Are Stuffed Toys Responsible for Your Kid’s Coughing?


Is the Toy Teddy Causing Allergy to Your Child???

Last week while I was chatting with a friend of mine, I came across a great piece of information which I thought of sharing with you all. My friend told me that when her son, Adi was almost 3 years old, he had dry cough every night before going off to sleep. When it kept persisting for almost a month, she went to see a pediatrician & after doing all kinds of tests, it was diagnosed that Adi has got a strong dust allergy. The pediatrician told that his clothes should not be dried outside so to avoid any contact with pigeon droppings and feathers. He also asked Adi to be kept away from the stuffed toys while sleeping & to clean the stuffed toys frequently. Many a times we tend to ignore to follow a proper cleaning regimen for the stuffed toys. Dust mites not just attack our pillows, blankets but also the stuffed toys and they can trigger dust allergies, wheezing and asthma too. If your kid is suffering from dust allergy or asthma or wheezing, these dusty stuffed toys can make it even worse. Now the question is can we really keep our kid’s away from these stuffed toys? The answer is maybe not. Then the next question is how we can ensure that these stuffed toys do not cause dust allergy or trigger wheezing?

Usually there are 2 kinds of stuffed toys, ones which are washable & the other ones which are non washables.
Washable stuffed toys are relatively easy to clean.

Here are a few methods that can be used to clean stuffed toys.

1. Can be washed in the washing machine or hand washed with a mild detergent, preferably with a liquid detergent like Eazee or Wipro Safewash.
2. Use a mild detergent or a mix of vinegar & soda mixed with warm water & wiping the toy with a microfiber cloth.
3. After washing the toy if you still feel that it is carrying dust mites, put the toy in the freezer bag, seal it & freeze it in the freezer overnight.
Listed are a few hints & tips to keep in mind with regards to the non washable stuffed toys
4. Keep the non washable stuffed toys separately from the washables. Preferably keep them packed in plastic bags when the kid has complaints like cough or cold.
5. Do not keep the stuffed toys in your children’ room or near their bed.
6. Clean the stuffed toys with the vacuum cleaner frequently.
7. Non washable stuffed toys can even be cleaned by using the regular steam iron. Let the steam get on to the fur of the toys so that the germs & dust mites get killed.
8. Antibacterial wet wipes can also be used to wipe down the toys quickly.
9. If you have a clothes dryer at home, tumble-dry them once a week to kill the dust mites.

I hope you find these cleaning methods handy & useful but the best way to avoid any dust getting accumulate is to clean the toys daily & safeguard your child. Please ensure that cleaning of stuffed toys with a clean cloth is a part of your regimen every day. In case you are vacuuming, make sure to vacuum the toys as well.


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