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Arabic Baby Boy and Girls Names with Meanings

The Arabic names are usually inspired by the primary religious text of Islam, Quran. Most of the Arabic names are either Noun or Adjective.
Most of the Arabic baby boy names and Arabic baby girls names have Arabic origin whereas some of them have different origins and mostly used by the Islamic communities. The Islamic parents in the countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Iran choose their baby names wisely. The ancestral names are given a great importance in Islamic culture. Many of the Arabic names describe the God. Here is a list of unique and modern Arabic baby names which may help you pick a suitable name for your adorable little one.

Arabic Baby Boy Names

Adam Man
Adil Fair / Honest / Justice
Afif Chaste
Akil Intelligent
Alva Sublime
Baha Splendour / Glory
Eisa God Is My Salvation
Fihr Stone Pestle
Hamza Strong / Steadfast
Harb War
Harun High Mountain / Superior
Hikmat Wisdom
Hisham Generous
Isam Security / Pledge
Jamiel Handsome
Jibril Archangel
Juda Goodness / Excellence
Kadin Companion
Kedar Powerful
Khanh Prince
Khayri Charitable / Generous
Mahir Skilled
Makeen Strong
Matin Strong
Miraj Place of Ascent
Mubin Clear / Distinct
Myrna Myrrh
Nail Attainer
Nizar Little
Rida Satisfaction / Contentment
Ridwan Satisfaction
Usama Lion
Zahi Beautiful / Brilliant
Zahid Pious / Devout / Altruistic
Zayd To Increase
Zayn Beauty / Grace
Ziya Plendour / Light / Glow

Arabic Baby Girls Names

Abia Great
Abra Mother of Many
Adhara The Maiden
Adila Just
Adira Strong and Powerful
Akilah Intelligent / Wise
Alia Heaven / Sky
Altaira Bird
Amani Wishes
Amna Safety / Peaceful
Areta Virtuous
Arwa Mountain Goat
Atia Ancient
Ayska Lively
Aziza Cherished
Azusa Lily
Bahiga Happy
Bashiga Joyful
Dalia Branch
Dima Downpour / Who Loves the Earth
Dua Prayer
Galila Greatness
Hawa Eve / Women
Ieasha Alive
Isra Nocturnal Journey / Travel At Night / Night Traveller
Jaydra Goodness
Kamille Perfection
Karida Untouched
Karima Generous
Lamya Having Beautiful Dark Lips
Lela Born At Night
Lina Palm Tree / Tender / Delicate
Maha Wild Cow
Malaika Angels
Maram Wish / Desire
Maysa Graceful
Midha Praise / Eulogy
Myesha Woman
Nashwa Ecstasy / Elation
Nuha Mind / Wisdom
Yusra Wealth / Ease
Zayna Beauty
Zia Light

Around 1.7 billion Classical Arabic language speakers reside in this world and more than 422 million speak Modern Standard Arabic. Arabic is one of the 6 official languages of United Nations. The Arabic naming system is different from English or other naming systems in the world. According to the traditional Arabic naming system, a person can have five names. However, there is no strict rule for this system. The five elementary parts of the traditional Arabic system are Nisba, Nasab, Ism, Laqab and Kunya. The modern Islamic parents often don’t want to stick to the traditional system and go for the trendy Arabic names for their babies. This list can definitely help the Islamic parents find the uncommon names for their babies and add grace to their personality.

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