft, music, cooking or socializing, she does everything with a lot of passion. A big foodie, oops a Gastronaut (that’s what she prefers to be called as) who loves not just eating but also is a passionate cook. The love for food and trying out different cuisines has made her an ardent traveler too (trust me she & her husband can travel anywhere for food). Her love for food and travel has made her one of the top 10% travel blogger on Trip Advisor and she takes this up very seriously. She had been a food blogger for a long time on internet as well as in newspapers. Many of her articles were published in the Deccan Chronicle newspaper, Hyderabad.